My Song Book

Hey this is my song book where I'll be writing lyrics to songs that I'm going to write myself :) Hope you like my music. Copyright ©2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ME, Zoe Scheck (Morgan). ANY SONGS STOLEN ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSECUTION.


8. Kiss Me

(Verse One)


I caught you staring.

I guess you've caught me too.

You've given me such Déjà vu.

You invited me to meet up with you.

I can't believe,

That this is true.

Because now I'm here alone with you.

My heart is racing,

My thoughts are banging in my head.

You move in closer,

And tuck my hair behind my ear.




You told me not to worry,

That you'll never hurt me.

But I don't know,

Did you just bring me here for a show?

I look into your truthful blue eyes,

And I know you just couldn't tell a lie.




Here it is,

The time we've been wanting.

Just you and me.

Now kiss me.

We've been wanting this,

Since we were,

This high.

We'd giggle at the thought,

Of being in this kinda situation.

But now we're here.

So come here dear,

And kiss me slowly.

Just kiss me slowly.


A/N I just wanted to give you guys an update on my newest song Kiss Me... I hope you guys like it and soon I'll post the rest.


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