When Niall's girlfriend is driven over the edge by a message sent anonymously, Niall breaks down. But after paying a visit to her sister, he decides to take revenge. To find who did this to her.
To take them down.
But to do this, he needs to destroy a few lives, reveal a few secrets and break a few hearts.
A story of love, revenge and betrayal.


4. A Few Shots Later.

It seemed like Scott's parent situation was already fucked up, so there was no need to venture anywhere near his mum and dad.

However, when he came back that night, he had invited me to a party one of his mates were having. No doubt there would be alcohol - I mean, what else do rich kids do besides fan themselves with money and get utterly pissed? You know, besides killing other people's girlfriends.

I was sat on my bed singing softly along with the strumming of my own guitar. It felt weird, unnatural.
I hadn't played in so long, but now it was almost safe to play. She was gone, and nothing was going to bring her back.

I hummed gently and then put it down when my phone buzzed. Picking it up I read the message from an unknown number.

Hey ;) Don't ask me how I got ur number - I know people...anyway, r u still cming to the party 2nite? Let me know rite away if u r.  F x

I stared at the phone screen for a second before texting back at warp speed.

Yh, of course im still cming. y do u wanna know? N

I didn't put a kiss, it felt weird. Too personal, somehow.

A reply came almost instantly.

Bc I'm not going if ur not going ;)

Faye SinClaire is the queen of using the winky-face. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was funny. Faye herself was always amusing.

Stop flirting u cheeky little whore:P

I knew she wouldn't be offended. Girls like Faye didn't mind shit like that. But I still felt bad saying it.

Stop making me flirt, dickhead;) how r u? xxxx

And it went on from there. I can't really say what she sent after, but it developed into a very inappropriately funny conversation. 

Then, after about two whole hours of texting each other what we considered 'funny pick-up lines', she finally rang me.

"Hola, asshole." Her voice was as happy as usual, yet tinged with humour.

"Why hello there. And may I ask why you're calling me on this rather dreary afternoon?"

It wasn't 'dreary' at all. The sun was out, washing everything in a honey glow and beaming through my window. It was almost seven o' clock and I was supposed to be at the part at seven-thirty. To be honest, I would've rather stayed on the phone and talked to Faye, but I knew I had to get to the party and continue with my plan to get revenge on Scott.

"I was bored. Besides, I wanted to know what you think of me in this outfit."

"What out-"

But a second later, a text message buzzed and I hung up, clicking on our chat. Instead of 'Unknown Number', Faye was listed as 'Psychotic Bitch'. She found this funny, too. Far be it for me to try and offend her. She didn't take anything that seriously - not that I enjoyed insulting her. Faye said things that were just as bad and just as hilarious. I was almost happy around her.

On the screen of my iPhone was a new message. A photo. A photo that almost made me drool. Faye was grinning at the camera, her teeth straight white and shiny. Dimples in her slightly flushed cheeks and her hair curled into perfect auburn ringlets. She was wearing a denim miniskirt that reminded me of Elise and a green lace crop top that showed a bit too much of her 'assets'. Her snowy legs were on show and I had a fear that if I went to that party, I wouldn't be able to resist running my hands along her thighs.

Stop it, Brain.

On her feet, were black leather ankle boots with gold chains and she was wearing a necklace to match.

After a minute of staring at my screen, my mobile buzzed again.

Do I look good or do i look like a troll?;)

Definitely a troll, I texted back, but you'll pass as a girl - i'm sure of it :)

She looked good enough to eat, but that was besides the point. I went to my wardrobe and selected a green polo shirt to match Faye and black jeans. Now I looked good enough to eat. Of course, getting devoured by another human would probably ruin my devilishly handsome self.

It was Faye, obviously, who came to pick me up twenty minutes later in her sexy black car. Hey, I'm a guy, I can appreciate a good vehicle can I not?

"Hey," she smiled when I slid into the front seat. My eyes first went to her chest and roamed down her legs. I should've sat on my hands to avoid placing them on her hips and drowning my sorrows with her touch.

"Hi." I smiled vaguely in return and she turned up the radio again. Full blast. This time, 'Love Me Again' by John Newman came on and Faye shouted over the beat that it was her favourite song.

We both sang along, me tripping over the words a few times and Faye belting it out at the top of her lungs. 

Then I remembered. Jade's lungs didn't work anymore.



The song continued all the way until we eventually reached the party. There were about twenty cars pulled up in the driveway along with Faye's, and there was a heavy bass emanating from the house, wild strobe lights beaming out every window. It was wild.

"LET'S GO!" Faye yelled, grabbing my hand and dragging me into the chaos which was a 'party'. When we barged through the front door, we were instantly surrounded by students clutching cups of beer and vodka. A few people were over-enthusiastically french kissing against walls or on the stairs or on the floor. Nearly everybody was either drunk, kissing, dancing or breaking things. The music pumped through my system and Faye immediately pulled me into what I christened the 'Party Room'. In the middle of a clapping crowd was a table.

And on that table?

A very drunk Scott SinClaire, thrusting his hips in time to the music. A girl from my Science class was writhing against him, his hands roaming down her body. Everywhere available, he stroked or squeezed or caressed. Then a forbidden thought crossed my mind.

Maybe, just for fun, I could dance with Faye like that. Piss him off a little. Make destroying him a little more fun.

It was genius, almost enthralling. Getting my hands on a rather attractive female while wrecking her brother. It benefited the both of us, if you thought about it. Scott would see his 'mate' have fun. . . and I'd be practically screwing his sister.

Scott spotted me immediately after he had stopped attempting to shove his hand's down Science Girl's bra.

"Hey buddy! Coming up for a dance?" He grinned at me, tempting me. Teasing me, almost.

"Sure." I shrugged, taking Faye's hand this time. She looked shocked for a brief second, but recovered with a mischievous smile. A smile that only belonged on Elise. A smile that spelled trouble.

A few minutes later and it wasn't Scott and Science Girl sliding against each other on top of the table with a huge crowd surrounding them. It was Faye and me. I was holding her so that the back of her head was rested against my shoulder and she had her hands looped around my neck. Her butt was rubbing against my crotch and, despite the fact I wasn't drunk, I felt intoxicated with music, revenge and Faye. I bit down gently on her neck which made her moan and writhe against me even harder. I had my hands on both her hips and stroked down her thighs slowly. It looked more like stand-up sex than dirty dancing. I felt like Patrick Swayze.

"GO NIALL!" The crowd egged us on, clapping along to the samba beat that was now drumming through the entire house. Practically the whole party had gathered in the Party Room just to watch me and Faye dance-screw each other. The music was making me shudder with excitement, and I was drunk with Faye's presence. Her scent was all over me; she smelled slightly of sweat, but with an overwhelming smell of roses and rain and mint shampoo. It was dizzying.

"Alright, alright. This is getting less like dancing and more like shagging. Get down."

Scott, who seemed to have sobered up enough to spot me thrusting against his sister, had led us off the table and into the kitchen where the speakers where. And, evidently, the alcohol.

This was my chance.

"Thanks," I panted, accepting the cup of beer Scott had shoved at me. What can I say? I was Irish, horny and sweating. Of course I wanted a beer.

After I had gulped down the whole thing, Scott was there with another.

And another.

Until we were both so hammered that it was hard to stay on our feet. So we ventured into the living area and slumped down on the couch, downing vodka shots. It was, at this point, that the party then gathered around the coffee table in the living room to watch and cheer and Scott and I tipped back shot after shot of hardcore vodka. In the midst of the crowd, Faye meandered forward, all tempting and sexy with her long legs and voluptuous chest. She grinned devilishly and then straddled me, tugging the next shot glass from my fingers. Then, slowly, she licked her lips and tipped it back into her own mouth, sending little rivulets of vodka dripping down her chin and neck and chest. They disappeared into her cleavage. The crowd went wild when I leaned in and licked the vodka traces on her neck and then ran my tongue along her lower lip. 

Something inside me was screaming that this was wrongwrongWRONG.

But I ignored it and continued the 'clean up' on Faye's neck and mouth. Scott, however, was hammered enough to let me continue, but I was not. I pushed Faye off after a few minutes because it appeared that she was getting slightly too excited.

Time to get down to business.

"So, Scott. Did you know a girl called Jade?"

He looked puzzled for a second.

"Jade who?"


"Oh, yeah, I know her. She was in my Math class. Didn't talk much, seemed to interested in doodling on her notebook."

This wasn't what he was supposed to say.

"Did she ever, y'know, speak to you?" I couldn't of been more suggestive.

"Nah, not really. Although we did hook up about a year ago before Christmas."

I stared, for a second.

Then everything went black.


















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