Secret Garden

Relax and read! One chapter is about 700-800 letters ;D


2. Red liquid

"Hurry, in here!” The light had disappeared and I was in a shiny cave, filled with strange rocks. She opened a tree and pushed me inside it. A few like Phoebe and I appeared in front of god. Small water drops ran down her cheek, and her voice was not as perfect as normal. I wonder what is going on. Who is these?

“Hold her-“ Two like me, just covered in what looks like skin from animals, got her down on the ground, and kept her there. They opened the tree up and found me. I smiled to him, and he looked confused. Something I have seen on god a few times. “Don’t do it!” One of them raised their hand towards me and god made a high noise I have never heard before. The man’s hand hit me, and I could not see again. He kept doing it repeatedly, until I could see a red liquid on my hands and body. I could see again, but I could not move.

The few left God and me, and the water kept running out her eyes and hitting my chest.

“I’m so sorry,” She kept saying again and again.


I felt a push and a pull on the same time. Like someone tried helping me up by pushing me from under me, and pulling me above. I gripped what seemed to be a white snake that was not moving, and pulled myself up. I wonder how I get back to the paradise I was in. My heaven.

No matter how much I tried talking to God, she did not respond or look at me. I tried walking out the wooden thing, and follow a man like me. He was covered in animal skin like the others. I wonder how the animals give them their skin like that! Not that I would need it. I am fine with my own skin. The man went into a small cave, where there was a water hole on the wall. I could see my paradise in it, and look at my animal friends. “Where did she go?” one of them said. God? God is still where they left her. I tried telling them that, but they would not look at me at all. The paradise disappeared in the wall-pond and something else got visible. “That’s Phoebe!” I said in a loud tone. None answered me. He is still on the edge of the heaven! I know that place, God once told me never to go further than the green bush. She told me life would not be the same if I did! “Phoebe you mustn’t do that!” I tried yelling to him, but even in the pond, he could not notice me. A row of white dogs – with enormous teeth – started to run to him. “They are going to help you!” I tried shouting to him, but he kept running away from then anyway. What are they doing? One of the white dogs finally reached him, they hit each other and he fell over. The other dogs came to help, but they did it wrong, somehow. The red liquid fell out of Phoebe and he stopped moving after a while. I wonder when he will wake up again… I kept waiting and waiting, but he did not open his eyes. Some, from the little cave we was in, started to get people to pick her up. I kept looking at the pond, following him with my eyes. I wonder what is going on?

I tried leaving the room, but somehow the wooden thing would not let me pass. However, a man came to help and opened the door at the same time as me. We walked out, and I thanked him but he did not reply. Maybe he did not see me? No that is impossible, I am standing right here! I walked to god, and saw how the water kept running out her eyes.

“Phoebe will be with us soon,” I told her happy, but she did not say anything to me. It is fine. Maybe I did something wrong, and that is why no one wants to talk to me. I walked to something big where God was laying on, only to see a man. On one of his hands, there was a little red mark. I looked at my hand and smiled. I have one too! I started to talk to him, but he did not reply. He did not even open his eyes. I wonder what I did wrong?

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