My Song Book

Hey this is my song book where I'll be writing lyrics to songs that I'm going to write myself :) Hope you like my music. Copyright ©2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ME, Zoe Scheck (Morgan). ANY SONGS STOLEN ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSECUTION.


22. Thank You!!

I have to make a BIG thank you!! Thank you to all of you who have helped me get 1K followers on Twitter! All of you who have helped me get over 90 fans on Movellas! All of you who helped support me! All of you that have taken time out of your day to read my songs and I think I've grown as a song writer. I'm just a girl with a dream and now because of your support I've started on that dream.

I'm now a electric artist and I'm releasing my SECOND cover!! (first covering my dear friend Aaron McLaughlin's song Stroll In The Snow and this one covering Iris) Because I'm an electric artist I use a fake name.. "101 Miles Away"

Some people have money and family who they get support from but I don't have much money and, my family is more supportive of my writing career than my singing or song writing career. So YOU guys are my support! Each and every person who favorites/likes/comments is ANOTHER friend and ANOTHER supporter!

I had a lot of heartache and a lot of love and a lot of friendship thrown into these songs and to hear you guys like them and to hear you guys SINGING them is, it's just more than words could EVER express!!

Every like/favorite/comment is another supporter... And without my supporters I don't know where the hell I'd be!!

I couldn't ask for better supporters, no, for better friends then all of you! :) Y'all are the smile on my face! Thanks so so much for being there and I'll keep trying to get better! <3

If any of you ever wanna talk at anytime you can follow me on Twitter ( @_Perspectiver_ ) and just tweet me!! I'll answer for sure!! :)

-Zoe Morgan aka 101 Miles Away aka Zoe Chocolate aka SmileYou'rePerfect (So many names XD)

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