Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


4. Chap. 4 The Flying Lesson

Eric had already woken up by the time Albus came in. He stared at him. He said, “Where have you been Al?” Albus told Eric that he just met his father. But he didn’t tell Eric about how Hogwarts was in danger. He didn’t want to frighten Eric. Eric was already dressed. Ally was at the Great Hall eating breakfast. After they ate breakfast, they had Double Potions with the Slytherins. Potions was taught by Professor Haley, a very handsome young man. He was very friendly and nice.

After they had Double Potions with the Slytherins, they had their first Flying Lesson. The Flying Lessons were taught by Oliver Wood, who used to play Keeper in Puddlemore United. Wood said, “Hi everyone. My name is Oliver Wood. I used to play for Puddlemore United. I was a Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. My position was Keeper. Please call me Oliver, please. I really do hate it when people call me Mr. Wood or Professor Wood.” Then he said, “Please go beside a broomstick and say up!”

Ally, Eric, and Albus went to the first three broomsticks and stood beside them. Right in front of Albus, Derrick Parkinson was sniggering. Right next to Derrick Parkinson, Scorpious Malfoy, and Salazar Goyle was sniggering, too. Derrick Parkinson spoke up first. “I guess your dear father and your blood traitor mother decided to name you after the worst headmaster that Hogwarts ever had! But how dare he name you after the great Severus Snape? Perhaps he hoped that that would get you points from Slytherin teachers?!” Albus said firmly, “Albus Dumbledore was the best headmaster that Hogwarts ever had! My father, mother, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron and George, and other members of my family always assured me! And you don’t know what really happened. Severus Snape was on Dumbledore’s side! You don’t understand anything! And my mother isn’t a blood traitor!”
  Salazar Goyle, who was a girl, spoke up, too. “You don’t have the right to speak like that to my boyfriend Derrick!” Ally said, “Oh is he? What did you give him for his birthday? Perhaps Voldemort’s bones or his gravestone? Or did you just kill someone and give him the body of it?” Parkinson said, “My dear girlfriend Sally gave me a book for my birthday! Shut up!” Goyle, who looked irritated said, “Scorpious! Speak up! Did your dear father tell you that Potter was any good?” Scorpious became anxious. His father had always told him to not fight with the Potter children. He quietly said, “He never talks about them.”

Eric said, “Yeah right. It was Harry Potter who saved your father and your grandparents from going to Azkaban! It was Al’s father that rescued your father from a cursed fire! It was Harry Potter and Ron Weasley who saved him from a Death Eater!” Parkinson shouted, “Harry Potter was showing off!” Then Oliver came to them. “What’s happening here? Everyone’s trying to get there brooms up!” Ally said, “Oliver, Derrick Parkinson and Salazar Goyle was insulting Al’s parents.” Oliver asked, “Did Mr. Malfoy do it, too?” Ally shook her head. Oliver looked quite mad at Parkinson and Goyle. He said, “I don’t want to hear any excuses Mr. Parkinson and Miss Goyle. Twenty points from Slytherin and you both would have detention on Friday and Saturday evening.”

Derrick Parkinson and Salazar Goyle took their broomsticks and went to another spot without a word. Scorpious just stayed there. He stared at Albus. Then he said, “My father told me not to fight with you.” Eric said, “Why?” Scorpious stared at his broom and said, “He said that it is foolish to hate you so much. He himself said that he regretted that he had been so mean to your father, Albus.” Albus said, “Oh.” Then their attention went back to their first flying lesson. Ally and Eric were already trying. Albus simply said, “Up.” The broom went directly to his hands. Oliver clapped. Then he blew his whistle and said, “Everyone! We have our first successor! Albus made it in his first go! I give ten points to Gryffindor!”

Parkinson and Goyle ignored Wood. Finally, when everyone got their brooms in their hands, Oliver said, “Hop on your brooms and start hovering ahead for about a few inches. No more than few inches though. I don’t want people getting hurt.” But it was hard to get off the ground. Albus had managed to do it on his second try and Scorpious did it in his seventh try but no one else seemed to be able to do it. Wood cleared his throat and said, “Everyone, please let go of your brooms.” Then when Albus was about to let go of his, Wood stopped him. “Now not you Albus.” Then he turned to Scorpious. “You too Scorpious.” Albus and Scorpious stared at Wood.

When everyone except Albus and Scorpious was standing firmly without a broomstick, Wood spoke up. He said, “Every time I teach double flying lessons, I use the second part of the class as a fun time. I pick two of the students that did the best and do a little competition. For the first years, I put out a flying golf ball. If someone is even able to manage to catch it, they win. I never even saw a person win actually. No one of course is that good at flying. But it is very fun. Now, everyone, you can relax. Wood flicked his wand. A huge tree appeared. He said, “Everyone can sit under the tree.” Then he said, “Perhaps some supporting signs, too?”

Suddenly, to the people who supported Albus got signs that said Go Gryffindor! Dwell the Brave! Go Albus Potter! And to the people who supported Scorpious got signs that said Go Slytherin! Don’t make us ashamed! Go Scorpious Malfoy! Eric asked Ally, “How does Wood know who we are really supporting?” Ally said, “Magic of course.” Rose Weasley was caught holding a sign that supported Scorpious. It turned out that she had a crush on Scorpious. And Wendy Lassen was caught holding a sign that supported Albus. It was a fun moment.

When everyone had their signs, Wood let the enchanted a golf ball and let Scorpious and Albus mount their brooms. Then he said, “Ready, set, go!” Albus rose up into the air. He tried to find the golf ball. Scorpious was already flying around. Then Albus saw the little ball. He flew for it. Scorpious followed him. But after about five minutes, he had already caught it. Wood, who was drinking a glass of water, dropped the glass cup. Everyone that was supporting Albus and Scorpious didn’t say anything. Then finally, Ally and Eric shouted, “ALBUS WON! POTTER! POTTER! POTTER!” Then everyone else started chanting, too.

Wood said, “Never since I saw Al’s dad, Harry, saw a brilliant flier. Must have gotten his father and mother’s quidditch skills.” Scorpious and Albus shook hands. Wood shouted, “FIFTY POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR! And of course, since Scorpious did fly well, twenty points for Slytherin.” After the flying lesson, Albus became extra popular. Even James said, “Heard about what happened in Flying Class. Join the Quidditch Team. I’m a beater.” Albus said uneasily, “I don’t know.”   

Albus really wanted to join the Quidditch team. He wanted to be a chaser. But what if they had lost because of him? He had to think about it.     

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