When Niall's girlfriend is driven over the edge by a message sent anonymously, Niall breaks down. But after paying a visit to her sister, he decides to take revenge. To find who did this to her.
To take them down.
But to do this, he needs to destroy a few lives, reveal a few secrets and break a few hearts.
A story of love, revenge and betrayal.


10. Empty

I don't know how long I laid in my bed for. Hours, days, weeks. Time seemed so irrelevant to me now that I didn't have anything to fill it with. Faye hated me, I was sure of it. And yet, somehow, I knew I had to go on with the Plan. Because once you've started wrecking someone, it's hard to stop.


"Well morning, sleeping beauty?"

I cracked one eye open to come face-to-eye with Elise. She was dressed down (as far as Elise could ever go) in a pair of skinny jeans and a blue blouse. She had her hair straightened so it hung in a blonde curtain down her back.

"Leave," I said, my voice husky from not talking for so long.

Elise chuckled, rolling her eyes as if such an idea were impossible.

"We have to talk. This 'Plan' thing has gone to shit ever since you stopped seeing that Pixie. I suggest you get your ass out of this bed and go down to see her, because I sure don't do girl-to-girl chats. Especially not with girls who get a better guy than me."

I pulled my duvet over my head but she yanked it back down.

"Get a grip," she breathed, angry and infuriating at the same time.

"She hates me," I whispered.

That seemed to shock Elise, for what reason I didn't know. She sat up and tucked her hair behind her ear, raising an eyebrow.

"You love her."

It wasn't a question.

I nodded.



I tried to get in a visit to Scott the next day to see if I could smooth things over, but Elise had told me they were spending the night in a hotel down the road and I almost felt sorry for Scott. The guy didn't have many options in life but he sure had his pick of which STD he was going to get from his girlfriend. 

That day I went over to his house and after saying hi to Scott's mum, I ran upstairs to Faye's room. After knocking several times with no response, I opened the door. It was completely empty. And her smell of the perfume she wore and the general smell of her house made my chest ache. 


Her single bed was pressed up against the blue walls, a bunch of school papers and application forms scattered over the blankets. 

I paused. Faye wasn't a planning type of person. She just kind of went with whatever happened and she didn't write 'To Do' lists or anything like that. So it was weird to find college application forms on her bed. The only thing I wanted for her to apply herself to was whatever was going on between us. 

"She's not here."

I spun around to see Scott smiling sadly. It made him look stupid, like he'd been hit across the head with a two-by-four. 

"What do you mean she isn't here? Where is she?"

Scott shrugged, "She told Dad she was staying at a friends house."

I chewed on my lower lip and then brushed past Scott and ran downstairs before slamming thefront door shut behind me. 

I'd done at least one thing right - I'd hurt Faye, which hurt Scott. It was all part of the Plan. 



"Niall? Sweetheart, you've got to go to school."

I love you. 

"Come on, love. Get up."

You're going to leave?

"Is there anything I can do?"

I'm Scott's sister. Niall, right?

"Mum, please just go."


I was sat on my bedroom floor with my back against the bed and my head throbbing. I had tried listening to music but I just couldn't focus on anything. Apparently Faye had been staying at her friend Sam's house. I didn't blame her. But I did miss her. 

After Mum leftI thought about how much of a mess this whole thing had became. I hated it. I hated it because I couldn't stop thinking about my future and I never told Faye that what we had wasn't going to last forever. Like she had expected of us.

Like I had expected of Jade. 




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