My Song Book

Hey this is my song book where I'll be writing lyrics to songs that I'm going to write myself :) Hope you like my music. Copyright ©2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ME, Zoe Scheck (Morgan). ANY SONGS STOLEN ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR PERSECUTION.


7. Authors Note... YouTube?

Hello :) I'm Zoe and I'm here to be the first one to say that I'm probably going to be making a video of me singing the song "Faded Scars" which I wrote about my friend who didn't kill herself, thank God, but she has attempted.

Needless to say I will be changing the song a bit. I will be writing a per-chorus along with some other changes.

I will link it to you guys so you can see how I sing and possibly like it, if not you can just read my songs and imagine yourself singing it if you think you're good.

I hope that you all know this isn't a 100% thing that will happen because being myself I might choose not to.

Just at this moment I am planning on it not just for you guys to see but so my friend can see what the song I wrote for her sounds like.

She's one of the most perfect girls I know and hopefully hearing the song will get rid of all those demons in her head telling her she's anything but perfect.

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated :) <3

~Zoe aka SmileYou'rePerfect

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