The lost memery

Lily has got her heart broken alot of times and is afrade she will get her heart broken again , when a new guy named brian comes , they cant help but fall inlove, but a car crash could change every thing when brian forgets who he is , will he ever remember lily or will lily lose him ?


1. Y did this happen ?

i couldnt sleep last night i kept thinking about when i sa my boyfriend kiss ally my best friend ,how could they do this to me they kissed on my birthday 2weeks ago and i havnt talked to them sense , then i herd my mom call from down stairs " honny time to get up your gonna be late for school " i totaly forgot school was today and i didnt want to go i would have no friend becouse the only one i had betraid me , and i was tired i hadnt slept in 3 days so i went down stairs and tried the hole im sick thing but of course my mom could easly tell i wasnt becouse she is the school nurse which stunk becouse she babied me infront of everyone !! . when i got to school it was alot easy er then i thought there was alot of new people so i was bound to make a new friend.
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