Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord

Albus Potter goes to Hogwarts. He founds out surprises that kept on happening. Albus wonders if he should just not go to Hogwarts. He just hated the pressure how he had to be as good as his father in everything. But then tragedy is happening at Hogwarts and no one but Albus and his father knows what's going on. What would Albus do?


17. Author's Note

Hi everyone, this is Alicia Keyes.

I'm going to have a character competition right now.

Please tell me the character's name, age, house, blood type, gender, appearance, and other info.

This contest ends in Sept. 27th.

Only three or four people will win.

Please be a good sport about it.


Thank you for reading Albus Potter and the Return of the Dark Lord so far, and please keep on reading it!


Alicia Keyes.

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