The Vampire's Witch

The title tells it all ^.^


1. The start of the new age.

”I hate you!” I screamed headed for the door to my room. That snake Logan just laughed like I was a joke. The three women are completely hypnotized by him. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that I’m dying, or the fact that that stinking vampire are having an all-you-can-it-buffet?

I closed the door after me, and threw myself on the bed - the memories of the last time I laid myself in this bed came back. That snake crawled down beneath the sheets. I looked over at the locked window. I got up and laid my hand on the lock, it started to burn, like I had my hand right above a fire. “F***, Id***” I yelled angry in the empty room, and waved around with my hand like never before. The language of nowadays is known to me know, and I like it. So many words you can swear with! That snake know I can some of them. I never call him by his name. He knocked three times on the door and laughed. “Witch-prove!”. “YOU!” I yelled out the worst swearword I can, it’s in Latin. “Relax Ali,” he laughed “You can’t come out without me, and you can’t come in without me”. I’m pretty sure you could feel the anger coming from me. “I HATE YOU!” I yelled as loud as I could. The door opened; in his right eye I saw a glimpse of something. “Isn’t it time to go to bed little Ali?”. Never in this life! I straighten up and felt the power running out to my fingertips. “Don’t try anything with me, snake! I’ll make sure you never see the daylight!”.

He started laughing again. “Relax Ali, I don’t have time for you today anyway, I have three real women that needs me right now”.

My mouth opened and I smiled an evil smiled at him. “Like you needed Nina?”. Logan actually fell in love with a young woman called Nina. I met her, she was really sweet, really wonderful. Logan had some business to take care of, so he left us in a cottage for a week without any food. Nina was human so her body couldn’t take it. No food… My stomach is still empty. He never gives me any food. I forced the hunger gone. Nina was hypnotized by Logan - otherwise she would never have gone with him!

As soon as he left us, she was crushed and told me that she actually hated Logan. A man - Also a vampire - loved her, and she loved him too. His name is Will, and he lives in the same town as the one that we are travelling towards. She told me that he might wanted to help me get free from Logan, like an eye for an eye, a woman for a woman. Just the thought sounded weird! A man called Will is going to save me? In my life there has always only  been one hero: Owen. Just the thought almost made me cry. I felt Logan’s poison running in my veins close by my heart. Death can come anytime now, and there is no cure for me. There’s no time to worry about that. I ran to the garbage can and I puked more blood. One of the options is that I’m slowly turning into a vampire-witch. Otherwise it is a slow and painful death. My hearing has become better so I’m hoping on the first option. I could hear him doing the women in his bedroom. I walked silent out to the front door and tried to open it. It didn’t move a single inch. I looked at all the locks. Seventeen of them! He really don’t want me to go anywhere! Without magic I opened most of them without making a single sound. But the last three of them I could use magic on, so those I could unlock on the same time. I took his cape to cover me up. The dress I was wearing showed more skin that I had ever showed anyone before! It’s dirty and need reparations. The last of the locks unlocked and I ran out the door as fast as I could. The air in my lungs was gone while I ran on stones, moss and really Sharpe pieces of wood. I could feel all the power in my body disappearing, and I fell over a rock. My shoulder started to bleed. F***. I got up, and ran as fast as I could towards a river. I looked behind me - my biggest mistake - and saw him showing off his teeth in a hunters face. I jumped in the river and saw the waterfall in the end. Perfect! I swam as fast as I could. But it seemed like that like on land he’s faster than me in water. Come on! If I can reach the waterfall I will become free! I swam, but my powers left me and I got higher up in the water, I felt his hand around my ankle and in next second we were up on the land again. “Don’t you understand me? Nothing you do can get you away from me! No matter how hard you try! I’ll always find you!”. He saw my shoulder and I saw his teeth coming out. He bit me, and my eyes closed slowly while he was sucking the life out of me. 

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