Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


26. Lord Xavier's Command

Albus and his friends were in the Closet of Presents. They were in the room where the book about Kyle Riddle was being kept. 

Ally was reading the book briefly. Eric was doing his homework. Albus was trying to figure out who they were going to be when they use their polyjuice potion plan. 

Ally said, after a while, 

"I read basically all of it. The front part isn't important. Only the last three chapters or so are." 

Eric asked, "How come?" 

Ally said, "The last three chapters are about his marriage and son. His son who is Xavier! And I found out what his real name is." 

Albus asked, "First, who's the wife?" 

Ally said, "Her name is Hannah Clarkson. According to Kyle Riddle, she was in Ravenclaw, was very smart, talented in Quidditch, and pretty. She has blonde hair, bright green eyes, and rosy cheeks."

Eric said, "So the wife isn't a Slytherin. What about the son?" 

Ally said, "His name is Jack Rafael Riddle. In this book, it says that he looked exactly like his mother. Blonde hair, bright green eyes, and rosy cheeks." 

Albus said, "Then he didn't get any features of his father... right?' 

Ally shook her head. 

"The personality. Blood. Those things must be Kyle Riddle's stuff since he looked most like his mother." 

Albus had to admit, Ally was right. That's what happened most. That meant that this Jack Riddle would be like Voldemort or something. 

Ally said, "I have a picture of Jack Riddle. There are about five pictures of him in the book." 

Eric and Albus opened the book immediately, trying to find the pictures. Ally helped them find them. 

Jack Riddle had golden hair that sparkled in the sunlight, and eyes greener than the rain forest trees. He was so adorable. 

Albus said, "We are going to use polyjuice potion to turn into a Death Eater. Today. Let's go." 

They didn't even argue. They hid the book quickly and took some polyjuice potion. 

Ally said, "I got the hairs. We will turn into Robert Karkoff, Patrica Rehedis, and Henry Barb. They all loyal Death Eaters. Now, we only need to stun them." 

Eric said, "It would be easier because of the Marauder's Map." 

Harry had given Albus the map to keep in track of the Slytherins. It would be then easier to track down where they were. 

But Albus knew that his father loved the map. He had to try his best to not loose it.

Albus tried to find the Slytherins that they were looking for. They always moved around together. 

They were right. Karkoff, Rehedis, and Barb were totally together. No other Slytherin was near them. 

They were in the library. Albus, Eric, and Ally ran to the library. In the library, they found the three Slytherins doing their homework. Ally petrified all of them. 

Then, they shoved them into a sack that had the undetectable extension charm on it. They went back to the Closet of Presents and drank the polyjuice potion. 

Albus became Robert Karkoff, Eric turned into Henry Barb, and Ally turned into Patrica Rehedis. 

They checked the Marauders Map to see where the Slytherins were. They were in the Great Hall. Albus hid the map in one of his pockets and they all ran to the Great Hall. 

There, they spotted a group of Slytherins. 

Albus, Eric, and Ally walked toward them. Marielle Printiss noticed them first. 

"Hey, Robert! Are you guys done with your homework?" 

Albus nodded. "Yup. Let's go to the Slytherin Dungeons." 

Marielle said, "That's what we are about to do! The Dark Lord sent us a letter. Karla has it." 

Karla Tet was holding an envelope. Ally and Eric looked afraid. What does Xavier want to say to the Slytherins? 

When they arrived at the Common Room, Karla Tet cleared her throat loudly. 

"Fellow Death Eaters, the Dark Lord had sent us a letter. I think that it would be a command. Please listen." 

All the Slytherins were staring at the letter, then Karla. 

Karla read the letter. 

"My Death Eaters, You have made terrible progress. How could you loose at the battle? I am ashamed and disappointed. But I shall forgive those who kill one Hufflepuff, one Gryffindor, and one Ravenclaw. Whoever kills a Weasley or a Potter shall get extra points. But I have a command. You shall have to kill at least one Hogwarts students. If you don't, you shall be killed." 

Lexie Yale said, "We got the command. Let's send a message to the Dark Lord that we shall try our best to do as he says."

Ally, Eric, and Albus were scared. The Slytherins were trying to kill off all of the Hogwarts students except them. They had to send the message to the teachers and Albus's father, Harry. 

They sneaked out and went back into the Closet of Presents. They released the real Robert Karkoff, Patrica Rehedis, and Henry Barb. Then Albus called his father. 

Harry appeared in the Closet of Presents at once. 

Albus said, "Dad, we used the polyjuice potion and found out that Xavier sent out a serious command." 

Harry said, "What is it?" 

Ally answered, "They are trying to kill off all of the Hogwarts students. But the Potters and Weasleys are in more danger than anyone." 

Harry said, "Of course. I'll tell the Hogwarts staff except Korkis. I'll inform the Ministry workers, too. Don't worry, Al. We'll stop them." 

Eric said, "Xavier is like the second Voldemort. I know he is, but Xavier looks more powerful." 

Harry said, "Unlike Voldemort, Xavier put Death Eaters inside Hogwarts as well as outside of Hogwarts. I'm afraid that he might be harder to defeat than Voldemort." 

Albus had to agree. His father was right. Xavier had more Death Eaters than Voldemort. More Death Eaters meant more murderers. 

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