The Vampire's Witch

The title tells it all ^.^


2. A lonely heart

I closed my locker and listened. She isn’t here! The curiosity is getting bigger. Yeah, okay… even though I’m not happy to admit it, I was looking a little forward to meeting the new girl. Maybe she’s worth it. Maybe she’s fun... Young and beautiful? Maybe she’s delicious, a really good cocktail? Her name is Alice, that’s all I know. I laughed silently. She is pretty much a big mystery right now! Perhaps I’ll kill her… she’ll lose her life to a young vampire. Young and young. I’m 357 years old, that not so much though!

There was no new smells in the air. I sighed, no new girl to me, eh? I went to class and wished that I were out in the forest once again. Sadly, I have the feeling that school is important. It’s important to keep being updated when the times always change. Time went by slowly and I got home. Finally! Vincente and Kevin were fighting once again. I poured up some vodka and started drinking. They looked surprised.  “The F*** Will? Since when did you start drinking?”. “Since I started getting bored”. Kevin started laughing. “Then find some toy! That’s what I did”. Yeah, the young Stephanie, from the local village. He keeps pretending that he doesn’t like her, but’s easy to see through his mask. Vincente on the other hand refuse to get a toy or just generally get in a relationship. I wonder what his problem is. He’s always so serious, how boring.

“Didn’t there come a new girl in your class today?” Kevin asked smiling.

I bit my lip. “She didn’t show up”. He started laughing loudly. “She’ll help you getting over this boring period in your life”. No thank you. I just want a little bit of fun, not like him. Kevin’s hair is blond, his eyes are blue and the hair is pretty short just like his height. He’s the youngest of us with his 127 years. Vincente on the other hand is tall, his hair is brown and long, but his eyes are blue and remind me more of puppy dog eyes than Kevin. My eyes are green, and my hair brown and short. “I’ll go out to the forest”. I mumbled and got up. Vincente got a hold on my arm. “Will, you spend all your time out in the woods. It’s time you get over her”.

“It’s has nothing to do with her!” I said angrily, I tor my arm free from his hand, jump over Kevin and went out the door.

Her? Her. I should’ve hit him. Or not. Vincente is the oldest with his 782 years, but not the most tactful. He was right, that I have to give him. Until recently we lived with another vampire, Logan was his name. He had been with us for many years, and we have seen him trick a countless amount of people, but I never thought he would trick me. I hit a tree, it fell. Nina. I found a beautiful girl named Nina. Her hair was blond, her eyes blue and she was just so funny. I fell in love with her and she.. She didn’t die. She just ran off with Logan. After that I named him Loke from the Norse mythology the god of tricks. Other names could be the snake in paradise. I ran to the river and stopped when I saw a girl. That must be the new girl, who didn’t show up today. Her feet were down in the water, and she was just looking down in the river. I wonder if she even knows I’m here?

“Hello” she said friendly and smiled to me. “Hello my name is-“

“Will Smith, Bronroad nr. 4”. That’s freaky. I bit my lip. “And you must be Alice, right?”.

She smiled and her hand patted the earth beside her. So, she’s telling me to sit down?

I sat down.

“My name is Alicia, not Alice. They must have gotten it wrong in the phone”. I wasn’t following.

“So, your name is Alicia?”. She laughed and nodded. “So, where do you live, my beautiful Alicia?”. It wasn’t on purpose that I flirted - I just stated the fact. She is beautiful. Her hair was black and touched the ground, I guess it’s because we’re sitting down. Her eyes were framed by the mascara she was wearing and her eyes had this wonderful brown color. Her skin was also this nice sunburned color. She must use a lot of her time outside. “Here and there” she answered laughing “But mostly there”.

The forest isn’t a popular place for most young girls. Only during camping periods. “And what is such a beauty doing out here in the woods?”. I felt like the wolf from little red riding hood for a second. She just laughed at me. “Why are you out here in the woods?”

“I asked first” I answered quickly. She got up. “I don’t know...” she admitted “Forgetting, remembering… Stuff like that”

She looked like she wanted to go home. “Shall I follow you home?”

“No thank you” She answered quickly, she almost sounded scared “I think I want to go home alone”. She started walking I looked at the water in the river, and turned around to look at her one more time. “Wai-“ I started, but stiffened when she was nowhere to be seen. I’m use to vampires doing that, but seriously, girls do it now? That’s just annoying. “Awesome” I mumbles sarcastically for myself. I ran home again. The forest feels weird today.

“Will?” Vincente asked when I got in the house. “Yeah?” I answered tired.

“Someone broke in and smashed the living room” said Kevin, he looked surprised. I yarned. “Wasn’t you here at all time?”. I really don’t care. They explained they just suddenly went out the door; the next they remember is coming in the door again. “Greetings old friends!” the voice came behind us. We all turned and I saw red. Logan! Vincente and Kevin both took a hold of me.

“Oh Will, are you still mad?” He smiled, regretted nothing. “Nina had a good life..”

Had? He KILLED HER! I pushed Kevin away, but Vincente took a better hold of me. “What do you want here, Logan?” he asked angrily.

“I just came to say that I’m back in town, for business purposes, and I’ll stay here a little while..” Behind him a person with a cape on was standing. Nothing was showing, not even the face. He took the hand and kissed it. So a girl?  “Find another town to your filthy business!” Vincente said.

“You’re not welcome here anymore” Kevin added. “You made it clear we can’t trust you!”.

He laughed and took a hold of the girl’s hand. “Why are you so mad at me? Nina was just a simple human girl - there is more between the skies and earth than you would believe!”.

The girl let go of his hand. I wondered fast if I could tear of the head of the girl, and if he even would be sad about it? She’s done nothing against me. She isn’t the reason Logan is as he is. “Come babe, let’s go home”. She hit him in the back of his head, went past us and out the front door. He kept sitting there.

“It isn’t me you should be fearing, it should be her”. He nodded towards the girl that was standing in the front door. He disappeared, he didn’t even run out. He just disappeared. She was also gone.


The night ended up being a discussing. What should we do with Logan? He is one big problem. For me at least! I went to school and they continued on their discussing. The bell rang, and the beautiful Alicia sat next to me.

“Hey, Alicia”.

“Will” she answered smiling.

“So, did you come home last night?”. She nodded silently, class started. I noticed during class that her handwriting was the old fashion way. Like my handwriting, but I’m the only one that writes like that!(probably because I’m older than the others). Her smell was wonderful, an enjoyment for my senses. When class ended I followed her to her locker. “Could you use a tour?”. She laughed. “Anything to be more together with you”. It was meant as a joke from her side, she’s flirting for fun and I’m enjoying it. Normally I don’t flirt for fun with new girls, but this girl feels so special. “Where do you want to start? The cafeteria? The gym?” I asked smiling; she threw her books inside the locker and my eyes fell on a picture of her and someone. She closed the locker before I could she who the other person was. “My next class is in the gym, so that would probably be the best place to start”. “Of course”. We walked along the hallway. “So, where did you come from?”

“a little town, you probably never heard about it before”. “Try me”. Her good spirit was a little gone. I wonder why?

“The Gerin-town?”. “Doesn’t know it” I lied. That’s the town I met Logan in, for the first time. He’s controlling that town completely. “Why did you move?”

“My guardian have some business in this town, we move a lot, he’s looking for someone”.

Is her guardian looking for Logan perhaps? One of those vampire-hunters? I thought those were exterminated completely? “Who?”

“No idea, he should be very old” she admitted. It must be rough for her.

“Isn’t is hard… moving around all the time, get new friends, losing contact to the old ones?”.

She shaked her head. “People don’t like me generally; I often scare them away with how I look”. I laughed. “How you look? You look so beautiful”. She laughed out a thanks, but stiffened for a second. I turned around and looked into her eyes. “Are you okay?”

Her body waved forth and back, while she mimed some words. Her eyes became lilac for a couple of seconds, then they became brown once again. She blinked a couple of times. “I’m sorry, I think I went blank for a second or two, what were we talking about?”

“We were talking about how beautiful you look” she laughed but it wasn’t a happy laughed. It was more distracted. I want to know what the f*** that’s about. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re really pale”.

“I’m pale normally”. That doesn’t make any sense, she is really sunburned! Her phone rang, she answered quickly.

“It’s Alicia”.

“Look over by the tree Alicia”. She did as the voice said, and I did the same. LOGAN!

“What are you doing here?” she answered tiredly and laid the phone in her pocket. He walked over to us. “Nobody to hold you back eh? Are you sure you want to hit me?”

“What are you doing here?” she repeated with a hard voice.  That’s the first time I have heard a woman talking in that tone to him ever before. He blinked to her. “Nothing, I’m just checking up on you, babe”.  “Stop calling me babe!” she said in an angry tone and rolled her eyes. He just laughed.

“I can see you met Will” he noticed. She looked away from me and from him, she just looked at the little squirrel that played in the snow. “And I can see you have met Alicia - She’s mine”. He took a hold on her arm, and got her over to him.

“I’m certainly not your property!” she had an outburst of anger, she pushed his arm away.

“I’m stronger than you, and that makes you mine” he noticed.

She pushed him away. “If you are so strong then kill med. I don’t care”. I stared surprised at her. She is so young, sweet and beautiful, but why is she together with Logan?

“You’re just mad, because we had a fight this morning” he laughed “We’ll talk about it in the car. Besides, I thought I told you not to go to high school And I’m pretty sure I told you not to talk to him. I’m pretty sure I also told you not to play with the fire!”.

She sighed. “Is it too much to ask that you leave me alone for just one single day?”

He took his arm around her and smiled provoking at me. “I killed Nina. But this one is a keeper, right Alicia?”. He looked down at her and kissed her at her hair. “I would gladly change my place with Nina’s”.

He laughed. “Alicia, you are a witch sometimes, do you know that?”.

“Funny” she noticed without a smile “Let go of me”.


“She told you to let her go!” I tore his arm off of her and pulled her behind me.

“come Alicia, we have work to do”. He grabbed her again, and pulled her back with a smile. He gently removed her hair from her neck and kissed her there. Just like he did with Nina that night they left. She - not like Nina - didn’t seem like she liked it. “Are you trying to get hit?”.

He laughed. “Yes. But not from you. Nina was-“

“Wills last girlfriend before she met you” Alicia ended “I know, and someday I hope you’ll get punished for all the actions you have made”.

He looked surprised at her. “And how do you know that my little butterfly?”. She looked away, like she didn’t wanted to answer that question.

“Alicia” he said commanding. I wanted to help her, but I wanted to know the same thing.

“You left Nina and I alone in a cottage for a week, what did you think we would? Sit quietly in a corner of the room?”. She was angry and got lose from his grip, she walked towards the forest. He laughed. “The little bird got angry”. He ran to his truck, while I ran as fast as I could after her. She was sitting by the river again.

“I’m sorry” she said, when I sat beside her. “For what?”.

“That you had to see that scene” she replied. She was pale in the face, I guess Logan is draining her. It would be just like him to do so. I could see a couple of bite-marks on her neck.

“So, what did you fight about this morning?” I wanted her to keep talking.

“We were fi-“she stopped, and started falling. I grabbed her, and pulled her up into my arms. She was completely gone, with a very low pulse. I placed her in my arms and started to run home.

Kevin laughed when he saw her. “she looks delicious”

“Where did you find her?” Vincente was sending me a look that could kill.

“Logan had her, she ran off and fainted” I explained, “I don’t know what’s wrong with her”

“She looks sooooo delicious!” Kevin continued.

“Hand off!” Vincente took her from my arms and placed her on the sofa. He then removed a tuft of escaped hair from her face and placed it right.

“Vincente, she looks delicious, but Will found her, she is his”.

“She is nobodies!” He got up looking angrily at Kevin “That’s my little sister!”

I was stunned, so was Kevin. We both looked at her. That is impossible!

“Your little sister? How old is she?” Kevin was the first to say anything.

He started to mess with his hair, like he wondered too. “Three years younger than me… but she died”.

“Died as young? Or as an old lady?” I asked. “She died in the age of 127 years.” He explained “But I have no idea how she can be alive today”. She coughed, and coughed and coughed, until she opened her eyes a little bit. She saw Vincente and then jumped into a hug with him. “I have missed you so much” I have never seen her smile be so big. Vincente was also smiling.

“How can you be here?” he asked.

She laughed “It’s a long story”.

“I can smell you have blood in your veins, so you’re not a vampire, how can you be alive?” He repeated. She didn’t smile anymore, she sat down, opened her mouth, but all she said was “It’s a long story”.

“We got enough time” he answered. We could all hear he stomach. She sighed.

“Kevin run after a pizza”. He ran with an annoyed expression on his face.

“I got tricked by Garret” she told.


“Garret, the boy from Bifletown”


“Let me start from the beginning. The king got convinced that witchcraft was evil and the witches were in a pact with the devil, he thought that I didn’t, so he placed me in a camp with others who also practice witchcraft… We wanted to learn, and never before had so many of us been together before. I have learned so much! But anyway we wanted to call for a wizard that could teach us. His name was Domino, and he was in this time. For us to get him, someone had to switch place with him”.

I was stunned. Witchcraft?

“I lived from the day I became a vampire until now, how can this have happened without me knowing it?”. Vincente had a point.

She looked guilty down at the floor. “Perhaps I casted a spell or two, so the times wouldn’t change”.

He looked at her. “What have I told you about that?” He started walking forward and back while he looked annoyed. She sighed.

“Logan did the same thing with Domino, to get a young witch that could help him. But when I came I refused to help him”.

“What did he do?” Vincente looked scared at her.

She looked away. “That we can talk about later” she replied a little bit sad.

He nodded. “I was so worried about you”.

She started laughing “You probably didn’t even know I still was alive”.

“No, but Alicia!”. He hugged her and I did my best to hide my surprise. I wouldn’t ever guessed that he had a little sister. He never tells us anything about his human life. Nothing about his parents, sisters, brothers for that matter. Vincente never tells any of that stuff. I don’t even know how he became a vampire!

“You missed me” she said happy “You have no idea how much I have missed you!”.

“For me you have been gone in centuries, for you I have been gone for three years! I think I have missed you more, than you have missed me” he smiled.

“Yeah right” she said and laughed. She laid down at the couch and yarned.

“How are you?” he asked, he must worry for her health. She shrugged her shoulders. “He didn’t let me sleep most nights, so sleep I haven’t gotten a lot of. And food I have gotten-“

“None of?” I guessed.

She nodded. Vincente hugged her again.

“No, but I have tried living longer without food, you know that”. That was a weird statement. She smiled at me. “I guess my brother doesn’t talk much about this, but our family was pretty poor so often we had to go without food for a long time.”.

I looked at Vincente. “No one would teach me anything, so the only one who could provide for the family was Alicia” Vincente admitted. I could see his pride was hurt because he couldn’t provide for his little sister.

“She laid her life on the line so we could get some food on the table”. She smiled at me once again. “I still did until four months ago”.

“What about your parents?” I asked smilingly and got down at the chair.

“My dad ran off when Alicia came to the world”.

“And our mom became insane because she had to provide for the family alone, so she slept with everything that stayed the night”.

Vincent sighed. “and I had to train myself for the army, so I could bring home some money”.

Then what did Alicia do? Slept with people for money? Taking care of children?

“What did you work with?” I smiled at her. She sighed. “It’s complicated”.

“No it’s not. We don’t have the same dad, even though we love each other like that was the case, our mother slept with a stranger. That was Alicia’s dad. He was a wizard, so Alicia was a witch. And the best one in her time”. Vincente sounded proud.

“But were witches not hunted down by the humans?” I asked while I sighed.

She laughed. “Yeah, in some countries. But it was always old women that were caught. The king of the land we lived in, lived on the other side of the forest. As a witch the forest is my favorite place. As a young one a spend most of my days there. I was 6 years old when he saw me in the forest, casting spells on a bunny. He thought I was cute, and decided that I should be his little favorite. He said I could come and go as I wanted to in the castle. I didn’t feel welcomed though so I stayed at home”.

Vincente sighed too. “The staff had another opinion that him.  They called her all sorts of things. When she started to understand what those words meant she moved back home, and became the town-witch. She healed the sick and provided protection from dark spirits”

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