A Leap in Faith

Sequal to: Dancing With Love
Grace has just returned from Sydney, Australia, and Niall has invited Grace on tour to surprise everyone. With feelings still unresolved, will Zayn and Grace reconnect the love they once shared? Or will someone move on and leave once again?


5. Chapter 4

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"Maybe this is your second chance. Maybe fate is giving you a second chance." Speaking to myself in the darkness of my own room made me overthink. What if I could replace our past relationship with a new one? Who the fuck am I kidding. If she cared, or still had anyfeelings for me, she would have called. She would have let me know that she was coming back. I shouldn't even want a second chance. I should move on like she probably has.

I wanted to sleep more than anything in the world, but sleep could have never been so far away from me at the moment. The feelings that are currently occuring can not be stopped. Excitement, or maybe even dread? My feelings could not be managed, or discovered. Without another thought, I grabbed my phone. Maybe getting the balls to call her will help. No! I can't fucking call her. I'm not some pussy who chases girls.

Suddenly looking towards the alarm, it was now 7:45 in the morning. Managing to finally feel drowsiness, I let my eyes seal shut. Trying to push my thought of Grace out of my mind.

~Grace's P.O.V~

"Well, how does it feel to be back here again?" Lyndasy jokingly asked as we walked passed security located in the airport. Everything was happening so fast, and everything was being so rushed. All at once I just left everything behind to be with my friend. "A bit overwhelming, but a bit releiving as well." I answered as I took a seat on the waiting chairs outside of our terminal. I felt releived because I wouldn't have to be stuck at my loft all alone.

Taking this job offer, I will get to actually be around people I know. And even better, I won't have to dance step for step, point for point. I won't be punished for not having the perfectly pointed feet needed for a ballet number. Expression will be a major thing shown for me, and hopefully the rest of the dancers I will be working with.

"Just think, in three hours, we will be in our hotel seeing everyone and interveiwing new dancers." Of course Lyndasy was excited. The feelings were reciprocated through me as well. I shouldn't be worried. "Fligh 361 is now boarding. Flight 361." A voice broadcasted over. "That's us." Lyndasy stated as she helped me with my bags. We both handed the ticket holder our tickets and quickly filed into the plane. I tried to let the nerves pass, but how could I hepl them at this point?

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"C'mon mate! Get your arse out of your bed." Louis yelled as he jumped on the duvet, ripping it from my body. "Louis get the hell out." I lazily said as I threw a pillow on top of my face. "Zayn. We have to go practice on the new stage." Shit. I completely forgot about that. Of course I'm the dumbass who stays up all night. "I'll be out in a few. Just let me shower." Louis finally left my presence. As hard as it was, I dragged myself out of the confinments and stripped myfelt to get into the shower.


"So, this is where you guys will be having your soundchecks before your touring, and this is also where you will be practicing with the new dancers that will be attending us shortly." I quickly started to panic. Panic was what I felt, and I wanted to do nothing more then run away and hide like a scared boy. No matter how many times I tried to tell myself I could face her, I just can't.

"You okay Zayn? You seem a bit shaken up." Liam asked as he pulled me to the side a bit. "Yeah. Of course I'm ok. Why wouldn't I be?" I refused to let anyone know how I was feeling. I refused to let anyone see that I still cared about her. "Ok mate. Just checking up on you." I'm perfectly fine. Nothing more, nothing less.

~Grace's P.O.V~

"So this will basically be your new studio. An office where you will be interveiwing all of your future dancers is towards the back of the building. Also, you will need to be scheduling practices with the boys, and help organize their stage positions as well." A woman who, as Lyndasy said, was part of management, decided to start our tour as we landed. Since the stage comes before the hotel, we decided to take a stop here first.

"So, I know this is a bit overwhelming for you right now. Everything is happening so fast, and I never got the chance to ask you if you were ok with the pace we are going at?" Lyndasy pulled me aside towards a dark hallway, looking as if it lead towards the main stage. She was trying to attempt to calm me down, or comfort me. My stress was gaining, so I couldn't quite tell. "I guess. I just don't know if I can handle seeing, you know, him today. I've only just gotten here and I think I need a rest."

Lyndasy slowly nodded in agreement. "If that's what you want." She sighed. Usually, I would feel really bad about this, but my stress is taking over me. "Thank you. I'll see you tonight. I'm going to take the cab to the hotel." I told Lyndasy as I backed away from the dark hall. "You sure you don't want company?" I gave off a sad excuse for a laugh. "No. Go and see Niall. Maybe you can even try to set up our office?" She quickly gave me a hug. "Okay. I'll see you tonight then." With that, I departed my way towards the cab.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"LYNDASY!" Niall screamed, scaring the piss out of everyone. My heart sped up a little bit. I quickly scanned to find Lyndasy, and I knew following her would have to be Grace. "Babe! I thought you were getting here tonight?" Niall imeadiatley showered Lyndasy with kisses, but I still couldn't find, or see Grace anywhere. "We flew in early so we could set up our office." Lyndasy stated as I grew a bit flustered. Was Grace not here? I refused to let myself ask Lyndasy the question. I couldn't.

"I guess I'll go back to the office and set up then." Lyndasy started to walk off and I started to panic. "Where's Grace at?" Niall questioned. I metally jumped on top of him and thanked him a million times! Of course he would eventually ask, and I knew I could count on him? "Yeah, I haven't seen her in forever." Harry added as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, she hasn't been feeling very well, so she headed back to our hotel to get some rest. Plus, I'm sure you boys will be seeing her tonight for dinner. If not, she will be here bright and early, dancing her heart out I'm sure."

Of course. She probably didn't want to see me. But, why should I even give a shit. Who am I kidding? Of course I care about her health.

Sneakily dismissing myself from the boys, I followed Lyndasy to the dance office. She was shuffling through a filing cabinet, I'm guessing she was trying to organize. I quietly tapped on the glass door, and Lyndasy quickly jolted up and then ushered me to come in, sealing the door behind me.

"You scared me there Zayn." Lyndasy giggled a bit. "Please, Sit." I quickly obeyed orders and took a seat. "What's up?" It seemed as though I was beeing the quiet one. "I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit?" She looked at me with concern, and question. "Of course Zayn. You can talk with me about anything. What's on your mind?" The way she asked with concern replicated my memories of Grace. "I know this is a bit weird, but I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with Grace?" All I saw was Lyndasy's face instantly light up with joy. Maybe, afterall,  it's a good thing that I'm worried about Grace.

"Well, she had just landed yesterday, and when she arrived to her loft, I had just told her about the news of the dance job. It was basically a huge surprise for her. But, she didn't get much rest last night, and then we took a very early flight this morning. I think Grace is just very tired right now, and she has been under a lot of pressuer lately, as well."

Releif washed over every single bit of me. Knowing that she wasn't majorly ill made me feel much better. "But." Lyndasy sighed. My heart tightened in my chest. Something more was wrong with her. "I think she's scared to see you as well." Disbeleif crossed over me. "Are you serious? Why on earth would she be scared?" Lyndasy quickly shrugger her shoulders. "I'm not sure, but I just keep getting this feeling that you should go see her."

I laughed at the idea on the outside, but my heart swelled at the actual thought of me surprising her in her room and finally hugging her in my arms again. "I don't know Lyndasy. I just feel like she doesn't feel that way about me anymore." Lyndasy instantly tackled me towards the ground. "You mean you still have feelings for Grace!" Lyndasy shouted straight in my face. The panic feeling found its way through me again. But, I had to eventually tell someone. "I don't know Lyndasy. It seems like it. I really want to see her, and I miss her dreadfully. But I'm rushing this. We haven't talked to her in two years. I don't want to rush into this again, like we did before."

We both sat in silence, debating over what to say to each other. "You need to see her. She wants to see you too. She would never tell anyone, just like you would never tell anyone. Deep down, she's feeling the same way as you, and you know that." Physically, I slumped down and sighed. "So I should just go and talk to her, to see if everything is ok?" I questioned, just to make sure. Lyndasy nodded. "Yes. It truly is the right thing to do, and good things may come out of this as well." I quickly nodded. "Then, that's what I'm going to do." Deep down, I really did want to see her, and we both need this revelation as well.

"Good. She's staying at our hotel, and matter of factly, she's just four doors down from yours." "Thankyou so much Lyndasy. I really needed this boost of confidence." Lyndasy walked over and huged me. "Now go! Don't forget to call me and tell me how it goes."

With that, I snuck out the back door, and grabbed a cab to take me to her.

To Grace.

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