The Love Games (a Harry Styles Fanfic)

"KAT THE GUESTS ARE HERE. GET DOWN HERE NOW" Mrs. Mery screamed up the steps.

My name is Kat Walsh. I'm 17 and I work as a maid in a house in Georgia. It's just a summer job but it works. This house is a place where celebrities come and take a break from the fame.


4. Here goes Nothing

As SOON I walk in the door I get weird looks. I'm not dressed sluty at all. Rude ass people.

"You sure aren't my hired help" The person I assume is Ms. Mery  tells me

"No, I'm Kat Walsh. Aarohn Walsh's sister. She wasn't feeling well today."

"Well I'm sorry but we don't hire what 17/18 year old girls" Kinda bitchey in my opinion

"Please if you could just give me a chance. I promise I'll do anything for this job, just please give me a chance."

"I guess I can give you one chance. But that's all you get. I rarely give second chances and you are one of the people that have to learn how to earn second chances." Yes at least I get a chance

"Thank you so much!!"

"Your welcome dear. Now follow Vivianne and she will tell you what to do." Ms. Mery tells me very politely.

Now onto work.

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