Secret Garden

Relax and read! One chapter is about 700-800 letters ;D


1. Phoebe

The sky was blue, but not like the beautiful water. My hand grabbed a branch on one of the big trees. Just the feeling of the raw, hard tree against my fingers made me happy to be where I am. This heaven is all I will ever need. All that I would ever want to have! In the distance I could see a new animal. God creates all the time, doesn’t she?

The sun started to disappear. The sky turned red like some of the foxes’ tails. Not only red, also these very wonderful warm yellow colors like the sun. I love those colors. They are so bright; they bring the warmth that comforts me during the day. The light that makes sure that I can walk without falling. The light that makes sure I can find food. When the night comes I like to walk up to the mountains, and stare at the moon all night, or until I fall asleep. When I wake up, I know the sun will be where it belongs; in the sky, showing me the clouds and the animals below it. Someday I would like to touch it. God promised I would. She promised me to take me up between the skies, showing me the whole world. I know I’m only on a little bit of the land she made. But why not see it all? If this is so wonderful… Why not the rest of the world? I started to walk towards the mountains, and followed the walking path I already had made. It’s nice under my feet. Rough and with little pointy things on it. It changes the colors of my skin, when I kick it up in the air.

I laid myself on the hard cold rock in the mountains mouth. Some birds flew along the mountains following god’s movements as she told me they would…

I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing some weird noises. It didn’t sound like any animal I had ever heard before. I got up and followed the sounds. This is interesting! Some kind of man was standing in the little lake; the fish was swimming curiously around him. He walked under the small waterfall, and I could see him completely. That’s weird! He looks different than me. I got closer and looked after. Something was weird around his chest. And between his legs! Something is missing. I laughed. Actually, I stopped laughing, he looks just like god. I smiled; he is actually quite good looking. Not as good as god, but close. He looks a little bit different, but it’s still close. I walked out in the opening, and he stared at me for a while.

“Who are you?” he started to swim towards me. “He” I answered. He was all close now, he got up from the water, and we just stood there starring at each other. “I mean... what’s your name?” his voice was lighter than mine. It’s sounded more like bird singing than a tiger roaring.

“Name?” I don’t know that word, it sounds weird. “What’s a ‘name’?” I asked.

God always tells me to seek knowledge. Then she can talk more with me. I like to talk with her!

“A name is…” he bit his lip and looked down, looking for the right words. He then looked quickly up, and smiled bright at me “what you call something. Like a bird is a bird, but you can call it something different... like Red bird! But it doesn’t describe how you look, just who you are. It describes your whole personality!” I looked at him, if he knows what a name is, then what is his name? And how does it describe his whole personality?

“Then what is your name?” I asked him smiling, he smiled back at me. It’s actually nice to have someone to talk to. Other than god of course! I love to speak with her, but it would be nice to talk with someone else for a change. Since the animal doesn’t talk to me. They doesn’t consider me a real animal. “Phoebe”. He suddenly smiled again. I could hear the clouds, which means God is coming! I looked at Phoebe, he looked weird again. His face was all white and pale. God came down from the skies and Phoebe ran.

God was all red in the face. Her eyes were also red. “I’m sorry! Someone got in to this paradise…”

She raised her hand, and I saw light. 

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