Payne and Heart Break

She was drunk and vulnerable. He was going to take advantage of it.

Clover didn't plan on doing anything that night when she went to the local pub after a very bad break up. She certainly didn't plan on ending up in the same bed as a dashing handsome stranger's bed by the name of Liam Payne.

Liam didn't plan on doing anything either but was more willing to change it in a slit second when Clover drunkenly crossed his path, barley being able to hold herself on her own two feet.

Right when she stumbled into his sight he knew he was going to whip out his ten inch Payne train. COMPLETED ONE SHOT!!


2. Hook-ups and Heart Breaks

My best friend, Stephanie, came into my bedroom to give me more tissues to whip up my tears I had shed after Drew broke it off between us after he slept with my cousin. No matter how many tissues I stuff my face with, I will never be able to fill the hole in my heart that he carved into me with his lies and betrayal.

Stephanie was doing her best to cheer me up with her many tricks and words of wisdom she bestows upon me every time I feel like I'm not myself.

"Okay, you need to get over him, he obviously didn't deserve you in the first place if he went for your easy cousin. I hope that slag gave him STD's. You know what? Get off your arse and get dressed, we're going to that pub down the street, it's riddled with hot guys," she finished, very excited.

I cleared my face and washed up and was greeted with a beautiful dress placed on my bed. The dress was a tight black sleeveless cocktail dress that was very snug to show off my curve and barley covered my bum.

I haven't wore this dress in ages but I was willing to give it another go.

I exited  my room and Stephanie gasped in ah. She on the other hand looked absolutely smashing. She wore a short and tight off the shoulder gray dress with her signature beanie. Her smooth chocolate colored legs worked the dress nicely.

"You look amazing Clove, you really do. Now lets go show what Wolverhampton is missing," she said as we locked arms and exited our shared flat.

We parked in front of the busy pub and my palms were moist with uneasy sweat.

"I'm sure this will get your mind off that douche Drew.. now lets have fun," Stephanie said excitingly, springing up to dance.

I stood near the door, not knowing what to do. I nervously played with my fingers, my eyes searching around the packed pub.

"Come dance!" Stephanie shouted pulling me over to the dance floor.

It already seemed like she chugged down some shots.

"Here," she said handing me a shot of tequila.

I looked at the drink uneasily as she shoved it toward me.

"Ugh.. no thanks, I'm not really a big drinker," I said pushing it away.

"Well that's just too bad then, I'm not taking no for an answer. Drink it or I'll pour it down your throat."

I hesitated to take it out of her hands. I let the alcohol slip past my pink lips, burning my throat furiously. I coughed a bit after the shot but it began to settle nicely after. I then began to crave more.

"Here, have some more. After some of these you wont even know a Drew."

I downed about eleven shots before I stopped to let my throat relax.

"Oi! I'm just gonna dance ova errrrrrr m'kay," I slurred over to Stephanie.

I climbed onto a tabletop and began to messily twerk.

I got down when I saw several good looking men pass me. One was particularly catching my eyes while his were caught on my bum. I let out a throaty moan toward him as he advanced me.

"Hey babe, what's your name? Think I might get lucky tonight." He flashed me his dazzling half smile. "Go over there and show me what those hips can do so I know what I'm gonna be bringing home."

My back was pressed against his strong chest as his hands rested on my hips. His hands soon wandered down to the hem of my dress, slowly inching it up as his other hand rubbed circles on my inner thigh.

I then broke away from his warmth as I danced in front of him. I swayed my hips back and forth still having my back facing him. My hands went into my thick chestnut curls as I shook my bum. Other people were starting to watch now but I didn't care. I was only dancing for the good looking stranger I would be leaving with tonight. I bent down to touch my toes while my knees were still straight. I twerked my bum as I slowly began to rise I looked over my shoulder to see him smiling at me. He walked to me and whispered into my ear.

"I didn't catch your name, sweetheart. I'll go first then, my names Liam Payne," he whispered to me with a voice as sweet as honey.

"The names Clover, but call me Clove, sugar lips." I then glanced at his lips which were so full. I felt myself begin to lean in, capturing his lips in a soft kiss that send shivers down my spine. He grabbed my hips and grinded his groin against me. I felt his hard on and I was scared for a second, he was very large against me and I don't think I'll be able to take it all in.

He broke the heated kiss and talked in my ear again. "Lets get out of here so I can show you why they call me the Payne train."

I giggled at the comment and the weird name but then I got nervous. We swung by the drinks again and I saw Stephanie giving me an approving look then went back to talking to her date.

Liam handed me a bottle of their strongest rum and I took a swing, feeling immense pain go down my throat. I felt even drunker than ever. I stumbled into multiple things but tried to steady myself to show Liam that I can hold my liquor. He gave me an approving smile. When I took another swing of the strong rum I started to chug the liquid to impress him, but got extremely hammered in the process.

We exited the pub and he walked me into his blue MINI Cooper. The car ride to his flat was quiet; the only sound was the roaring engine and the soft background music as Liam continued to take side glances at me, resting his hand on my knee. 

"Whoa there, lets get you inside," Liam whispered to me as I stumbled out of the car and into his arms.

He hoisted me up by my bum as I wrapped my legs around his torso and I connected his soft lips with mine. His hand squeezed my bum tightly, making me gasp, granting his tongue entrance into my mouth. His warm tongue slid past my lips to frantically run over every inch of my mouth. Once in the house, he pushed me against the wall deepening the kiss. He moved his mouth to the sensitive part of my neck and started leaving sloppy kisses. He began attacking the flesh of my neck to nip on. He pulled back, blowing cool air over the moist area. I whimpered then bucked into his hip. He lifted me off the wall, not breaking the kiss. He set me on his dark satin bed sheets, him being settled between my open legs as I started unbuttoning his jeans that clung tight to his skin, making his bulge more visible. He inched the black fabric of my dress up to reveal my red laced panties.

Liam placed his body between my thighs, fitting the back on my knees on his shoulders. He hooked his forefinger around the elastic panties I wore, brushing his fingers over the sensitive skin of my lower lips as he slid the material down my smooth legs. His tongue zigzagged up the length of my aching core. I fisted the sheets and wrapped my legs around the back of his head, making him flick his tongue over my sleek slit.

I screamed out in agonizing pleasure, forcing my hips to rock harder against his moist tongue. I tossed my head back, weaving my fingers through his soft brown hair when his tongue pushed passed my lips. Liam replaced his tongue with two fingers and pumped his fingers in and out at a rapid pace that didn't show signs of faltering, making me squirmed under his touch.

"Come on, babe, I need you to be strong," Liam said, adding a third finger.

Liam was reluctant to stretch me out, but continued to pump and the pain subsided after a second with bliss washing over me. His thumb massaged my clit, making me fall over the edge. He brought his fingers up to his lips sucking my juices off of them. He retreated back to peel off his jeans, along with his grey briefs, letting his member spring up to slap his abdomen. The jeans he once wore so perfectly now lay puddled around his ankles. My earlier accusation was correct, Liam Payne was enormous under his boxers.

He stepped out of the discarded clothes on the floor, reaching over me, towards the nightstand to fish out a red condom.

He slipped the condom down his length before lining himself up with my heat, hovering over me. He simpered before tenderly kissing me. His lips traveled from my lips to my neck, sucking on the pale skin. His hands ran over my thighs and under the fabric of my dress to slide it up. One of his hands reached behind my back to unzip the dress so he could completely discard it from my body. His eyes raked up and down my body, his hands lingering on the only piece of clothing left on me. His breathing was already heavy while he took in my body. I unclip my strapless bra and slide it down my arms, tossing it on the floor. He places my hands on his chest and I'm not hesitant to take his t-shirt off. His member teasingly pokes at me, not entering my open legs. Once he enters I let out a moan. He rocks in and out of me, thrusting deeply inside while hitting my G-spot almost every time. I roughly pull at his tousled hair, his head between my breasts, breathing in my fruity scent. I feel the sweat on my neck run down to my collarbones in thick drops. Every time he thrusts deep into me he gives out a throaty moan. My head rolls back and I feel a build up in my stomach, my hands clinging tightly around his biceps.

"I'm about to come, Liam." His nod lets me know he's close too, and his hands holding on to my hips, and him thrusting into me faster gives me more pleasure. His lips linger on my neck, his breathing heavy, him making my neck even hotter, and creating moist markings on my flesh. Finally, I let go, feeling him let go into the condom also. He slows down his thrusts, rocking gently inside of me. He gives one final kiss before loosing entrance and laying beside my limp body.

He tosses the condom in the garbage and uses his t-shirt that was once on the ground to wipe himself off. He lays beside me, spooning me and grabbing a hold of my hips as his head rests in the crook of my neck. I lay the sheets on top of us as we slept comfortable in each others arms. Not thinking about tomorrow or the consequences that face us in the future.

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