Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


18. Quidditch is for Big Kids

Albus was shocked of how Kyle Riddle was a nice boy. He was confident that Kyle Riddle had only looked like his father.

Albus tried to close the book when Eric stopped him.

"We need to find out more. Right now."
Albus rolled his eyes and opened the book again.

Chap. 4. Harry

Life changed around the house when Harry was born. James and Lily became distracted in taking care of Harry, so, sometimes, they forgot that I was even there. It became very annoying.

One day, I wanted revenge. When James had went to Diagon Alley, he was supposed to buy me a toy wand, but, he came back with a toy broom and a mobile for Harry.

I was angry. So when Lily and James weren't near Harry, I opened Harry's crib and hit him on the forehead really hard.

Harry woke up. He began crying like crazy.

I was such in a hurry, I forgot to close the door of the crib.

Harry fell out of the crib.

Lily and James ran to Harry. They found Harry crying on the floor.

James picked him up.

Lily had tears in her eyes.

James whispered, "Are you okay Harry?"

He touched Harry's left arm.

Harry started wailing.

Lily turned to me.

She looked angry.

James finally noticed what happened, too.

James said, "Seriously Kyle? Why did you do that? Harry's only a baby. His arm might never recover."

Then he and Lily aparated to St. Mungo's.

I was left alone in the house.

I felt angry. Just because I wasn't their real child didn't mean that they had to be so mean to me. I wanted to be treated equally as Harry.

After about three hours, James came back, still looking crossed.

He told me that Harry had broken his left arm, sprained his right ankle, and broke his right pinky.

He also told me that I would be staying at the Weasleys'.

I packed up my stuff and within an hour, I was ready to go. We aparated to a shabby looking house.

A red-haired plumb woman greeted us.
"Hello, James. So this is Kyle?"

James nodded.

The plumb woman was carrying a baby.

I didn't like it.

But James left immediately.

When I went inside, I found more children.

Two teenagers, a boring looking boy, and a pair of twins were there.

They were all red-headed and they were all boys.

And clearly, Mrs. Weasley was pregnant.

I dreaded my days at the Weasleys'. There was always not enough money to do anything and Fred and George, the twins, were so annoying.

Albus closed the book immediately.

Ally and Eric started complaining.

Albus said, "We have to stop reading it for today. Let's watch Quidditch Tryouts."

Ally rolled her eyes.

"Albus, it's obvious that you want to try out for the Quidditch Team. Do me a favor and please do."

Albus knew that Ally was right. He did want to try out.

He, Ally, and Eric ran outside.

Quidditch tryouts were being held.

The captain, Luke Bowen, was trying out Keepers.

Leigh Iraque became the keeper. James and Ari Ellingson became the beaters.

Albus wanted to be a chaser.

When he was about to mount his broom, Luke stopped him.

"Hey kid, you're too young. Come back next year."

Albus looked angrily at Luke.

"Does it matter?"

Luke nodded.

Albus stormed away. He hated Luke. How unfair was that? But Luke didn't know a thing about his skills.

Luke said, "Hey, kid! You can come back next year!"

Albus shook his head wildly. He had his own plans.

When they were at the Gryffindor Common Room, he made an announcement to Ally and Eric.

"I'm going to build up an army like Dumbledore's Army. We need to be prepared for Xavier. But the different thing from Dumbledore's Army is that everyone gets to teach. We are all going to share all the things that we know. It would help. Then I'm going to create a Quidditch Team. A new one."

Ally said, "Ooh, I think it's terrific! We can use the Room of Requirement for it!"

Eric said, "Ally, the Room of Requirement was burnt! We can't use it again. The power is broken. And everyone knows about it."

Albus said, "I don't want anyone to know, though. Only the students. I don't know about my dad and Ally's dad, but, the other adults would stop us from doing it."

Albus said, "I know, Eric. We can use the Door to the World of Wonders."

Eric said, "Say what now?"

Albus said, smiling, "In the place near where the Room of Requirement was, there is an invisible door. To find it, you need to really stare at the wall. Then you'll find it. Then just open the door, thinking, of something you want. A world that you want will appear."

Ally said, "Awesome! Let's gather the members!"

But Eric looked more confused.

"Ding dong! Anyone can go in, then! It will end up like Dumbledore's Army!"

Albus looked at Eric, frustrated.

"You're the stupid one! Magic! You muggle!"

Eric looked outraged.

"I'm not a muggle!"

Albus said, "You're acting like one!"

Ally tried to calm them down.

"Albus, Eric! Stop! You guys are only wasting time right now!"

But they were all still crossed.



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