I Have 1D Under My Control

For all you 'One Direction' haters out there, and the random mad screaming girl fan here and there. This is the book where you can request the 5 members of 1D to do anything! Wouldn't you love to get a kiss from Harry, or make Zayn eat a bowl of worms. Well now 1D are under my control... You choose to be nice or evil, then I will do the commanding!!!! ha ha! *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Please read the first chapter for details on what to do in order to be a part of my book....


2. Round 1

The 5 members of One Direction were still locked up in the dark log cabin in the middle of the forest. Niall was sat shuddering in a corner as it was a bit cold, and he was a little scared. Liam was stood in a corner, banging his head against the wall. Louis put his hand in his pocket and got out a little carrot that he began to eat. Zayn stood looking at the reflection of himself in the window. He began combing his hair with his hands. As for Harry, he was talking to himself, and singing about his cat like an insane person. The boys stopped to look at the door as they heard a key turning in the lock. As it opened and Jezza walked in, Niall hid behind his hands, shaking like a nervous wreck.

"It's dare time boys".

Louis cried out with a mouthful of carrot "no! Anything but that!"

Liam cried out "anything as long as it doesn't involve spoons!"

Zayn said "I don't want to ruin my hair!"

Niall said "I'm to hungry to do dares!"

Harry cried out "I'm missing my pussy!"

Jezza shouted crossly "are you guys always moaning! Oh my gosh just shut up!" Then she paused and said with a puzzled expression "wait what?! Did Harry just say pussy?"

Louis spoke up "oh he means his pet cat".

Jezza said while gagging "well that put a better picture into my head".

She continued with her dare game. "Now seeing as you boys don't have a choice of what dares are given, you will just have to sit back and try and enjoy yourselves! The first dare to start off our little game is from Rosalind. She dares Niall and Harry to have a pie eating contest".

Niall shouted out "I love you Rosalind! That dare is sweet music to my ears!"

Harry laughed and said "This game is awesome! Rosalind is so cool!"

Jezza laughed sickly and said "don't be so sure. This one might be nice, but others may be horrid with their daring abilities!" She began to laugh like a cackling witch. She got out a wand from in her pocket and waved it so a long table with two large pies on it appeared before them. Without further a do Niall shoved his head into the pie and began guzzling it up. As for Harry he grabbed large bits and began shoving them into his mouth. He was no way near as fast at eating as Niall was. Niall won that one easily.

Niall greedily said "Is there any more pie where that came from?"

Harry got the attention of all his friends and said with a laugh "what is the best thing to put in a pie?"

Louis said "oh this better not be one of your stupid jokes!"

Harry said with a girly giggle "your teeth". He then began laughing to himself. Louis booted him hard in the balls as Harry bent over in pain.

He cried out in a squeaky voice "MY BALLS!"

Jezza clicked her fingers causing the table and empty bowls to disappear. "And now for the second dare of the day which is from Sezzah. She says that pretty boy Zayn has to assign on of the other boys to give him a haircut".

Zayn covered his head and shreaked shouting out "no! Not my precious hair!"

Jezza clicked her fingers and a hairdresser chair appared in the middle of the cabin floor. A table beside it appared also, with hair clippers, combs, and many over hairdresser utensils. Jezza looked menacingly at him and said "sit, and decide who is the lucky directioner to give you a well needed haircut!"

Zayn said "oi cheeky!"

Zayn began to think in his head, but Jezza made it so everyone else could hear his thoughts, without him even knowing about it.

"Well now, which one of my boys would give me a haircut that wasn't apsolutly dreadful. Now Liam tends to cut his hair completly off so it is really short, and I like to keep some hair thank you very much. Harry would probably give me curls which would look hidious on me! Louis... Well I not quite sure about him. He so busy eating carrots all the time, he will probably get bits of carrot in my hair. EW!!!! That only leaves me with Niall. The fans dig his cute hairstyle. So maybe he will send my hair from hot, to cute. That's not so bad".

Zayn spoke aloud nervously "I choose Niall to do this task". All the other boys looked hurt as Niall sqeaked and got up excitedly.

The other boys said "we heard everything". Zayn looked shocked. He couldn't think of anything to say, so as Niall grabbed the clippers he said sternly "you mess my hair up, your dead to me". This must of put Niall on edge because he was shaking nervously the whole time he was clipping away bits of hair. He got the shaver to make the job quicker, but accidently shaved a bald patch by mistake. Niall gasped and continued making a right mess of Zayns hair. Zayn said "can I at least have a mirror to see what he is doing to my gorgeous hair". Jezza shook her head to say no. Harry laughed and said "trust me, you won't want to see what he has done". The other boys sniggered as Niall said with shock "finished. Please don't kill me when you see it". Zayh was now shaking nervously as Jezza handed him a mirro from inside her pocket. Zayn saw the uneven cuts, and the bald patch across the top of his head, and screamed before passing out. The mirror smashed on the floor beside him.

Jezza laughed and said "at least we don't need him for the next dare. Harry this ones for you".

Jezza opened the door to let in a pretty young girl. She could hardly contain her excitement as Jezza began to read out the next dare. Liam said sarcastically "I wish I could be as happy as you are to be trapped, and doing things we don't want to do".

Jezza spoke aloud. "This is  Decaying Barbie Doll. She wants to get a kiss from Harry".

Harry got up and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Anything for a fan". Decaying Barbie Doll grabbed Harry and began kissing him on the lips like a desperate animal.

Jezza gagged and said "yuck! Theres always one creepy fan isn't there".

Jezza erased the girls memory of where one direction were, and clicked her fingers so she would disappear home in bed so she would just think it was only a dream.



"so JezzaRat, I've been kidnapped for a while now, and I can't help how gorgeous you are. How about me and you leave these boys alone sometime".

"uh I don't think so Harry, I am way to young for you".

"But your the same age as me" *confused look*

"yeah exactly. I rest my case".

Niall laughs and says "ha that's funny. Cause he like only dates dinosaurs or something like that".

Jezza said with dissapointment "sadly that's all the dares I have for today, so you lot get some rest for the next time we meet".

Before Jezza left, she flicked her wanted to make a long table appear with lots of pies on it. Niall ate most of the pies, as the other boys had one each. "Such a pig" Jezza said as she locked the door from the inside, and clicked her fingers causing herself to dissapear.

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