When Niall's girlfriend is driven over the edge by a message sent anonymously, Niall breaks down. But after paying a visit to her sister, he decides to take revenge. To find who did this to her.
To take them down.
But to do this, he needs to destroy a few lives, reveal a few secrets and break a few hearts.
A story of love, revenge and betrayal.


8. Carnival Kisses

"Hey, asshole."

As of late, that had became Faye's new nickname for me. Not that I minded, I was technically an asshole anyway, what with the whole 'revenge' thing going on.

"Hi, Pixie."

What can I say? I'm the world's biggest hypocrite when it comes to shit like this. Elise had rung me up over the weekend to organize our little 'double date' thingy in order to wreck Scott a little more this time.

Elise's plan was to get him to fall madly in love with her and if tonight went as planned, Scott would be complete wreck. After a lot of debate, and more than a few arguments, I'd managed to make her go easy on him. Well, her version of 'easy', anyway.

We'd decided (Scott and I) to go to the Carnival a few miles down from my house. But this time, when Faye came to pick me up, she wanted to come inside. No. Fucking. Way.

But, as usual, Faye decided to completely ignore my demands not to come in and flounced into the house as if it were her own private palace. Maybe she's used to doing that, who knows?

"Oh, Niall! You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend!"

Mum beamed at Faye and her curly ginger hair and then at me, who was grimacing at the whole scene.

"Mum, she's actually not my-"

I stopped dead. Faye was shooting me this look like I'd knifed her brother. Which was highly possible considering what he'd done.

Despite the daggers Faye was eyeing me with, Mum seemed over-joyed. I guess she worried more than usual once Jade had died. When I came home I locked myself in my room for a month and only came down when nobody was around to scrounge about for food and whatnot. When Mum asked, I let out this raw animal scream I didn't even know I could make, and punched my window. The glass shattered and I cried, great choking sobs. Mum freaked out and it was my older brother who came over and prevented her from calling the cops. Either the cops or a doctor.

Faye held out her hand politely.

"Faye Sinclair," Faye smiled, and Mum shook her hand.

"Well, it's lovely to meet you. My name's Maura."

I winced slightly. Jade had always called my mum the same thing I did. Just 'Mum'.

"Right, we better be off to the Carnival."

Faye turned to face me and smiled almost sheepishly. That was new.

"Alright. Goodbye, Maura."

Mum grinned and waved bye-bye and then we were in Faye's car and speeding down the oh-so-familiar road towards the Carnival where Scott would surely meet his undoing.



I always knew Elise was a bit of a skank (in case you didn't realize that already) but I never would have thought she could get the job done that quickly.

When we arrived, we spotted Scott's bright red Farari and a couple snogging fervently. I spotted Elise's lacy black blouse and the edge of her red thong and winced slightly. 

Faye took my hand and squeezed it as if to say this happens all the time.

It was kind of disgusting watching Scott drool all over my dead ex-girlfriend's sister, although I couldn't really say anything considering the fact I'd had my tongue down Faye's throat. After buying a huge cone of bright pink candy floss, we made our way to the first ride. It was all very cute: I ate (stole) some of Scott's candy floss and Faye licked the pink fluff from my fingers and everybody was having a great time.

Until Elise threw up. All over Scott's brand new Vans. I suppressed laughter while Faye looked nauseous and Scott looked repulsed. But I figured out Elise's plan. She had already selected the type of person she was going to be; adorably clumsy, funny without meaning to be, and apologetically cute. I didn't see how she was going to be cute or adorable considering her puke was all over Scott's feet, but Scott didn't seem to mind so much.  Lucky fucking rich boy.

"It's okay, honey. I'll just walk about in my socks."

He smiled, tenderly, and I was shocked. Fully shocked. How could a douche like him be so nice to a slut like her? But then I realized, it was all perfect. Elise was a whore, Scott was a player. They fitted perfectly. At least Elise seemed to know what we were doing. With Scott and Elise, it was organized chaos. Accidental love. But with Faye and I? It was clumsy and unprepared and a beautiful mess.

I think I forgot what everything was like with Jade.

"Thanks, Scotty. I'm sorry about your shoes, I'll buy you a new pair-"

But Scott cut her off with a supposedly charming smile. Him and his stupid bloody movie-star teeth.

"It's alright, honest. I'll get new ones. My little sweetheart's paying for nothing. Okay?"

I could tell that was definitely alright with little-miss-gold-digger over there but she held up her perfect little act and smiled gingerly.

"I am sorry though. It was the cotton candy, I-"

"Here, have some of this."

Scott cracked open a can of Coke and handed it to Elise. Even though she took it gratefully and sipped it like a lady, I could tell she was pissed off about the fact he would interrupt her. Too bad she didn't realize that little flaw in her charade. If she pretended to be all cute and weak, Scott would feel dominant and think she was just a pretty little face. Which was probably why she turned up the volume a little by requesting to ride the freakiest ride in the Carnival. This wasn't a charade, unfortunately. This was just pure Elsie shining through. Dangerous and wild.

Scott liked it.

"Definitely." He winked and they kissed. You could practically see the saliva exchange. 

Faye shrugged and we decided to go along with them.




And that's how we all ended up puking our guts out in the toilet cabins and moaning about feeling dizzy for almost the entire ride home. Scott got his mum to come and pick Faye's car up so they could all ride in his car together. Despite the nerve-jumbling vomit-inducing what-the-fuck-was-that ride we went on, Scott still broke the speed limit by rushing us all down the huge dip on the way home. Since the hood was up, everybody could hear our yelling and hooting laughter. Although a part of my old self felt bad for the parents who had their kids woken up, the new me was saying why not, why should I care? I'm having fun.

And I hated myself for it.

After singing ridiculous pop songs at the top of our lungs, Scott decided we needed to pull up at a gas station and buy shit-loads of beer. I fought back a grin. She was going to get Scott hammered.

Then leave him behind the wheel. It was all too simple. Faye and I wouldn't get hurt, none of us would, because the front of the car would be damaged enough.

After more than a few beers, Faye decided to lunge on top of me and begin to eat my face. Well, at least that's what it seemed like. It must've been her drunken version of kissing me. And it was actually quite enjoyable. Her lips tasted tangy from the beer and the cool wind was harsh on our faces and tangling Faye's curls. It was crazy, wild. And almost over.

We were almost at Scott's house when Elise began to kiss up Scott's neck, nibbling at his jaw and making him chuckle.

Then they started kissing. And Scott didn't pay attention to driving anymore, because he was going to get laid.

That's when the shiny red Farari swerved off the road and crashed right into a tree.



It was a mess. The front bumper was destroyed and the headlights were smashed in. The poor license plate was almost unrecognizable.

We all gasped and Scott whimpered a little and it was horrible (for Scott). But when Elise faked a comforting hug, I saw her smug  little smile and I prevented myself from revealing one of my own. Faye just looked drunk.


Scott's perfect fucking car.





























A.N: Hey guys! Sorry this chapter was a bit short :/  How're you all enjoying the story? I'm loving it, personally. <3 Kind of hating Elise though. And Niall, for being a complete idiot! I mean, seriously, this far for revenge? Poor Faye, doesn't know that she's snogging the very boy who hates her brother :(  Anyhoo, back to the next chapter! Love you my little clovers! 

~ Patch xoxo.

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