The Love Games (a Harry Styles Fanfic)

"KAT THE GUESTS ARE HERE. GET DOWN HERE NOW" Mrs. Mery screamed up the steps.

My name is Kat Walsh. I'm 17 and I work as a maid in a house in Georgia. It's just a summer job but it works. This house is a place where celebrities come and take a break from the fame.


1. The Job

Moaning and whining were all I ever heard anymore. It was like this 24/7, non-stop, and once again here it came.

"Kat, can you come here please?" that's all I can hear though the walls in my and my very pregnant sister Aarohn's apartment.

"Give me one sec please!" I screamed back. I swear sometime even I can scream and she still wouldn't hear me.

I finish packing to go on my one week vacation to the beach house that my parents own but got passed down to me and Aarohn when they died in a car accident last year. I zip up the suitcase and rush into my sisters room to see her sitting on the bed in just her bra and panties.

"Hey sweetheart." She always does this to me when she wants me to do something for her. "I'm feeling a bit ill and don't think I can make it to work. Is there anyway you can go down and take over for me?"

"Umm, I don't think your boss would like for a 17 year old to go and take over your job" I always try to sweet talk my way out of things like this.

"But do you see this" she asks pointing at her belly very. "it's bad enough that I have to do all the work there along with the extra 20 pounds I'm carrying!"

Of course she's gonna blame it all on the baby.

"Okay fine I'll do it, but you owe me" So much for me going on a vaca


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