A Leap in Faith

Sequal to: Dancing With Love
Grace has just returned from Sydney, Australia, and Niall has invited Grace on tour to surprise everyone. With feelings still unresolved, will Zayn and Grace reconnect the love they once shared? Or will someone move on and leave once again?


2. Chapter 1

~Grace's P.O.V~

I slowly closed my wonderful book, by John Green, as one of the flight attendents anounced to re-buckle our safety belts, and that we would be landing in a short 10 minutes. My stomach dropped multiple times as the plane dropped in mid-air. It was a bit of a lonely plane ride, my mother and I parted ways in Australia as she headed back to America, and I to my home of England. I missed home very much, but it would be very dfferent from the maximum change over the past two years. It would sort of be the same, dancing weekly again, unlike the dance company in Australia where my only break was a Sunday afternoon.

As the wheels of the plane finally collided with the rocky earth, I felt multiple sighs of releif and a few cheers from the very long journey everyone had went through. I quickly turned on my phone and stayed behind a bit for the multiple people to file out the plane. I quickly reached for my carry-on located overhead and walked off the large plane. The sudden cold breeze hit me, and I felt at home.

Entering the large airport was a huge hassle. With the disadvantage of my height, I could barely see over the very tall men ahead. "Excuse me." I said softly as I squeezed beside them and walked to the baggage claim. After about half an hour, I finally received my overwhelming amount of bags, and dragged them all outside. I was amazed at how fast it was to catch the bus.

"Woah." I quickly caught up with my feet as I stumbled up the few steps to the doorway of my apartment. As I finally got my key to fit into the lock, my phone started ringing rather loudly. Right as the front door finaly unlocked, I answered the call.

"Grace?" "Yes?" I answered rather awkwardly as all my bags fell through the door in unison. "It's Niall. Niall Horan."

I couldn't quite explain the rush of excitement and nervousness that rushed through me. Why on the face of this green and blue Earth would Niall be calling me? "Hey Niall. What's up?" I quickly slid my bags through the door and turned on the lights. "Well, I just wanted to make sure your plane landed safely. Lyndasy has been worried sick about you all day, but she kind of passed out earlier." My stomach dropped at the thought of my bestfriend being worried about me all day. "Yes, I'm fine. I'm actually pushing through my front door at the moment." Just as the lips left my mouth, I tripped over one of my larger suitcases. "Are you ok there Grace?" Niall's rushed, worried words could be heard from my phone that slid out of my hands while hitting the ground. I quickly scrambled to get it back. "Yes.Yes. I'm ok." I rushed my words in hope of him not disconnecting the phone. He's really the only person that I can talk to at the moment.

"Well, are you still dancing?" I laughed at Niall's ironic attempt to continue our conversation. "Of course I'm still dancing Niall. I just got back from a dancing academy." His irish laugh echoed throughout the phone, bursting my eardrum almost.

"Anyway, since you are dancing still, I wanted to know if you would except a job offer?" I was a little pushed back on the sudden question. I had only just got back fro a huge job, and I could already suspect what this one would be. "It depends, what kind of job offer are you offering?" Because of my play on words, I could hear Niall laughing once again. "Well, if you don't already know, the boys and I are about to leave for the Where We Are Tour soon, and production management has introduced the idea of dancers performing with us." Shocked wasn't even the word to explain how I felt at the moment. "Also, Lyndasy has sort of already put you up for the coreography position, and Simon has agreed because he sort of likes you, as he would say. Which is a great thing, trust me."

Of course! Lyndasy would volunteer me. "I don't really know about this Niall. It's all so sudden. I just got home, and plus, I haven't really spoke to the other guys for about two years now. Don't you think this is a little much?" Niall's sigh made me jump a little. Making people dissappointed hurts me. Niall is one of the happiest people I know, and I would hate to let hom down. "Please Grace, please! We need you right now! I need you, and so does Lyndasy. You wouldn't want to let her down, would you?" His comment threw me over and made me feel worse. "And if you are worries about telling your dance teacher, or whatever, Lyndasy already told her you were coming on tour with us. So basically if you want to dance, you need to be on this tour."

My thoughts were jumbled at this point, only leaving me with the releiving answer. "Fine Niall! Okay. I will go since you've already bullshitted me into it." We both laughed in unison over the phone. "Good! Now go in your room because Lyndasy is waiting in there with your plane ticket."

It didn't even take half a milisecond for me to take off running to my room. I shoved the door open just as I heard a squeal. "GRACE!" "LYNDASY!" We both tackeled each other at once, constriction bot of our last ounces of oxygen left in us. "I missed you so fucking much." Lyndasy said in my ear as she realeased me from our squeezing hug. "I missed you too you little bastard! Thanks for giving me a job before I even got settled in." I laughed as I nudged her in the shoulder. "What did you expect, me to leave you here and not see you for months. Not happening!"

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