Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


28. The Second War

*Three months later*

The Defense Association had learned many spells, curses, hexes, and charms. They also knew what the Death Eaters were planning.

Noting special happened. Until the end of the May.

Albus, Ally, and Eric had been disguised as Slytherins. Xavier had sent a message to the Death Eaters that there was going to be a war at Hogwarts three days after.

Albus had informed his father immediately. But they had to wait until the Death Eaters started the battle. They had to let everything go by the Death Eaters' plan, but come in and kill many Death Eaters.

Their goal was to kill as many Death Eaters as they could. They had to make the battle easier for them.

Finally, the day came. Albus, Ally, and Eric were very scared. Every member of the Defense Association was scared.

Ari Wobbles said, before the battle, 

"If I die, can someone tell my little brother that I will always be with him?" 

Ally said, "You're not going to die, Ari. Think positively."

Ari said, "I'm just being prepared. I might die." 

Sophie Johnson said, "We don't need to think that way, Ari. The battle's about to start. Let's get some positive spirit. This room is full of negative spirit right now." 

Eric said, "Sophie's right. We are all prepared, so there is no need to be scared about." 

Everyone nodded. Even though they were scared, they were sort of excited about the battle. It would be the first time to test what they learned." 

Finally, news came that Slytherins were attacking the Hufflepuff students. The Defense Association marched out of the World of Wonders. The Hufflepuffs went to the Hufflepuff Common Room and started fighting. 

The whole army spread out. But Albus, Ally, and Eric didn't get away from each other. Each student was to stay with at least one other student. Then the Ministry army came. 

After a while, the real Death Eaters came. The adult ones. The powerful ones. The skilled ones. 

And also, Xavier. 

Unlike Voldemort, Xavier participated in major battles. He also killed many people himself. Being killed by Voldemort was an honor, but being killed by Xavier wasn't. It was common. 

Albus, Eric, and Ally had managed to kill one adult Death Eater. Albus was desperate to find his father. He was afraid that his father may be killed or hurt. 

But his father was powerful.... Albus' mind was confused. 

Ally said, "We need to separate. It's not going to help if we stay together. Al, you and Eric can stay together. I'm going to help other people." 

Eric said, "Okay, Ally. Be careful." 

Albus and Eric raced off. They killed one Slytherin and two adult Death Eaters. 

Somehow, Albus and Eric got separated. Albus bumped into a door. He rubbed his head and said, 

"That hurt." 

Then, he pushed the door open. The door shut by itself. Albus looked around the room. 

He saw a huge chair and a hooded figure. It was obviously Xavier. 

Xavier stared at Albus. He made a sly smiled. 

"It's you.... A Potter.... Perfect....."

Albus raised his wand. He had to look strong. 

Xavier laughed. 

"Little boy, you can't win. Unless you think of a brilliant cheat." 

Albus said, "Why don't we duel fairly? Take off your hood first." 

Xavier said, "No, no, son.... We are not going to duel. We are going to play a game called Death Greets You. 

Albus asked, "What is that game?" 

Xavier said, "Oh, it is very simple. I use a spell or a curse. You die. That's how the game goes." 

Albus said, "I don't like it. Let's duel." 

Xavier said, "Fine... As you wish... You want to die fighting, Potter.... Too embarrassed to be killed by one spell.... Hoe Potter-like."

Albus said, "Whatever. Just TAKE OFF YOUR HOOD!" 

Xavier laughed, once more. 

"That is not available. That is not a choice that you have." 

Albus said, "Then I'll take it off myself." 

Albus was angry. He was going to take that stupid hood off of Xavier. 

Albus marched up to him. Before Xavier could do anything, he yanked the hood off. Xavier glared at him. 

Albus had a good look at him before Xavier yanked it back on his head. Albus gasped. 

Xavier was the most handsome man he had ever seen. He had divine blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and fair skin. 

Xavier looked outraged. He looked angry. 

"I'm going to kill you! Everyone that sees my face under the hood shall die..." 

Albus said, "I liked it! You're handsome! Why not show it?" 

Xavier said, making sure the hood was on properly, 

"It doesn't look evil enough."

It was true, but for Albus, it was impossible to understand. Why couldn't he just be like any other wizard? 

Albus said, "I won't tell anyone about your face under the hood. I promise. Can you please let me go?" 

Xavier said, "I don't do the promising thing. I don't like it." 

Albus said, "Then I swear. I swear I won't tell anyone about it." 

Xavier said, "I can't... It's too embarrassing." 

Albus said, pleadingly, "I won't tell anyone that we even met. You won't be embarrassed. I swear I'd keep it a secret." 

Xavier said, "I don't do secrets, Potter." 

Albus said, calmly, looking a bit relaxed, 

"Your life is full of secrets. But I know some of your secrets. If you let me go, I won't tell those secrets. It would be private." 

Xavier said, "No you don't.... You don't know anything." 

Albus said, "Hmm.... For example, your grandfather's Voldemort, a.k.a. Tom Riddle, Your father's name is Kyle Riddle and your mother's name is Hannah Clarkson, a Ravenclaw, blonde hair, green eyes, and rosy cheeks. Your name is Jack Rafael Riddle, and you look exactly like your mother. I know more about your father though..."

Xavier gasped. 

"How do you know all of this? This is unacceptable!" 

Albus said, "I just do, Jack.

Xavier glared at him. 

"I don't like that name." 

Albus said, "How surprising news. Just like your grandfather." 

Xavier glared at him, once more. 

Albus made a sly smile. 

"You're going to end up exactly like your grandfather. You are going to be killed if you keep acting like this. Cut it out. It's violent. It damages people's lives. It is awful!" 

Xavier shouted, "GO! Get out of my sight!" 

Albus said, "Thank you." 

Then, without another word, he left the room. 

Xavier soon ended the battle because many of his Death Eaters had died. But there were too many deaths in their side, too. 

Here are the list of people that died: 

Carlos Rehedis (6th year, Hufflepuff)

Anika Petrifi (2nd year, Hufflepuff) 

Anastasia Petrifi (2nd year, Hufflepuff)

Nicholas Mardite (5th year, Hufflepuff) 

Larry Obscale (4th year, Hufflepuff)

Joshua Rainie (1st year, Hufflepuff)

Julius Grifidis (7th year, Ravenclaw)

Nina Lezarte (3rd year, Ravenclaw)

Janie Rign (6th year, Ravenclaw)

Passie Knights (5th year, Ravenclaw)

Igor Ediskal (3rd year, Gryffindor)

Jonathan Amundsen (6th year, Gryffindor)

Jorge Fredica (4th year, Gryffindor)

Williana Haleson (1st year, Gryffindor)

Victoria Nelson (1st year, Gryffindor)

Henry Barbara (2nd year, Gryffindor)

Kai Mel (7th year, Gryffindor)

Ari Wobbles (2nd year, Gryffindor)

Marcus Idine (5th year, Gryffindor)

There were ten ministry workers, too. Jackson Lezarte (Nina Lezarte's father), Maxwell Cachifi, Cornelius Alexander, Lexander Nichole, Chloe Coleman, Cole Miderrett, and four other people. Many people had died.  

But the Death Eaters' dead bodies made them smile. 

Albus was shocked when he saw Ari's dead body. Ally started crying. Eric didn't budge. 

Ally said, "What would happen to Ari's brother, Luke? Oh... This is terrible." 

Albus asked, "What about her parents?" 

Ally said, "Ari's mother died giving birth to Luke. Ari was seven. Ari's father died in a car accident three months later because he couldn't stand not having Ari's mother in the house. Ari lived with her brother at her aunt's house. But her aunt was very busy, so Ari had to take care of Luke. But Ari's aunt died. They lived at the same house, but a babysitter came every day. But it was different. Ari basically raised Luke. Now Luke's all alone..." 

Eric asked, "How do you know all of this?" 

Ally said, "Ari and I are close friends, you know. I am more interested in other people's lives than you guys." 

Albus said, "Whatever... Anyway, we need to tell her brother, Luke, the message that she left. Where does Luke live?" 

Ally said, "I'll visit him. We live really close to each other... Luke would be so depressed... He cried so much when Ari entered Hogwarts...." 

Eric said, "I wish we could help him..." 

Ally said, "He'll probably go to an orphanage. Let's hope that he gets adopted by a good family..." 

Albus said, "Yeah, I do hope... He deserves more." 

The year was just about over. Only a couple of weeks were left. Albus hoped that no other year would be like that one. It was his first and worst one, he hoped. 

Eric said he couldn't wait until he returned home. Albus and Ally felt the same, too. But still, a couple of weeks were left. 

They had to have a funeral for the dead students and try to decide what to do with the left-over Slytherins. Thirty-two of them had died, but there were still quite left. 

*A week later*

"We are here to think about those who have died in the third Battle of Hogwarts." 

McGonagall was looking dreary as she said those words. Then, she read all the names of all the people that died. 

They thought about those who have died a lot of times during the funeral ceremony. 

They teachers and the Ministry still hadn't decided what to do with  the Slytherins. It was most likely they would stay though. 

They obviously thought Xavier threaten them to do those things. But Albus knew it was not true. The Slytherins had evil blood in their veins. But he also knew that grownups were different. 

*Another week later*

Albus was off the Hogwarts Express. He looked around for his family. Then, he saw his father, mother, and Lily. James was already there, too. Albus ran to them. He hugged Lily, his father, and his mother. But he did not hug James. 

He had enough of his disgusting, irritating, and annoying brother... 

                                                   END OF YEAR ONE 

Hey everyone, this is Alicia. The book is NOT over. It is just done with a single part. I would continue on... Now I'll get into year 2! Thank you all for everyone for reading this story and liking. It means so much to me!!! Please keep reading! 

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