Where Are One Direction? # 1

- A One Direction Fanfiction - This is the story about 5 boys, who become a band. But can they handle all the Things, it takes to be a rockstar?

It was a normal morning in L.A. - or was it? My brother just joined a band named One Direction, and because of that, Theres a lot of fans who's stalking him. I dont like it, so i try to protect him as much as i can. This morning i heard him yell at me from his bedroom.

-KATHRINE, KATHRINE HELP! Harry yelled. I ran to his room, finding him standing on a chair in chok. In my hands i hold a baseball bat. Who know what it could be? -"What! Whats wrong bro?" I keept saying, but he was too afraid to talk. He pointed under the bed, so i slowly walked over to it. Slowly, i lifted the blanket. I was scared to, who was it? I grabbed the bat harder then ever, so my hands got red. I looked under Harry´s bed, and start starring, when i saw it. Then i stared at Harry, and back Again under the bed. O-M-G...


2. Where are One Direction? # 2

I started laughing, and looked back at Harry. Seriously? That "Under bed monster" was a spider!        "-Brother, you always understood what good humor is". While i threw the spider out, i looked back at Harry. He was terrified, did he mean it? Afraid of a spider. I slaped him a bit on his cheeks. Then he pointed behind me. "-Another spider?" i joked. Harry started crying. I turned around, and started scream. This could not be true...



-Niall won the eating contest, and that means he´s still the undefeated master! Sorry Louis, Sorry Liam, Niall beated you again!... Liam and Louis sighed. Nialler always won, but at least they know, its because he LOVES food! My phone started ring, but the boys told me not to answer. "-Zayn dont take it, im sure its just a fan", they said. But when someone calls, i always answer! My face went from Glad to Sad. I hanged up the phone, and started crying. They started hugging me, and ask me what the hell was going on? I looked straight into Liams brown eyes, and opened my mouth.


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