I Have 1D Under My Control

For all you 'One Direction' haters out there, and the random mad screaming girl fan here and there. This is the book where you can request the 5 members of 1D to do anything! Wouldn't you love to get a kiss from Harry, or make Zayn eat a bowl of worms. Well now 1D are under my control... You choose to be nice or evil, then I will do the commanding!!!! ha ha! *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Please read the first chapter for details on what to do in order to be a part of my book....


1. In The Beginning

It all started when an evil Sorcerer by the name of JezzaRat decided it a good idea to go off and capture the most famous boy band in the world, ONE DIRECTION. She travelled around kidnapping the 5 boys, one by one in a single night.

JezzaRat started with Louie. He was fast asleep in his dark red pyjamas. She found it a little weird that he was also cuddling a teddy bear at his age.

JezzaRat's next victim was Liam who was led in bed next to his girlfriend, thrashing about, screaming "NO, DON'T LET THE SPOONS GET ME!!!!" His girlfriend must be used to it, as she did not even flinch once.

JezzaRat's third victim was of course Zayn. He was still awake, admiring his ramp-like hairstyle in the mirror, going on about how gorgeous he is. It was all rather disgusting to hear him go on like that, so I took great pleasure in knocking him out.

4th on JezzaRat's list was the incredibly Irish Niall with his cute, child-like smile. Even in bed asleep he looked quite sweet. Realizing what she was thinking she nearly threw up. Enough of that! Onto the final one.

When JezzaRat came to Harry's house he was talking sweetly to his cat as if the thing could understand his every word. It was rather creepy so I also took pleasure in knocking him out as well.

Jezzarat had them all now. The 5 members of One Direction lay in a pile all led on one another , some snoring quietly. She couldn't stand looking at them any longer as she yelled awaking them from there sleeps.

"GET UP!!!!" JezzaRat shouted loudly.

They all snorted and got up quickly saying in tune with one another "whu- Where the hell are we!?"

All 5 members looked around themselves with shock. They were in a dark cabin in the middle of what looked like a huge forest outside the single window on one side of the one room log cabin.

Jezzarat laughed menacingly and said "you might as well ask who I am, and why your here, because your not gunna find out where you are. Otherwise all the one direction fans out there would swab the place knowing your all here".

Harry said aloud "yes, yes quite right to".

Louis shook him vigorously saying "no time for your wise cracks, were in quite a bit of trouble here".

Harry sarcastically said "oh really... I hadn't noticed the fact that I'm no longer at home with my beloved cat!"

Zayn said maturely "enough of this, quiet boys!"

Louis and Harry began having a little girly fight on the floor. JezzaRat spoke up "ENOUGH!"

The boys stopped and all stared at her. Niall said "who are you?" Then Liam said "and what do you want with us?"

Jezzarat laughed sickly and said "My name is JezzaRat, but you can all call me Jezza. I am a powerful sorcerer who has kidnapped you for a little game I call 'Truth Or Dare'. You will do every single dare my lovely readers set about for you, otherwise you will pay dearly".

Zayn said bravely "oh really... how you gunna make up pay?"

Jezza got a shotgun out and said "how does death sound to you?"

Zayn gulped as the other 4 members gasped. "Yeah sounds fine to me. So what do we have to do first?"

"Well there are no dares yet. This is just the beginning you know. I will return to you boys when the dares start rolling in".

With that JezzaRat left the cabin, locking the door behind her. That was that... The boys had no choice, but to obey her words, or perish.

(OK readers... This is where you guys come in. Whether you guys hate 1D or are mad Diretioners, feel free to put in your Truth or Dares. I will add all your dares in as long as I don't find them dirty. So yes no filthy dares ok! So this is where it begins. I have One Direction under my control! You guys better get daring.... Anything.... you decide! *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!)

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