Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


2. Chap. 2 James’s Note

Eric woke Albus up. He said, “Oi. Wake up! You don’t want to miss breakfast!” Albus grinned. “’Course I don’t. I’m starving!” Max and William were best friends. They had already gone out for breakfast. Eric and Albus quickly got dressed up and went to the Great Hall. Albus and Eric found Ally eating breakfast while reading another book. Albus and Eric ran towards her. Ally looked up at them and said, “Did you have a good night sleep?” They both nodded. Ally said, “I went to see if Alex was okay. Madam Pomfrey said that St. Mungo’s would be the best for Alex, but, my parents don’t want that.”

Albus asked, “What about Andrew?” Ally said, “Well, He’s too young to be at Hogwarts, but, Mum and Dad both have to go to work. And it’s too dangerous to leave him and Alex alone at home. So Mum and Dad begged Professor McGonagall to make a special program that can look after Andrew and Alex. But since Alex got tortured, he has to stay at the Hospital Wing. Eric was already chewing on a piece of toast. “What is the program?” Ally said, “Oh, it’s just a simple program. Professor McGonagall hired two new teachers for the program. They are Professor Zachary Willy and Professor Madison Highs. They will teach the kids in the program how to control their magic and behave. But mostly, it’s like day care in the muggle world.”

Eric asked, “What the heck is day care?” Ally answered, “It’s a place that takes care of young kids.” Albus asked another question, “Don’t they go to muggle school before they come to Hogwarts?” Ally shook her head. “That’s only for muggle-borns or for people who used to live with muggles. Some parents think that sending their children to muggle school before going to Hogwarts would help them understand more about the muggle world. But my parents think that we don’t need to go to muggle schools.” Albus had to go to a muggle school. His father thought that it would help him act natural to muggle adults when he grows up.

Ally and Albus started eating breakfast. Then Albus saw a boy rushing towards him. He looked like a first year, too. When the boy reached Albus and his friends, he stopped to catch his breath. Then he gave a letter to Albus. Albus looked puzzled but said, “Thanks.” The boy said, “Hi, you must be Albus Potter. My name is Robert Conte. I’m supposed to give this letter to Alicia Keyes.” Then the boy sped out of the Great Hall. Ally looked puzzled. She said, “I wonder what this letter says.” She opened the letter. She stared at it with puzzlement for a while and shouted, “NO WAY! I’m gonna take care of this problem MYSELF!”

Albus stopped eating. Eric almost choked on his sausages. Albus looked at Ally and asked her, “What’s the matter Ally?” Ally frowned and said, “Read it yourself.” Albus got the letter from her and started reading it. It said: Dear Alicia Keyes, Will you please come to me to the next Hogsmeade trip? Please! I am very popular, fun, cool, and handsome. Please don’t play with little loser Albus. Please give me an answer. Love, James Potter.

Albus was so embarrassed and mad. How can James do this? Did James really like Ally or was this a joke? Ally said, “Is this James Potter your brother?” Albus said, “Look Ally, I really don’t like my brother. It’s not my fault that I have the weirdest brother in the whole world! And it’s not my fault that he’s a jerk! He’s in his third year and he is just overexcited. He can’t wait to go to Hogsmeade. Just ignore it. Please. I really do hate him.” Ally said, “I got two of these yesterday. I can’t stand him. He’s a big jerk! Will you tell him to stop?!” Albus looked down at the ground and said, “Like that would work.”

Ally said, “I’ll write him a letter this time. I can’t stand him!” Eric said, “What does the letter say anyway?” Ally told Albus, “Show him the letter.” But when Eric read the letter, he didn’t look shocked at all. He looked amazed. “Ally! James Potter a very popular boy! You should be glad and happy! My sister Ellie loves James!” Ally snapped, “And I hate him!” She took her napkin and her quill. Then she started scribbling on it. Then she said to Albus, “How does it look?” Albus carefully took it and started reading it. It said: Dear James Potter, I hate you. You are such a jerk. And Albus is way better than YOU! Just forget about it. And you know that first years aren’t allowed to go to Hogsmeade! Just shut up! You are such a bragger. You are nothing but a big fat jerk! –Alicia.

Albus laughed. “That would do for James. I’m going to write one to James, too.” He took out his napkin, too, and asked Ally, “Can I please borrow your quill?” Alley nodded and gave him her quill. Albus wrote: James I read your letter to Ally! Haha. You are in LOVE! By the way, I’m taking the letter you wrote to Ally and I’m going to send it to Dad. You are in so trouble! –Albus

Eric said, “Can I write one to him, too, that Ellie loves him?” Albus nodded. Eric scribbled something on his napkin and gave it to Albus. It said: James, I’m just letting you know that my sister, Ellie Alston loves you. Try her! I’m telling you that you will 100% succeed. –Eric Alston. Albus laughed and said, “That’s awesome Eric!” Albus took out his wand and pointed at the letters. Then he said, “Wingardium Leviosa!” The letters started levitating. Albus said, “They should crash on James’s head.” They all laughed and went back to breakfast.

When they finished with their breakfast, their house head teacher, Professor Longbottom, told all the students to come to his classroom. He called each of them by name and started giving them their schedules. Eric was the first person. It took him about five minutes before he came out. He sat down next to Ally and Albus because it would take quite a time before Professor Longbottom would call Ally and Albus’s names. Eric showed them his schedule. They were talking about their families when Professor Longbottom called out, “Keyes, Alicia!” Alley went inside Professor Longbottom’s office. Then she came back quickly.

They continued talking about their families until Professor Longbottom called, “Potter, Albus.” Albus went inside his office. Professor Longbottom greeted him first. “Had a nice summer, Albus?” Albus nodded. “Now Albus, you will be taking Potions, Defense against Dark Arts, Transfiguration, herbology, charms, Astronomy, History of Magic, and Flying Lessons. Here is your schedule.” Albus went outside with his schedule. All three of them had the same schedule.

After all of the students had their schedules, they had to go to their classes. Eric read his schedule and said, “Since today’s Wednesday, we have Transfiguration with the Hufflepuffs, then double Defense against Dark Arts with the Slytherins, then double charms with the Ravenclaws.” They quickly packed their stuff and went to Transfiguration. A young and beautiful woman with sandy blonde hair, and blue eyes greeted them. She spoke up when everyone got there. “Hello, everyone. My name is Nicole Wilson. Call me Professor Wilson please. Now, Transfiguration is a hard subject to practice and study. Today, we will start our class by learning about a type of human transfiguration. The one we will be studying today will be Metamorphmaguses. Open your copy of Human Transfiguration.

After they read a chapter about what Metamorphmaguses are, the bell rang. Professor Wilson told them that since their first day, there won’t be any homework. They quickly gathered their stuff to Defense against Dark Arts. Eric said, “Wow, Professor Wilson is beautiful! I wonder who the teacher for Defense against Dark Arts is.” Albus said, “James said that the teacher used to be an old man called Professor Quincy. But he got Dragon Pox at the end of the year. We must have someone new.” They opened the door to the classroom that led to the classroom.


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