the one that is lost

ella is a 13 year old girl born with a rare sickness ,other people are getting the sickness to ,doctors made a dome for the people with the sickness u can see thro it but its not the same ella is one of the only people born with it and doctors say that she cant be healed , this sickness spreads inside all over and slowly kills you , u can tell the ones who have it becouse they have marks all over them , doctors have found a way to heal the one not born with it ,others in the dome have died and ella is starting to get worse , can they find a way to heal the ones that are born with it or will ella be dead before they can ?


2. i wish upon a star that i was never born

i woke up to the door bell ringing which was different because know one ever visited me   sense every one in the dome and out hate me course i gave the sickness to them or the loved ones, i got up and went to the door were there was a guy in one of the big suits they make for the people to come in here and not get sick. "hello im mr.cower your new doctor" he said with a crazy smile " what happened to my old doctor ?" some reason i wasn't surprised " he didn't want to be the doctor of the one who started this sense his friend died " i was even more sad and wanted to cry why couldn't i have never been born i said in my head over and over as he gave me the shots .

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