Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


32. The Key and the Chest

Albus and the other Gryffindor chosen ones were trying to find a place that would make a fort. Then, Janie Nigel, the fourth year Gryffindor chosen one, found a huge hollow tree. It was perfect. 

In their hideout, they settled in. It was very comfortable. 

Jonathan Brooks said, "What we need to do is just get people out. Then, we'll find the key and the chest. I think it will be easier that way." 

Ana Roberts said, "But we have to have some people looking for the chest and they key." 

Jonathan said, "Only one or two." 

Ana rolled her eyes. 


Jonathan said, "So the people looking for the key and the chest would be-" 

He looked around. 

"Janie Nigel and Ana Roberts." 

Ana didn't seem so happy that she was one of the key and chest lookers. But since it was her idea, she couldn't argue. 

Janie looked fine about it. She loved looking for things. The rest went out. 

Larry Gorgio, the third year chosen one for Gryffindor, started to speak as soon as they were out of their secret hideout. 

"Where do you think they are? Would they be hiding or looking for the key and the chest?" 

Albus said, "I think the Slytherins would be looking for people. They would just want to get everyone out. I'm pretty sure their last target is us." 

Peter Frederic, the sixth year chosen one for Gryffindor, asked, 

"How come? Wouldn't they want to get rid of us first?" 

Albus shook his head. 

"They probably want the battle between them and us have more attention than anything. If we battle now, they won't have that much attention because the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are still out there and have to be on T.V. too. I think their last target is us." 

Larry, Peter, Jonathan, and Kara Marie (the first year) nodded. 

Peter said, "I think I know where the Hufflepuffs are." 

Kara Marie asked, "Where?" 

Jonathan looked around. So did Albus. 

Peter said, "There is a yellow string here. I think someone's coat has a loose string. We should follow where the string leads us. We might find them." 

Albus nodded. Peter was good at this! 

They followed the string. The area there was covered with trees. There were more trees than any part in the forest. Through the thick trees, Albus could see people. The Hufflepuffs. 

Peter smiled. 

He whispered, "We are in the right place!" 

Jonathan gave him a thumbs up. 

He whispered, "We'll slowly walk up to them and get each of them out quietly. Since the trees here are so big, they might not notice that we are here! Make sure that you are ripping the name tags off slowly. Once their name tags are off, they can't speak. After five minutes, people come to get them. So we need to do everything within five minutes." 

Kara Marie said, "I call the first year one!" 

They all crept to a different tree. Albus's target was Alejandro Garcia, the chosen one for the fourth year. He was from Mexico. 

Albus went close to Alejandro. He was talking. He waited until Alejandro stopped talking. If he ripped his name tag off now, Alejandro would suddenly stop talking. Then everyone would suspect. 

After a while, Alejandro stopped talking. Albus covered himself with leaves. Especially his hands. Albus reached out and slowly ripped Alejandro's name tag off. He didn't seem to notice. Albus grabbed the name tag and slowly walked away. 

A couple of people had ripped the name tags off. Kara Marie and Peter were waiting for them. 

Albus whispered, "I have Alejandro's name tag!" 

Kara Marie had Leslie Garrett, the first year Hufflepuff chosen one's name tag and Peter had Alexander Fritz's name tag. 

A minute later, Larry came back with two name tags. 

He said, "I got Josh and Patty. Second year and fifth year." 

He high-fived with them .Two name tags! How awesome! And now if Jonathan only succeeded...

But the people came too early. Before Jonathan was done with his job, the people took the students who were out away. The one kid that didn't get his name tag ripped realized that almost everyone was out. And that he was about to get out, too. 

He ran away. 

Jonathan came back, looking weary. He had one name tag in his hand. 

Everyone asked, "Who is the one that got away?"

Jonathan said, "Sterling Jannett. The fourth year one." 

Everyone groaned. Sterling Jannet was one of the trickiest students to get while playing hide and seek or other games. She was a genius in games. 

Albus said, "We'll go on with Ravenclaw." 

Everyone nodded. Larry almost threw his name tags away when Albus stopped him. 

He said, "Larry, those name tags may be important. We need to keep them." 

Albus told that to the whole team. They all agreed about that. 

As they walked through the forest, they made sure that there weren't any Slytherins around. They also looked around for the chest and the key. 

Then, they heard footsteps coming. Albus spun around. It was Ana and Janie. They were holding something. 

Larry asked, "What do you guys have?" 

Ana said, "We have it! The chest!" 

They crowded around Ana and Janie. Ana had the chest. 

"The chest is precious. I ripped the name tag off a Ravenclaw and got the chest. She had the chest." 

Larry asked, "Who did you take the name tag off of?" 

Ana said, "Jennifer Lotus. Fourth year." 

Everyone said, "Nice!" 

Ana waved the name tag. 

Janie said, "Let's see the chest." 

There was a little piece of paper attached to the box. 

It said: 

The key to open the chest is to get 21 name tags. Then, place the name tags on top of the box. Then the box shall open. 

They all stared at each other. So they had to have all of the other people's name tags except theirs.

Larry said, "We'll separate. Into groups. We will never finish if we keep doing like this." 

Albus nodded. Many other people did. 

Jonathan said, "We'll divide into two groups. And the chest has to be hidden." 

They hid it near their hideout and set off. 

Albus wished that he was never picked.  

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