The lost memery

Lily has got her heart broken alot of times and is afrade she will get her heart broken again , when a new guy named brian comes , they cant help but fall inlove, but a car crash could change every thing when brian forgets who he is , will he ever remember lily or will lily lose him ?


2. the new guy

school was the same as every day was sense my birthday, no friends, sitting by myself, boring, and more. well at least till lunch. that's when i met the new guy( cute brown hair with blond streaks, green eyes, and a mouth that looked like it could make a girl melt by its touch. a hoodie and jeans with cool sneakers) well as i was saying, i was walking to the table were i sit and not paying any attention i walked right into the new kid splashing the lunch ladies weird tasting soup all over "i am soo sorry " i said while noodles were running down my face " is cool plus its more my fault then yours " he said while helping me up and grabbing a noodle of my shirt, trying not to stare in those pretty eyes i finally say "thanks" he just looked at me then said "im brian" smiling like a idiot i say "im Liliana but u can call me lily " . after that i had made a great friend, we started going every where together and studying together even hanging out at school, but one night we were going to hang out together when something happened. i had just got to the park when i saw him sitting on a blanket at the top of the hill with food, i loved the food his mom made it was so sweet, the hole picnic was amazing and after we just sat there looking at the stars when he put his arm around me immediately i pushed it of , he looked at me and asked what was wrong " why did you put ur hand around me!?!" he looked sad for a moment then said " because, because i like you lily i like a lot "  " but i thought we were good friends?" " i cant help that i feel like we should be more then friends don't u want to be ?" " no! yes, i don't know what i want anymore"  "yes you do you know exactly what u want" " don't you understand !!! i just don't think i can trust anyone anymore. it seems like every time i do they just gave me a reason not to........i have to go ill see u tom...." was the last thing i said then ran off...

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