Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


29. Once Again, the Hogwarts Express

Albus glanced annoyingly at the people staring at his family. As always. The Potters, the famous people. 

Lily looked more annoyed than ever. She wanted to go to Hogwarts than ever. Albus didn't understand. Lily didn't understand what kind of place Hogwarts was. 

After one year, Lily would be entering the war school. Hogwarts. 

Ginny kissed Albus and said, 

"Please don't get into trouble, Al. I don't want you to get hurt or die." 

Harry said, "Don't worry so much, Ginny. If Albus survived the war, he would survive this year." 

Albus said, "Dad, will the Slytherins still be there this year?" 

Harry stroked Albus. He gave him a sad smile. 

"Apparently yes, Albus. The school government still thinks that Xavier had put an Imperious Curse on the students." 

Albus stomped his foot, highly annoyed. 

"But they're not! I know they aren't! I can prove it!" 
Harry said, "Al, the school governors don't want to deal with all the trouble. They think they have enough trouble to deal with."

Ginny said, "Al, the school governors aren't the type that cares the most about the school. That's why I don't want you to get in trouble. The school governors aren't eager to help us. They might be afraid that Xavier would kill them or it is just because they don't want to work." 

Albus knew arguing with his mother wouldn't work. It would be endless. But it was more likely that his mother would win. 

James shouted, "Bye Mom and Dad!" 

Suddenly, Harry and Ginny's attention changed to James. 

"Stay out of trouble James! Please stay safe!" 

James waved and walked into the Hogwarts Express. 

Harry turned to Albus and said, "You better go into the Hogwarts Express, too, Al. You don't want to miss it!" 

Albus waved to his parents and walked into the Hogwarts Express. Ally and Eric were already in a compartment. 

Ally said, "Where were you, Al? I was afraid you didn't come." 

Albus murmured, "Just arguing with my mom."

Eric said, "Why? You don't usually argue with her, do you?" 

Albus said, "Many things, Eric. It's too hard to explain and I don't want to talk about it."

They stopped talking for a while. Ally started reading a book. Eric was staring out the window. 

Albus was still mad at his mother. She never agreed with him. 

Ally finally spoke up. 

"What are happening to the Slytherins?" 

Albus said, "Don't talk about it." 

Ally said, "Oh." 

Eric stopped staring outside the window. 

"We're arriving at Hogwarts, soon." 

Ally stood up and said, "I'm going to change." 

After about thirty minutes, they were at Hogwarts. Albus was still mad at his mother. He was crossed. 

As they walked into the Great Hall, Albus realized things were different. The decorations were different. The tables looked different. 

But no one but McGonagall and the staff knew what was happening. 

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