The Love Games (a Harry Styles Fanfic)

"KAT THE GUESTS ARE HERE. GET DOWN HERE NOW" Mrs. Mery screamed up the steps.

My name is Kat Walsh. I'm 17 and I work as a maid in a house in Georgia. It's just a summer job but it works. This house is a place where celebrities come and take a break from the fame.


3. Work Time

Most people would be thinking "Yay I get to work with celebrities"  but for me not so much.

I pull up to this HUGE house and right away I'm thought of a intruder. Like wtf right?

"You are..." a butler of some sort asks me

"I'm Kat Walsh. I'm taking over for my sister because she is so pregnant that she can't work" I say it as nicely as I can but the whole time I'm thinking your a dick head aren't you??

"OK pull up over there and go through the side door and talk to Ms. Mery and she will give you your work for today"

"Thank you" and with that said I pull up to the "parking place" and walk inside


Author's Note

HI!! Sorry for the wait but school just started and all so I'm sorry if it's a super long wait for what ever next chapters :( I'M TRYING. Still looking for a co-author for the story and such. Thanks for all the reads and such. PLease give me your feedback on the story and let me know -Madison <3


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