Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


5. The First Attack

Albus hated how people kept asking him how he knew how to fly so amazingly. Ally and Eric told him that it would stop after a while. But it didn't until a couple of weeks had passed. Unlike James, who was a troublemaker, Albus was a calm, and hard-working boy. People said that some part of James reminded them of their father, but, people said that James was another version of Fred and George Weasley, his uncles. Albus wondered how Uncle Fred would've been like. Would he have been the same as Uncle George? He wanted to know. But Uncle Fred was in a place that his grandparents, Teddy's parents, and where the great wizard named Albus Dumbledore was.

They were all in a place that Albus couldn't talk to them until the time had came for him.

Albus had woken up late. He was running to his first class, Transfiguration, when he saw James walking towards him.

James said, "Why aren't you in the Great Hall Al? Everyone else is. McGonagall looked very nervous."

Albus said, "Then why aren't you in the Great Hall?"

James said, rather looking gloomy, "I.. think it would be better for me not to go."

Albus asked, "But why?"

James didn't answer. Then he walked away.

Albus thought, 'weird.'

But he ran to the Great Hall.

When he arrived at the Great Hall, he saw that all of the students were there. Albus quickly sat next to Ally and Eric and he spotted his father at the staff table. He looked very serious. All the staff looked serious. When Albus sat down, McGonagall began talking.

"Today, I have news for all students. We all don't know how it all happened. We teachers, are trying our best to know how it happened."

Then she sighed, then continued. "As some students may know, Dominique Weasley was found dead, in the Quidditch fields. We're assuming that she had been fallen off her broom-"

But McGonagall was interrupted by Derrick Parkinson.

He shouted, "Dominique Weasley was murdered! And I'm sure that James Potter is the one who killed her! He was running away from the Quidditch field! I'm sure it's him!"

Albus gasped. That couldn't be true. He was sad enough to believe that his cousin, Dominique was dead, but how could James murder her? James simply loved Dominique.

Then he saw Louis pop up. He was a third-year, like James.

Louis said, "James didn't kill Dominique! I know he didn't. I'm his sister. And I know James. His favorite female cousin was Dominique. He always loved her. That just can't be true."

Louis's eyes were puffy and tears were everywhere around his face.

Then Albus saw his father slowly stand up.

"As I always told my children, I've always been accused of these things. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened, many students had nearly faced death. Everyone said that it was me that opened the Chamber of Secrets. In the Triwizard Tournament, I never put my name in the Goblet of Fire to enter the tournament. I wasn't old enough and I didn't want any more fame. But people never understood me. I know my son. He may be a bit out of control and wild, but, he won't kill anyone. I do believe that Dominique Weasley was killed by a killing curse. James can't do one. He's too young. Does anyone have anything more to say?"

Albus stared at his dad. Would he ever even manage to be half of him? He thought that he would never become like his father.

Then he saw a trembling hand shoot up in the air. Albus looked to see who had raised the hand. He gasped. It was Rose, his cousin.

She said, her voice trembling, "I saw the person do it. He was a hooded figure. Only his hand was visible. I think the person is in their twenties. There wasn't any wrinkles. Then I saw the green light, and Dominique was dead."

Then she started crying. McGonagall started speaking.

"We are trying to find out what happened to Dominique. Also, there will be more protection around the school. So you mustn't worry! I want the Potter family and the Weasley family to stay, but, the rest are dismissed."

Ally said, "We'll wait for you at the common room."

Albus waited. When everyone had left, he saw Rose, Louis, Victoire, Fred, Roxanne, Molly, and Lucy. But James was no where in sight. Albus's father stood up and started walking towards them. McGonagall followed him.

Then his father said, "Let's go."

The children didn't know what was happening, but, they followed. When they arrived at Hospital Wing, they saw a lot of people.

Albus saw Uncle George, Uncle Ron, Aunt Angelina, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Percy, Aunt Audrey, and then he saw Aunt Fleur crying like it was the end of the world and Uncle Bill who was very teary and miserable. Then he saw his mother. Albus went to her.

She, too, was crying.

She said, "Al, Dominique is-"

Albus said, as tears rolled down his cheeks, "I know. We heard about it from McGonagall."

Victoire jumped into her mother's arms and said, "Mom!! Dad! What would we do?"

Uncle Bill said, "Calm down, Victoire. We all miss her..."

Tears were rolling down on his face, too. Then Albus finally saw Dominique's body. She had her eyes closed and her face was pale white. She looked like her normal self. But it was just that she was dead.

Albus met his father's eye. His father looked very serious. He was thinking.

Then he turned to the other adults and said, "What if it was Voldemort? What if he's returning?"

The children looked pale and the adults shook their head wildly.

Aunt Hermione said, "Harry! We destroyed all the horcuxes and you killed him!"

Albus's father said, "What if he had a son or grandson or something? What if-"

But his father stopped when he met his wife's eyes.

Albus said, "I think Dad's right. It might've happened."

His mother said, "Albus, let's just say that it's an accident. Please, I want to think positively..."

Then she glanced at Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill. Then Albus finally noticed Lily, who had came with his mother. Lily's eyes were puffed up and she looked like she had been crying for hours. Then, Al's grandma and grandpa came bursting in. Gram looked like she had been crying for hours, too.

She said, "Oh, Bill! Are you all right?"

Uncle Bill said, "I'm fine.."

But he didn't look fine.

They kept crying and crying. But Albus thought, 'What if Voldemort's grandson or son returned?'



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