Twilight Truth Or Dare

All the characters from Twilight are locked in a run down cabin in the middle of a huge wood in the middle of nowhere. No one can hear their cries for help, and the phone line is dead. JezzaRat (being me of course) is the only on with the key out. In order for the Twilight Cast to stay alive, they must do the many dares I set for them. That's right readers... Dares set by you!!!!

I've noticed a lot of Harry Potter fans and truth or dare stuff, so I thought maybe it was time to get your Twilight on! Read the first Chapter for Information on how to play my little truth or dare game.... *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


2. Round 1

Bella, Edward & of course Jacob are all led asleep in the corner of the small log cabin in the middle of the woods. Edward cuddled up to Bella, while Jacob sleeps curled up like a dog a few metres away. Jacob suddenly pricked up quickly to the sound of a key turning in the lock.

"Wake up guys!" he shouted as quietly as he could. "she's coming back!"

Edward was first to wake up. He shook Bella gently by the shoulders until she came to. "Wake up honey".

"uh what's going on?" Bella snorted sleepily.

"She's coming back in" Edward said nervously as Bella began to shake with fear.

"What will she make us do?" Bella said with a stutter.

Edward said nothing to reassure her. He was to busy watching the door open, as Jezza walked in holding a sheet of paper, and something long and brown in the other hand.

"What's that long brown thing you got there?" Jacob said with slight interest.

Jezza smiled creepily and said "oh this thing here?" She held up something that looked remotely like a wrinkly old stick. Jacob nodded as Jezza continued. "This is my magic companion. Also known as a wand if you had any brain cells in there. I will be needing it to accompany me with the lovely dares that have rolled in over the days".

Bella managed to finally stop shaking and speak up. "And I'm assuming that, that sheet of paper in your hand is the dares we have to do right?"

"Once again Bella you assume right. You really are such a clever girl!" Jezza snorted a short laugh.

Jacob sarcastically said "you might as well read out the dares then. I can see this isn't a social call".

Jezza looked at him sternly and was about to shut him up with an angered look on her face. She paused before speaking, and a wide smile spread across her devious pretty face. She then said excitedly like a child "that's a great idea!"

"ok first dare is from-" Jacob cut in saying impatiently "can't we have something to eat first. I'm hungry!"

Jezza said crossly "pathetic! You dog's always thinking of your stomachs! But"- She paused for effect. "Lucky for you dear boy- the first dare involves something you can eat". Jezza then began cackling like a witch.

Edward gulped and said "this dare doesn't sound good".

"OK NOW! ATTENTION PLEASE!!!" Jezza snapped her fingers crossly.

Everyone had their eyes on her now. "OK now the first dare is from Rosalind. She has dared you all to eat worms, maggots and cockroaches".

Edward gasped saying "you can't be serious!"

Jezza laughed and said "oh I am, if you want to live".

Bella said with a choke "I think I'm going to be sick".

Jezza waved her magic wand and three bowls appeared before them. Within the bowls were lots of worms, maggots and cockroaches.

"can't we eat dead ones? The dare didn't specify them being alive" Jacob moaned.

Jezza laughed again and said "no, that is true. But you will eat them how the wand presents them to you. It's more funny that way".

The three contestants could see they had no choice. Jacob turned into a wolf and began munching them down as fast as he could. Bella stabbed a fork into the back of a cockroach and threw up at the crunching sound. She looked at Edward prodding the bugs with his finger.

Bella shouted crossly "oh come on Edward! You suck blood! This can't be any worse!"

Edward began to pick them up and eat them one by one. Bella now tucked in using the knife and fork provided, as if it would make a difference. Once she had finished after gagging a lot, she threw up once more.

They had all finally finished their meal as Jezza said "bon appetite" with a sick laugh afterwards. She clicked her fingers causing the bowls to disappear. She then waved her wand causing a cub of water to appear before them. Jacob on the other hand had a dog bowl that said 'JACOB' in big red writing on the side.

"You really don't like me do you" Jacob said with a slight growl.

Jezza said nothing as she looked down her list of dares. "Time for the next dare I think. OK now the second dare of the day is from Lanie Athena. She dares Jacob to kiss Bella while Edward watches".

Edward coughed and said with shock "you can't do that".

Jezza said "why can't I" as she held her wand tightly to Edwards head. Edward gulped nervously.

"Get kissing then".

Bella sighed and said "I'm sorry, Edward but I have no choice". Jacob leapt excitedly at his opportunity. He said "I'm not!" and began kissing Bella. Jezza shouted out with disgust "alright, alright! It said just kiss! No tongues! ugh!" She flicked her want to separate the two of them, as Bella appeared to be enjoying herself a little to much.

Edward tried to keep calm but couldn't "can I please punch him?" Jezza just nodded with a smirk.

Edward began a fight with Jacob. "ok that's quite enough boys! There's plenty more dares where that came from!"

Edward shouted out with shock "you mean theres more kissing?!"

Jezza laughed and said mysteriously "maybe".

Edward said with a look of disgust on his face "what could be worse than seeing your wife kissing another man!"

Jezza laughed again and said darky "oh trust me... It gets worse!"

Jacob was in thought "worse? Oh no please don't tell me I have to kiss-" Jezza interupted him before he could finish his sentance. "Oh yes, that's right! Ha! Your next dare is from Decaying Barbie Doll. She wants Edward, and Jacob..." Jezza paused for effect. "TO MAKE OUT!" Jacob looked apsolutly shocked. Edward on the other hand looked creepily pleased about this dare. Bella shouted at edward crossly "wipe that smile off your face! This is terrible!" Edward began to skip around in an excited daze. "Bet you never knew I had a gay fantasy with Jacob did you". Jacob said with shock "I'm never gunna be able to look at you the same way again Edward!"

Jezza looked shocked for a second, and then a creepy grin spread across her face as she said "It just gets better by the minute".

Edward began to walk towards Jacob. Jacob backed away, until he was trapped in a corner. Edwrd then began to make out with Jacob as he struggled to get away. Bella threw up at the sight. Jezza had to flick her want in order to separate the two. It was begining to get a little too freaky for her liking.

Bella slapped Edward and said in a mad rage "since when were you into Jacob?!"

Edward grinned cheekily as he said with a high pitched sqeal "since forever!" Edward said happily "this might just be the best day of my entire life!"

Bella was apsolutly shocked "I thought you marrying me was the best day of your life?!"

Edward sust simply said "nope".

"Ok that's enough now, were running out of time!" Jezza said crossly.

Jacob was sat in the corner rocking backwards and forwards in shock as he hummed uneasily to himself.

Jezza continued with her dares. "Ok now, Annabeth Chase has dared Jacob to make out with Renesmee.

Bella was like aww, but Edward snorted with a lauh and said "ha ha! one dare you can't possibly do! Shes not even here!"

Bella then said "i hope she is ok, and doesn't think were dead or something like that!"

Jezza said "don't worry, you can tell her your ok". Jezza held up a phone and said "tell her now". Bella said "Oh no, I can'y call her. Vampires don't have phones". Jezza said "no, no, no stupid! It's a walkie talkie!" The walkie talkie suddenly spoke. "mum, dad, are you ok?" Bella said in shock "how, how did she get the other walkie talkie?!" Jezza laughed sickly and said "why don't you tell her your ok". Bella got up slowly, and took the walkie talkie Jezza held out for her. Bella put it to her ear and said "Renesmee! Is that you?!"

"Mum! Is that you?!"

"Yes baby, it's me".

"I'm scared!"

"Aww don't be. Where are you?"

"Outside a old cabin in the middle of the woods. Where are you"

"Inside that cabin".

Before Renesmee could reply Jezza took the walkie talkie from Bella. "How did you find her? Bella asked in shock.

Jezza said "IJacob talks about her in his sleep".

Jacob said crossly "you were in here while we were asleep!"

Jezza said creepily "I'm everywhere".

Bella said "more like theres cameras hidden in the walls".

Jezza said a little dissapointed "you really do spoil my creepy talk don't you. Spoil my fun with your knowledge!"

Jeza opened the door and said "In you come".

Renesmee walked in shaking with fear. "MUM! DAD!" She ran towards Edward and Bella giving them a big hug. "I thought you were dead!"

Jacob said crossly "no hug for me then?"

Renesmee said romanticly "You want a hug? Rather than". She paused and walked slowly towards him. "This" she said as she began kissing him. Edward and Bella looked a little shocked seeing their daughter like this.

Jezza lauged and said "well, didn't need to even repeat that dare".

Jezza spoke aloud to stopping Renesmee from kissing Jacob. "Right now, Annabeth Chase has another dare for you lot. Edward come here, I gunna wisper something in your ear". Edward got up and Jezza began to tell him the dare.

Edward suddenly began to rant on like an insane idiot. "I went to Hogwarts you know! I was hot once! I had a wand of my own, and all the bitches. I even had Cho chang. I was better than Harry Potter in so many ways!" Edward continued "I could do magic, and thousands saw me die on the big screen! But I never did die, I stand before you now! I am Cedric Diggory! THE BOY WHO LIVED THROUGH TWILIGHT!!!!"

Jezza yawned and said WI think that's enough making a fool of yourself for one d".

"Ok now! The final dare of the day is from Star_of_the_romans. She dares you all to stand outside for 3 hours, doing nothing but just standing there".

Bella said "that's not too bad, it's a warm night".

Jezza said "or is it?" She snapped her fingers and outside it began to snow heavily. "Outside we go" sniggered Jezza. She opened the door and held out her arm to show them the door. All four walked out slowly in single-file.

Edward just stood there looking smug as he couldn't feel the cold. Bella and Renesmee shived uncontrolably. Bella tried to hug Edward, but he was like touching ice. Jacob transformed into a fluffy wolf and began to dig a dip in the snow to lie down in. He began to fall asleep when Jezza turned round and said "oh no you don't". Jacob tried to run away in wolf-form, but he just kept going in a circle and ending up back at the cabin. Jezza said "I have cast a spell so you can never completly leave the cabin". Jacob turned back into a human and began to shiver like the girls were. Edward said "perhaps you wouldn't be so cold if you wore a shirt, instead of showing off your muscular body". Edward said the last part dreamily. Bella and Renesmee began to huddle up to Jacob for warmth. One on either side of him. Jacob put his arms around them both and said "now I got all the bitches!"

Jezza looked at her watch and said "ok it has been 3 hours now". Everyone rushed back in to get warm. Jezza clicked her fingers and a fireplace appeared, all ablaze with warmth. Jacob transformed into a wolf and curled up by the fire on the bearskin rug like a dog. The girls cuddled up into his warm fur, while Edward looke all sulky at Jacob, while he sat in the corner of the cabin.

Jezza said "I'm not that mean now am I. But then again, I don't want my fun to end in death by hyperthermia". With that Jezza locked the cabin from the inside, clicked her fingers, and dissapeared, leaving the twilight drew all alone once again. Until next time...

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