A Leap in Faith

Sequal to: Dancing With Love
Grace has just returned from Sydney, Australia, and Niall has invited Grace on tour to surprise everyone. With feelings still unresolved, will Zayn and Grace reconnect the love they once shared? Or will someone move on and leave once again?


3. Chapter 2

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"What the fuck do you mean I can't fucking smoke? I haven't had a fucking break in eight fucking hours!" Of course! Every fucking time I want to do something, I get told not to do it. I'm not a fucking baby. "Ok. Zayn calm down. Go take you break but then you need to come back in and finish scheduling tour dates." Slamming the door in the mans, face I walked out. Why would I ever enjoy scheduling dates to be away from my family? I'm over this shit.

Ignting the newly found bud, I inhaled a needed amount of smoke. Holding and for more than enough seconds, and slowly breathing out. With every inhale, I was de-stressed, and realized that this is my job. I couldn't want anything more than what I have. I'm a fucking dick!

Quickly stepping on the lighted cigarette, I paced inside only to find the male siiting with great posture, waiting for my arrival. "Look, I'm sorry about my ouyburst. I'm just going through alot of stuff at the moment. I didn't mean all that shit I said." Hoping for a forgiving reply, he gave me a nod. "It's fine Sir. I can't even imagine how stressful this must be for you, so I'm tring to adjust to how much you can take in at once. It's fine if you leave, we were just about done ayway." "You sure? I can finish what you need, I just needed a smoke." All he did was nod and further me on. "You're fine. Go get some rest young man, it's good for you." Without saying another word, I nodded.

Rest is what I needed, honestly. Or even a drink. Walking down the stairs, I was quickly escorted out of the back door and safely into the cab that would lead me to the boys and my hotel. Screams only lasted for a few seconds before the doors were sealed. Everything was quiet, finally.

Making my way up to my room went by slowly, mainly caused from my exhasution. I shuffled inside the door and instantly hit the perfectly made bed, waiting for me to sleep in. I couldn't even remember closing my eyes, and setting me into my peaceful sleep.


When I woke, my eyes slowly adjusted to the time, which read 11:34 pm. I quickly rolled out of bed, sudden sparks of energy finally hit me. Not wanting to stay in my dark room all night, I decided to go see what was up with the other guys. I knew Niall wasn't busy. Probably only enjoying Irish football since Lyndasy rushed out this morning.

I knocked on the door, just in case he wasn't doing anything I would not want to see. There was no answer, but i could clearly hear him speaking. I decided to slowly walk in, maybe even scare his ass, if possible. Making the door not even give off a clicking noise, I was in. And Niall had no clue.

"Good! Now go in your room because Lyndasy is waiting in there with your plane ticket." Niall then removed the phone from his ear, and even I could heaer the the phone on the other line was being dropped. "Holy shit Zayn! You scared the fuck out of me!" Niall said as he suddenly turned to see me creepily staring at him. His eyes jolted to his phone as he quickly ended the call.

"What was that about?" I asked as I turned to the cooler and grabbed a soda. "Oh. Just a buisness call. Nothing major." I laughed at Niall's stupidity to think that I would fall for it. Does he think I'm stupid. "What?" Niall's awkward laugh managed to make its way between us. "Don't be a pussy. Just admit that you're flying out Lyndasy's parents." I laughed.

Suddenly, we were laughing in unison. "Yeah. Thats exactly what I'm doing." Niall managed to say as sarcastiacly as possible. "You're kidding, right?" Niall asked me. I'm guessing I came across dumbfounded because I honestly didn't know what was going on now. "No. Why?"  His face dropped and I was a little nervous now. "What the hell is going on Niall?"

He was holding something back. And I'm getting fucking pissed. "You haven't heard yet?" Niall asked shockingly. I shook my head. No Niall. Why the fuck would I be asking if I did? "No Niall, I don't. Would you mind telling me?"

"Well, I guess management has been making chages since this is one of our major tours." I nodded my head to urge Niall to continue. "Well, they've decided that our performances should be a bit more on the entertainment side, and gives the people what they want to see. So, I guess they've decided that we should start interpretating dancers with us in our performances." I shrugged my shoulders thinking that this would be bigger new to me, of course I was given another set down. "And why couldn't you just tell me that in the first place. You act like you are hiding a murder or something mate." It was the way he looked that made my stomach turn further. "And Zayn, Grace will be coreographing all these dances on tour with us."

I then felt my whole body completely drop as one. All at once I felt nothing. I felt nothing towards the girl who I had taken months and months to get over. Not receiving or giving any calls to try and ignore my feelings for the one I could never stop loving. My only turn was alcohol and smoking. The only things that fogged my memory of her. And of course once I've gotten over her, she comes right back.

"Zayn? Are you ok man?" Niall tried to give off a gesture of comfort by patting my shoulder. "Yeah man, why wouldn't I be. I'm over her." Hiding my feeling was my last resort at this point.

And I refuse to stop fighting these feelings until they are gone.

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