A Leap in Faith

Sequal to: Dancing With Love
Grace has just returned from Sydney, Australia, and Niall has invited Grace on tour to surprise everyone. With feelings still unresolved, will Zayn and Grace reconnect the love they once shared? Or will someone move on and leave once again?


1. Prolouge

Hello everyone, welcome to the sequal to Grace and Zayn's unresolved relationship.

I have nothing against Perrie in this story, because it is a fanFICTION. Perrie will not be in this story as Zayn's fiance'. I love Zerrie and I'm very happy for both of them, but I am just furthering on with my story.

This story now takes place in the middle of the TMH tour.

I really hope you all enjoy and I will be more descriptive than I was in the last one, after all I have grown to be a better writer.And this book will take a big step in maturity, so it will get "exciting''.

Hope you all enjoy! :)

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