My Song Book

Hey this is my song book where I'll be writing lyrics to songs that I'm going to write myself :) Hope you like my music. Copyright ©2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ME, Zoe Scheck (Morgan). ANY SONGS STOLEN ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSECUTION.


9. Video Done And Up :)

Helloskies you beautiful lovely people who are nice enough to read my stories and give me a chance to follow my dream!!!

My video for Faded Scars is sang, it was per-fect and my favorite singer, Aaron McLaughlin, and some of my friends have seen it but now... It's your turn!!!

Yepp ima link it to this chapter (erm I don't know if it'll show up if your mobile can someone comment and tell me if it doesn't work and I'll maybe work on it some more to get it so you mobile users can see it!! Thanks love) so you beautiful amazing, perfect people can see it and maybe wanna hear more???

Oh yeah and, yet again, I wrote it down before I sang it and lyrics have been changed, I'll stop messing with the song now... I'm done forever I swear!! :)

:) Thank you guys so much for the reads, it makes me wanna cry seeing how many people have read my songs and liked them :) I love you guys!! Keep smiling!!



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