A Leap in Faith

Sequal to: Dancing With Love
Grace has just returned from Sydney, Australia, and Niall has invited Grace on tour to surprise everyone. With feelings still unresolved, will Zayn and Grace reconnect the love they once shared? Or will someone move on and leave once again?


4. Chapter 3

~Grace's P.O.V~

"So, you will need to pack mainly your dance clothes because we will already be shopping when we are off. Oh! I have already set up your studio as well, stocking everything you will need. We still need to interveiw dancers as well!" Lyndasy poured out word after word. "Take a breath Lyndasy. I've just gotten home. You are overwhelming me a tad bit." I laughed as she finally took in oxygen to her worn out lungs. "I'm sorry Grace. I just really missed you, and I just really want to dance with you again." My only reaction was to grip her into another hug. "I missed you so much more. You don't even know."

After discussing a few more plans, Lyndasy decided that we pop in a film and get a bit of rest and sneak in a midnight chat. "So, how are you and NIall?" We were both basically wrapped in bunches of blankets. Almost resembling people in a bungalow in the winter time. "We've actually been great. I've been to his parents house multiple times now. As well as him meeting mine. I am just completely in love with him, and I honestly don't think I can stop." My heart throbbed at her loving words. Watching my best friend in love was a blessing. "That really is great Lyndasy. I am truly happy for you."

"What about you Miss, have you been sharing a secret dance romance, or even a dramatic forbidden love." I laughed at Lyndasy's outrageous hand gestures, throwing her head back with her hand lying upon her forehead. "Grace, Grace. Where for are'th thou Grace?" We both had a fit of laughter.

"No no no. There is abseloutley, and won't be any romance for Grace. I have been focused on my goals, and my goals only." Lyndasy seemed to be taken back by my reply. "Wait? You really haven't been seeing anyone. Like, at all?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah. I mean I don't want to repeat the past, so I just stop the past from happening." Lyndasy's sigh was very recognizable, she was obviously in destress. "Your past as in Zayn. Zayn as in the guy you haven't spoken to in basically two fucking years! You have to be kidding me." "No. I'm not. And it's been two years and four months Lyndasy."

"Well, when you come on tour it will be zero years and zero months because you two love birds will be working together." It hadn't quite crossed my mind that I would be working with Zayn. Just thinking about him twists my heart further. It's not that I regretted what we had, trust me, sometimes I wish I had it back. I wonder if he knew that I will be working with him as well. Was he mad? Happy? Or even dissappointed when he found out. Holy stit! What will he think when he sees me. Self panic was surely soaking though my veins.

On que, Lyndasy's phone started ringing. She signaled me with her finger, as if saying to give her a moment. "Hey Niall. What's up?.....What?......How did he find out?.....Was he pissed?.....Really, I expected a worse reaction out of him.....Okay, I'll let her know....Love you so much more babe, see you tomorrow."

Even more nervousness washed over me. "Let who know what?" I asked nervously. Of course it was rude for me to eavesdrop, but I don't know what else to do to ignore this feeling inside of me. "Well, Zayn knows that you two are going to be working together for the tour." A small ounce of releif washed over me, being replaced with excitement. "What did he say. Was he mad?" Lyndasy looked a little down by my question. "Well, Niall said he didn't really care when he told him, and he mainly stated that he was over you."

Internally, I felt a sting of pain. But why? I'm over him as well, right? "Good. I'm glad our feeling are mutual." Was all I could reply with. And the reply was enough to win Lyndasy over. "Good. Well I think that it's best that we get some rest because we have a flight that we can't be late for tomorrow." I nodded in agreement as I snuggled further down in the warm confinments.

Lost with my only memories of him. Dragging me back to past feelings.

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