Go The Long Distance

I don't have a clue what the category is so if anyone would like to tell me that would be much appreciated.
So this is a story about a teenage named Angel from Brisbane Australia who moves to England to become a student in an art student.


1. Good Bye Australia

"Angel, come on Angel get up, you need to pack" Pauline said opening the curtains. She then sighed at the mass of bright red hair peeking out of the duvet, then left the room.

Angel grunted as she hoisted herself onto her arms, she squinted at the alarm clock and then shivered at the time that was 7:30. Great.

She got out of bed and stumbled towards her dressing table, where she looked in the mirror and inspected her appearance.

Her hair; which she had never liked, was long, straight and a beautiful shade of red. Everyone commented on it, saying how beautiful it was.

When she could be bothered to make it wavy, she looked like Ariel from: The little mermaid but most of the time she couldn't be bothered.

She normally just shoved it up in a bun and almost never did her make up but then again she was the type of girl who didn't need to.

Her mother came back into her room and stood with her hands on her hips scowling at her daughter.

"Really Angel, I thought you'd do better than to diddle daddle on a day like today. Come on get dressed and pack your things. We haven't got all day!" Then once again she left.

Angel looked out of her window to see what the weather was like. And like always it looked scorching hot, Typical Australia.

She didn't mind the heat normally but it was summer and so the heat was unbearable but soon she wouldn't have to deal with it.

She had been accepted as a late entry to an art college in a far off land called England. She had first been excited about hearing the news but then she was nervous.

She still hadn't told her boyfriend Max, and she was leaving today.

She looked around her room and sighed, it was strange that she was leaving, she began to pick up the last few items she needed to pack and then zipped up her suitcase she sank into her desk chair and surveyed her empty room.

The plan was that she would go to England get settled into her new apartment, and then her mum would ship over her items in the next few months.

She didn't mind it, her moving and her family staying in Australia. She loved her mum but she knew that her mum could focus on her career when Angel was in England and she didn't mind that either.

Her father was a Navy officer and so worked and lived overseas.

Angel had met him once when she was a little girl but frequently received letters and souvenirs from the various places that her father had been.

Angel had an older brother; Lewis who lived with his girlfriend in America, he had gone there to go to Harvard Law school 6 years ago and had remained there because he fell in love with a girl named Suzie.

Angel imagined that he was more excited to leave Australia then she was feeling. He was more adventurous than her.

Angel's mother yet again came into the room, this time she didn't say anything, only looked at her grown up daughter.

She walked over to her and put her hands on her shoulders and smiled at her. She then pulled her daughter into a hug before helping her bring her suitcase down the stairs.

Her phone buzzed with a text alert, she started to read it.


From: Maxy Sexy Pants

To: ME!!!!

Hey my Angel, need to talk, meet me NOW! Carmel park

Love u

M <3


She looked up from her phone and felt sick. Her mother looked at her and frowned.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"No. I need to talk to Max"

"Why? You could have said goodbye yesterday"

"He doesn't know"

"You haven't told him? Why Angel"

"Mum it'll kill him"

"This is going to hurt him more" Angel felt her eyes prickle with tears, what had she done.

"Be back before four your plane leaves at seven" Her mother said.

Then she grabbed her coat and ran all the way to Carmel Park, When she got there she saw that Max was already waiting for her on their favourite bench.

He stood up and hugged her, then taking her hand they began to walk.

"So mum's got excited about the party when I told her again this morning, she's already decorated the house and then ill have to explain why she's done it tomorrow. She's trying to make me wear a suit but I told her I wouldn't, you're still coming aren't you?" Angel just smiled.

"Are you alright Angel?" He asked looking at her

"No. Can we sit down?" He looked at her then licked his lips with nerve.

"Sure" They sat down and she rubbed her palms down her legs trying to stop them from sweating.

"What's up?" He asked her looking straight ahead.

"Max, I'm leaving" His head shot round to look her in the face. He was confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked his voice quite

"I'm Moving to England" His mouth dropped and her heart stopped. He looked at her in disbelief.

"What why?"

"I've been accepted to an Art college"

"When do you leave?" He asked her and she knew her answer would kill him

"Tonight" she said almost in tears. He looked as if he was about to cry.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I didn't want to, I didn't tell you because I thought...I don't know what I thought but I didn't want to hurt you."

"And what you think telling me the day you leave will be any easier for me to take in?!" Max said standing up and starting to pace

"Max I'm sorry" Angel said im a tiny voice, Max looked at her and his expression softened. He sat back down and took her hand

"No, I am. It's our last day together and we're fighting."

"It's not our last day, I don't want it to be. When I'm settled you can come and stay. Come and live if you want"

"I cant leave Angel, you know I cant." Max's mum was mentally ill, even though he had help to look after he, she wouldn't ever forgive him if he left. Angel nodded her head, then rested it on his shoulder.

"This isn't fair!" He suddenly said, "If it wasn't for my mother I'd be at home packing my bag to come with you!"

"Max, it's not her fault! And it's okay, you can come and visit as much as you like and i can come and visit too."

"What if you meet someone else Ang, What if he's better looking than me" Angel began to laugh

"What?" He asked her.

"I love you, I really do. And even if I do meet someone better looking than you; which I should point out is highly unlikely, there will never be a man who could be on the same level as you for personality." She said truthfully. He looked at her and smiled.

"Come on, I wanted to show you something" He said standing up, she stood up too and they both walked out of the park.

They got into Max's car and he drove to his house. When they got there they both got out of the car and walked up his garden path.

His mother was sat in the living room with a nurse sitting with her talking.

"Hello Mum." He said walking over to her and kissing her on the head. Angel stood in the door way, even though she had met her a lot of times it was hard for her to see his mother.

"Mum, this is Angel. She's my girlfriend" He said to her and she looked up at me.

His mother, Jackie had short term memory, he told me that she had had an accident 5 years ago which meant that she could only remember the people she met from before the accident.

So to her she had never met Angel but Angel goes round to see her every week.

His mother beckoned for Angel to come to her. she calmly walked over and smiled at her. Jackie beamed up at her, she then looked at Max and gave him the thumbs up.

Angel was always nervous to meet her because her reaction always changed.

Once; Angel would never forget, Jackie had thrown a plate and Max and screamed that he didn't love her anymore and that Angel was trying to steal him away from her.

Jackie started hitting him as he tried to hug her. He told her to leave while he calmed her down. She kicked him out telling him that she never wanted to see him again.

He then went round to Angel's house and stayed the night then went home in the morning and of course his mum couldn't remember what had happened the day before and so had 'forgiven' him.

But this time Jackie had liked the fact Max had found himself a girlfriend.

"You kids go and have fun" she said as Max took Angel's hand and led her upstairs. When they were in his room he sat on the bed and gestured that she should too.

When she was seated Max picked up a parcel, he handed it to her.

"It was meant to be for your birthday party but you wont be here"

Angel opened the wrapping paper and looked at hat was inside. It was a large blue book with her initials written on the surface in gold writing, she looked at him and he smiled.

"Open it" he said. She did and found that it was a scrap book.

The first page had been from the first time they met and their first date. It included photo's, receipts from the zoo, tickets at the cinema, Sweet wrappers and mini paragraphs about their memories. She looked up at Max and he was surprised to see that she was crying.

"Don't you like it?" he asked his eyes looking worried. Angel shook her head franticly while wiping her eyes.

"No. I love it, it's amazing Max"

"Just like you." he said with a frown on his face. She knew it was killing him to have her leave

"You can come and visit me Max, every week if you want" He smiled and pulled her back onto the bed, he began to tickle her until she was crying and her sides hurt.

He stopped when she begged him to, and they just looked at each other, he propped himself up on his elbow and cupped her cheek with his hand, then he leaned in a kissed her.

"I love you" he said when he pulled away, they rarely said it to each other because for them saying I love you was special and shouldn't just be a phrase that gets thrown out.

"I love you" She replied smiling. They kissed again but broke apart when Lindsey the nurse had shouted them to come down.

When they re entered the living room they were shocked to see Angel's mother stood in the living room talking to Jackie, When the two women heard them coming down the stairs they looked up at them.

"Max, this woman says that Your girlfriends moving to England Is it true?"

"Yes mum it is" Max said his voice cracked.

"Oh, well it was lovely to meet you" She said looking at Angel.

"You too" she smiled.

"Angel, I'm sorry I came but it's time to go" Pauline said. Angel looked at Max who smiled gently

"Come with me" She asked holding out her hand

"you know I-"

"I mean to the airport" She said giggling.

"Okay" he sighed.

The ride to the airport was long and silent, Angel and Max sat it the back holding hands, they looked at each other every so often. Inside they were dying.

When they arrive both Max and Pauline stood with Angel while she checked in her luggage, and stayed with her until she was about to queue up for the security checks.

Angel hugged her mother first who wished her luck and then said to max that she'd wait in the car so Angel and Max could share the last goodbye.

They looked at each other and began to cry. Max pulled her into a hug and they stayed like that for a few minutes but it didn't feel long enough.

When he pulled away he looked at her and tried to smile, he kissed her once and they both closed their eyes.

"I'll come and visit you." he said through his tears.


"I promise, I couldn't ever stay away. I can't ever lose you"

"I love you Max Rosewell!"

"I love you too Angel Carter" They hugged each other one last time, and Max kissed her. Then pulling back Angel walked through the security checks and waved at him on the other side.

When Angel had gone from sight Max started to cry, he stayed there for a few minutes just letting the tears fall down his face until his phone buzzed to say he had a text, he looked to see it was Angel.


From: My Beautiful Angel Delight

To: Max

look up

A <3


he did as the text said and saw Angel waving at him from the other side of the barrier, she pointed at her chest then made a heart with her hands and then pointed at Max, he laughed and did it back.

Then she scrunched her forehead up and waved at him, then left once more. Max then returned to the car. When they were driving away he got another text


From: My Beautiful Angel Delight

To: Max

I love you

A <3


he text her back saying the same. Then he looked at the sky and watched a plane take off. He imagined his Angel on the plane still crying as she made the journey to the far off land that was England.

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