When Niall's girlfriend is driven over the edge by a message sent anonymously, Niall breaks down. But after paying a visit to her sister, he decides to take revenge. To find who did this to her.
To take them down.
But to do this, he needs to destroy a few lives, reveal a few secrets and break a few hearts.
A story of love, revenge and betrayal.


5. Love Life Exterminated.

"Crazy party last night."

I looked over to see Science Girl from the party leaning over Scott's desk in a look-at-my-tits way. It made me want to throw up. Or at least gag a little.

Turns out, Scott didn't actually hook up with Jade. It was another girl he thought I was talking about.


"I know," Scott grinned, leaning in and kissing her. But when they broke off, I'm guessing Science Girl didn't get enough. She grabbed the scruff of his shirt and pulled him into a kind of kiss you definitely wouldn't want your parents to witness.

"There." She let go of him and he looked flushed and slightly horny. The way I probably looked last night when I was drooling over Faye.

I wanted to smack my head against a brick wall for looking at her that way. For acting that way. For thinking that way.

"Listen, I have to go, but I've got Drama next class so catch up with me?"

Scott nodded and Science Girl flounced out the room with Scott eying her arse the entire time. Question time.

"So, who was that?" I asked, letting one side of my mouth curl up into an almost-smile.

He only just seemed to realize I was there.

"Oh, it was my girlfriend, her name's Brittany." He smiled dreamily and then snapped back into reality. I wanted to punch the guy in the face. Nobody should be able to drive someone to the point of killing themselves and then smile like Scott did. It seemed wrong; a violation of nature. Instead, I took a shaky breath and smiled in return. I didn't have the balls to do anything else.

"She seems. . .nice."

His eyes twinkled and I felt an intense stab of dislike.

"She's very nice. If you know what I'm on about."

Then he winked at me. He actually fucking winked at me. The wanker.

"Sure I do. It's not like I've never been laid before." I shrugged, attempting to seem nonchalant.

Involuntarily, I thought back to Faye. Our little conversation we had while we both sat on her bed.

"So, who've you laid, Mr Horan?"

"Not that many. Why do you ask?"

"It's just, you seem sad. And I only know one way of curing boys who are sad."


I felt a lump in my throat and tried very hard to swallow it back. The thought of Faye and sex in the same sentence seemed to cause unnatural bodily reactions. I felt myself thinking unnatural thoughts, too.

"Faye won't stop blabbing on about you," Scott said matter-of-factly. I blinked, slightly surprised, and then regained my composure. But I had to seem interested. It was part of the plan.

"Really? What type of stuff does she say?"

He suddenly seemed cautious, but he was too comfortable in his own skin to be bothered by something as simple and insignificant as other people's feelings.

"She goes on about how fun you are to talk to and that she loves your hair and the way you smell and would it be okay with me if you guys hung out alone together. Shit like that."

I felt my entire body convulse, but managed to compose myself in time to give a coherent answer.

"I guess I do smell good. And, don't get me wrong mate - she's a good lass - but I'm not crazy about her. I guess I have kind of. . . well, you could call it a crush."

Scott's first reaction was a grimace, but he relaxed when he realized I was on about his sister. Then he grinned, slow and mischievous. It reminded me vaguely of Faye. But I had to stop thinking about her. I repeated my dead beloved's name in my head like a mantra;

Jade. Jade. Jade. Jade. God I miss you.

The thought stuck in my brain like a bullet and I felt my chest tighten with longing. But Scott couldn't know how much he'd broke me. How, through one person he could destroy my entire life. Well, now he would. Because I'd destroy his life through a few people.

The first of which being  Brittany.




So there I was, standing outside a cinema with Scien- sorry, Brittany. We were waiting for Scott and Faye to show up and go see this hideous horror movie with shitty actors in it. In class, Scott had gone on about how we should double-date; him and Brittany, Faye and I. At first I thought it seemed like a brilliant idea to play out the Plan, but then I thought of being alone. In the dark.

With Faye.

My brain just couldn't process such a notion, but I had to go through with it anyway. For Jade, obviously. After a few minutes of waiting in the luke-warm weather, Faye's car pulled up and she climbed out. I blinked, astonished. Her hair was curly as usual and she was wearing a minimal amount of makeup along with black skinny jeans and an over-sized green tee with green converse. I wanted to jump her right there and then. When she grinned and came over to hug me, I inhaled her scent of roses and rain. It made me shudder with pleasure, but I fought off the inappropriate images that were beginning to form in my head.

"Come on, then. Let's get going."

We all ventured into the cinema and bought the tickets before stocking up on popcorn and fizzy drinks.

"Don't bother." Faye grabbed my hand which was just about to reach for the drink dispenser. I raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Trust me, you'll see." She winked before intertwining our fingers and leading me into Screen 5.

The trailers had just ended and Faye let me down the second row and sat us down in the best seats. We could see the screen perfectly, but I was too distracted by what Faye was pulling out her black leather bag. 

I felt my lips tilt into a evil smile when I watched her pull out a six-pack of beer, dripping with condensation.

"Shh," she winked, handing me a beer. Brittany and Scott slid in beside us and the movie began. I watched Faye's face as the light from the projector flickered, casting ghostly shadows across her beautiful features.

She caught me looking and slapped my arm playfully.

"Haven't you heard it's rude to stare?"

Before I could stop, the words were already spilling out my mouth.

"Haven't you heard it's impossible to stop when a girl this fit is sitting right  beside you?"

I bit down on my lower lip until I tasted blood. What a dickhead I was.

I'm sorry, Jade.

Before I could register the shock on her face, she was leaning in and pressing her lips against mine. When she tasted the butter and salt and beer on my lips she made a noise somewhere between a moan and a gasp and because we were in the back row, she was able to crawl onto my lap and straddle me. Tangling her fingers in my hair, she pressed harder and I felt my arms twine around her body and holding her tighter to me. Blood was sprinting around my body and in one particular place I didn't care to mention.

"Niall," she gasped against my mouth, her hands sliding down my torso. When they attempted to unbutton my jeans I took her hands in mine and put them back around my neck. While I didn't want to stop kissing her, I didn't want to go too far either.

This was part of the Plan, I told myself firmly. Because if I forgot that, Faye and I would probably be in the disabled restrooms tearing each others clothes off. Jade and I had never really had this type of 'thing' happen before. It was sweet and slow and perfect. With Faye? It was hot and dangerous and wild. With her, adrenalin would always pump through my veins. But I had to focus on Scott. Yet, when I glanced over he seemed too busy trying to shove his hands down Brittany's knickers to notice his sister snogging his 'mate'.

"Faye, Faye. Stop. Let me catch my breath."

She nodded, also breathless, and slumped down in her own seat. Her lips looked plumper and lipstick-smeared from the intense snog-session. I doubted I looked any different.

We watched the rest of the movie in silence except from the yelps Brittany gave when people got shot or blown to pieces. When I looked over at Faye she was sitting perfectly still, watching the movie screen, her pupils dilating and contracting with every change of light.

In a way, she was perfect. Sure, she had flaws; the way she'd raise her voice to contradict you and act like you were the stupidest thing on the Earth. Or the way she'd chew on her nails when she was nervous or smile at you when you were pissed off to wind you up even more.

The very spawn of the devil, but still lovely.

Jade was lovely too, but somehow the image of her had faded a little.

It faded more and more every day.



"Hey,  Brittany. Can I talk to you a second?"

Scott and Faye had gone to the restrooms after the movie had finished and conveniently left me and Brittany alone for a bit. Time to get rid of her once and for all.

"Hey Niall."

She wasn't disgustingly pretty, but she was good-looking. All blonde hair and big boobs.

"How're things with you and Scott?"

She shrugged, a non-committal gesture.

"They're okay. I guess."

"Y'sure? You hesitated for a second there." My voice was great, not too pushy but not too reassuring either.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Well, it's just that sometimes Scott likes to, y'know, flirt with other girls. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough."

Honestly? Brittany looked like she was about to cry and I had to look away before I started feeling the tiniest ounce of guilt.

I patted her back consolingly.

"I'm sure everything will be. . . okay. It's just, Scott has stupidly high expectations and you're lovely, but maybe Scott is looking out for something more."

She seemed to break at that part, three tears racing down her cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides, I saw him looking at the girl behind the counter when we walked in. No doubt he'd want to rummage in her popcorn box."

She seemed enraged now, but determined.

"Thanks Niall. I needed the reality-check."

I wanted to shout that I was joking, that I was just fucking her up for a little fun. But there was still a part of me that hated Scott, and I intended to cling onto that part for a long time. Just long enough to get this whole thing over with.

When Scott came out the Men's bathroom, Brittany pounced.

"Look, Scott. It's over. I see the way you look at other girls and I hate it! I hate you, no matter how good at sex you may be."

Then she spat on his new-looking shoes and bolted out the cinema, sobbing gently.

Faye appeared merely seconds later, her makeup re-adjusted and her hair curled down past her shoulders.

"What happened?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Scott looked gob-smacked. Then the shock left his expression, leaving him looking incredibly pissed off.

You're welcome, Scott, I thought.

Love life exterminated.






















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