The Vampire's Witch

The title tells it all ^.^


3. A long Story

She’s in Vicente’s room, resting. It’s late at night; Kevin brought back the pizza a few hours ago.

“Why didn’t you… Why didn’t you tell us, you had a sister?”.

He smiled at me, tired and sorrowful “She died many years ago”.

“You could have told about her anyway” I noticed - it’s not healthy to keep such things alone “Or about your parents”.

He looked old for a moment; I guess it’s the age of the mind I could see. How many years have he kept this for himself? Did she not want him near her, because he is a vampire? It’s hard to tell, but I don’t think that’s the case. She seemed so happy to see him again - but I think you would be happy just to see the insane mothers of theirs after all she have been through.

“My parents… my sister” he sighed “I’ll start with way before I became a vampire. Actually why I became one. Alicia was doing the usual - curing people - when people started to die. Every placed she cured one, the next they the person was dead. They were sucked dry, and because she was a witch and people didn’t understand what that is… they blamed her”. He started smiling “Of course it wasn’t her; she was hurt that they thought such a thing, so she stopped curing people. People kept dying, a person every god damn day - Alicia studied more magic than ever before, every legend, myth and story. Some of that she wasn’t meant for such a young girl, and a lot of it was wrong. She finally found something, and she admitted she wished she hadn’t read it. “Human books can never be trusted” she always said that. A vampire in the book was a creature of very dark magic, it sucked life out of everything that passed its way. A witch has the power to feel what I right, and what I wrong. That was not correct - of course. In another book, there were a description of a creature called “The living dead”, their power should be nonhuman, faster than anything else, and with a bloodlust like humans thirst for water. She suddenly locked herself in her room, crying her eyes out, later she told me why. As you know we can smell peoples blood - but the blood that ruins in the body of a witch -“ he smiled and sighed on the same time “is the purist and most tasteful blood that should exist on this earth. She calculated how many vampires that were hunting in our town, and she figured out how they got in. By pretending to be neighbors they got invited in, even in our on home. Later on, when she had visited a sick would they come and kill the person. She feared for her life, and she knew she couldn’t stay awake a whole life, and she also knew she couldn’t protect herself. She was so scared, and I have never seen her so scared in my entire life”.

That little girl in there? She had been terrified by some random vampire? I have seen her angry and arrogant around one of the most dangerous vampires in our time! How could she have been so terrified, for something she no longer fears?

“Then what happened?”

He smiled. “She told me all of this, so I went to the village, talked to all the people and we started a vampire hunt, but no matter what we did we couldn’t catch them, not to talk about killing them! It seemed impossible at that time. I surprised the couple that was during all of this sucking Alicia’s blood. I took a leg from the nearest chair and tried to kill the man one, but he bit me before I had a chance to kill him. He didn’t suck any of my blood; he just led the poison flow into my body. I got knocked out, but in the meantime a werewolf came through the window to help. Alicia had made a pact with some werewolves in the forest, a night I wasn’t home. They killed the vampires in a few seconds, and was about to kill me. Alicia argued with them for several hours before they let me live”

I tried to imaging it, it seemed hard. I’m not particular happy for werewolves, perhaps because I once met one, and that didn’t end well.

“What happened after that?”


Alicia tells!

No one suspects that I’m awake. I enjoyed being alone for once. Three months ago I still was in my own time, and I still had time alone. I could hear Vincente and Will talking about when he became a vampire. That night was so easy to remember.


I was leaned up at the table, reading my favorite book - a book about fairytales. Witch fairytales. Even though all the witches are evil in the stories and have no use other than creating problems for human, it’s still nice to read about them. My head was stunned and the sight came.

I got up and ran to the door; my eyes couldn’t follow the speed of the intruder, suddenly this man with black hair, in a soldier uniform, higher than my doorway and with black eyes was standing before me. “Hello Miss” he said polite “I hear that you a good and curing diseases, is that correct?”

I turned around and ran to the window - if I jump I just might survive the fall. But here she was. The woman of the women. Her looks hypnotized me. Her dress was big, elegant and beautiful. Her movements was graceful, her hair blond and a little bit curled, and her eyes deep-sea blue.

“We have an illness that we hope you can cure” the woman noticed smiling. Perfect white teeth was showed with a voice matching an angel.

 “I- e, I..” what was I supposed to say? “Yeah I cure illnesses” would be a good line, but somehow I was stuck with no words on my lips.

“We are hungry - nonstop” the man said behind me, he stuck his teeth in my neck, my body refused to listen to me, and it fell to the ground. His teeth left my body, but only for a second so that they could throw me at the bed, to sit more comfortable while sucking the life out of me. She got to my neck and started sucking, I could feel it in my veins, how my power left my body. “Mmm” she mumbled to my neck. He gently moved up my skirt, and started sucking on my inner tights. I wanted to say “Stop - leave me alone” but all that came across my lips was “Ahh”. The man started laughing, with his teeth still in my leg, he returned to sucking. “Wonderful blood, I love witch blood!” the woman moaned. I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting anything to move! My arm, my foot, my fingers… I can move my fingers! The feeling of control came back in my right hand, a little by little I could feel the control spreading. To my arm, to my chest. All around my body! I looked quickly at them, they was both busy, they wouldn’t notice anything. I took the arm she wasn’t laying on and lifted it slowly, before I struck her as hard as I could.

She fell back in the ben, a little away from me, but she was still laying on my arm. He looked at me, and laughed when I tried to hit him. He stopped my hand with his one, and I could feel how my strength was nothing compared to his. “Strong - I like that”.

The woman was furious. I was ready to scream when he bitted me as hard as he could, I got up because of the pain. With one hand he laid me down, and kept me that way.

“Mm - I have never tasted anything so good!”.

The woman started to suck again, and through the door came Vincente. He didn’t hesitate when he went for the nearest chair, took a leg, and was about to hit the man in the back with it, when the man looked up at me, smiling, turned around and knocked the wood out of his hand. I saw him biting into Vicente’s neck, and pushing him against the door. I tried to push her away, but while lying on one arm, she kept my other one down. I blinked and lost sight a second, I saw nothing but black. I got my eyes opened, and saw the window open. Owen was the one who came through it. Right after him Ramon and Luis followed. The man and the Woman saw them and finally got scared. Owen ran to the man and bit of his head, while Ramon and Luis together killed the woman. I got up and ran(not very straight) toward Vincente. There was a pulse - he is still alive.

“Miss Valicia, are you okay?” Owen was right behind me - I could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m fine” I smiled.

“You were bitten” he noticed. To be bit can do two things: 1. Kill you. 2. Change you.

I nodded. “Yeah, but the poison won’t hurt me”.

He didn’t look like he believed me. “You look very pale, are you completely sure you are fine?”. A second - and just a second! - I wanted to pretend to faint, just so he could catch me. He is soooooo sweet! But the idea is crazy.

“I’m fine, thank you” I smiled. His looked at Vincente.

“You’re welcome” he smiled “and how is your brother?”.

There is no point in hiding the obvious. “That is a different talk”.  

I could see he understood what I said, but he wanted me to confirm it. “Is he dead?”

“No, the poison is flowing in his veins while we are standing here talking”. Both Luis and Ramon were stunned in the same second.

“Miss Valicia” Luis took a step forward “they do understand that your brother can’t become a vampire?” Owen doesn’t look a thing like Luis and Ramon. Owens has brown curls, green eyes and is very tall. He has this masculine aura around him, that makes you trust him without blinking. On the other hand… Luis have the opposite aura, I doesn’t feel safe around him. He is also a little bit tall, his hair is blond and long and his eyes are brown. Ramon and Luis are twins, but their personalities are different in many ways. Luis is careful, boring - always following the rules. Ramon kicks the limits down. He does what he can to have some fun, but he is trustworthy. If the matter was Luis’s, the moment they met me, they would’ve gotten me back to their werewolves pack,  where their leader would decide what to do with my life.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t see the problem with my brother-“ I smiled.

They all looked surprised. “Miss Valicia, I didn’t think you of all people should want to put any more vampires on this earth”. Luis was looking demanding and accusingly at me, behind Owen, so he couldn’t see what I could.

“Would you please explain the problem to me?” I asked polite.

“He will kill!” Luis noticed “That’s the problem!”

I smiled at him, like I would to a child who accused witches of being evil - I could also see I pissed him of. “No, he won’t”.

“You can’t control him Miss Valicia. You couldn’t control the vampires who just tried to kill you, you won’t be able to control him” Owen said slowly and calm.

“I promise my brother will do no harm” I answered.

“You don’t understand us” Ramon smiled at me “He will be a threat to the villagers”.

“I understand perfectly” I answered “My brother will no harm do, I will make sure of that myself, I promise that if he ever so much as harm a human you are welcome to do as you want with him. Then he would be my brother no longer”.

Fourteen years old, and I’m trying to talk three werewolves from killing my vampire-turning-brother. No matter what my brother will die - and they can be right, it can be that I don’t know how to control him. and what happens if he kills me? 

The chains, the basement.

“Miss Valicia” Owen stopped smiling “You know we want your brother no harm, but he can’t become a vampire. It would be terrible for him. You’re condemning him to a life without sun, only with death to follow, where he lives of innocents’ blood, and to kill will be his only instinct”

“I..” I didn’t know what to say. He is right! - kind of. The sun part I’m sure I can cure, and the blood… I’m sure he can live of the rabbits in the woods.

“I” I couldn’t bring any words over my lips, I looked down at him. A life where you will never die. Except you already is dead.

“If I promise, on my one life, that he won’t kill… can you then let him live? Let me show you what I mean, follow me”. They followed me, wondering what I was talking about. I kicked the carpet, and opened the hatch. I called for a light, and slowly walked down. “Watch out for the third ste-“ a bit too late, Ramon was laughing even though he was the one who got threw it.

We were at the bottom; I got the room lighted up.

“Miss Valicia” Owen sighed “What is this room? It’s so gloomy, ad full of…”

“The feeling that death awaits round every corner?” I laughed “Yeah, that’s the feeling the room gives to everybody”.

“What is this room?” Luis looked interested at me.

“A dungeon, for a prisoner” I started to walk around, this room makes me so uncomfortable, it always does. I walked over to the chains that were hanging out from the wall. There are four, one for each arm and leg.

“These will hold him” I told them.

Luis was fast; “They are not strong enough for a vampire”.

I laughed. “I’ll conjure them”.

Owen didn’t care about that right now. “Why do you have a dungeon?”.

The floor was dirt, I took some up and threw at the walls. The cross signs became visible for their eyes. “Oh god” Ramon couldn’t take the sight. He looked at the stairs again, just to be relieved from them. It was written in blood, and ran down the walls the day mother wrote it. That was one of the worse days that I’ve had. I walked to the chains again. “Miss Valicia, I don’t get it?” Owen admitted.

I took a chain at my right wrist. I fit perfectly - it always does. “Each year… my mother replaces these”.

“So that I matches you?  Why would she do such a thing?” Owen looked scared at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. “It’s a long story, but short told; I lived down here, from when I was 3 to 4. Then my brother got me up, and since then I haven’t been down here, while she is in the house”.

Ramon was shocked. “Your mother locked you in?” Ramon got sick just of the thought, and ran up the stairs to find a better place to puke. “Yeah, but if we tie Vincente down here, he will harm no one. I will teach him how a vampire should live, and make sure he harms no one. When I think it’s right to put him out between people again I’ll call on you, and if you all think he is ready we’ll let him out, but if you don’t I’ll keep him here until you change your mind”.  Owen and I gazed into each other’s eyes for a long time. “All right, Miss Valicia… but one human is more than enough. No one else has to lay down their lives”.

I nodded. Ramon and Luis carried him down, and I got him locked in chains. When I said the spell to curse the chains, I fainted.


You should think everything went wrong after that, but actually it only went uphill from there. Even though the time being with Vincente in the dungeon was awful. Not because he was a vampire, but because he was in the dungeon. The memories in my mind brought the tears back, I felt my breath change, and felt two tears running down my face until it fell of and landed on the duvet.

“…No idea what she sacrificed for me…” I heard Vincente say. He knows how much I hated that dungeon. The darkness… the death… the chains. I gently stroked my wrists.

“I think she’s awake now”. NO! Leave me alone! I dried the tears off, and got up in the bed. He opened the door and smiled at me.

“Alicia you’re awake!” he was so happy in a second, until he discovered I had cried.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. He sat down on the bed, the silk between my fingers was nice. I love this kind of bed sheet. He got a misplayed little bunch of my hair in right place again.

“Nothing!” I lied.

He smiled to me. “Then why did you cry?”.

I looked down at the carpet. “That’s nothing, just a little sore”.

Sore in an understatement, my shoulder is burning like a dragon had bit it. That surely because he took a burning hot dagger and stabbed me with it.

“Are you okay?” he asked worried “let me see”.

I tore the corner of the t-shirt up down so he could see the burning red mark. His eyes got so big. “How did you get that?”

“It’s nothing” I lied once again. He sighed.


“Logan thought he needed to teach me lesson”  I mumbled silently. Vincente looked angry, he got up and I could see he wanted to kick the bed.

“What else did he do to you?” My lips were closed together. I wanted to tell him, but it was so hard to get the words out. I wanted him to not get angry, but no matter what I will say I’m sure he will become angry.

“He-“ My lips closed again, and I looked up in the celling.

“He what?” His voice is already angry.

“He … He raped me” I mumbled as low as I could. He couldn’t hold it back, he kicked the chair in the room. It hit the wall, and made a little hole.

“Control yourself” I said automatically. He bit his lip.

“You must be hungry” I noticed “You have slept a long time”.

And he wants answers naturally. “Vincente just ask what you want to ask”.

“Why didn’t you try to find me? You know I would help you”.  He said calmly “Even when you fourteen you didn’t look for me. Why not?”

“Because you chose to leave, and I respected that”.

“What about Logan?”.

“He wanted a Son, and the only way a vampire can have a son-“ he ended the sentence for me.

“-Is with a witch”.

“But don’t worry; there is so many things that have to happen before that a child can come out of it. Rape doesn’t count… so there will be no child”. Just the thought was weird. Owen, three months ago - for me - since our wedding. How could I lose that? My perfect life with Owen?

Why the day before our wedding? Why not the day after?

“How are you? Are you fine or-“

“Am I going mad?” I laughed “I’m fine, to fit the time was easy enough”.

“You also always were like that - a head of your time.” He smiled “Get some clothes on, in the bag there is some. You can change in the bathroom over there. Come out in the kitchen when you’re done”.

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