Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


23. Author's Note

Hey guys!

Thanks for reading Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord so far! 

I have one request to you guys... 

For the Battle of Fandoms Competition, I entered a book called "Scott Riddle's Secret." (Now with pictures!)

It is about Voldemort, a.k.a. Tom Riddle's son. 

Please read it and like! 

I really want to win this competition. 

Thanks so much!


Alicia Keyes.


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