My Song Book

Hey this is my song book where I'll be writing lyrics to songs that I'm going to write myself :) Hope you like my music. Copyright ©2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ME, Zoe Scheck (Morgan). ANY SONGS STOLEN ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSECUTION.


24. What Inspires Me

I've been asked a lot of what inspires me... Here's my answer!! :)

Well a lot inspires my thought of lyrics and how exactly to place them. I've had a lot of hate and hardship in my life and that's played a big role. Um, music, love, hate, bullying, weather, and music really inspire me the most. Why let a rainy day make your eyes leak as much as the clouds is what I say often. I personally got tired of hurting MYSELF and hating myself for everything that happens to me and I wanted a way to express myself and the paper and pen REALLY helped me!! A lot of these have to do with love but that's because I try to take everything unholy and make it pure and taking love into that role really helps. Honestly I have to give a big thanks to God too for all of this, for the inspiration I've gotten. :)

-Zoe Morgan :)

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