Behind the Trees

Elizabeth Rose is the girl's name that you've been seeing on t.v for the past few weeks, you know, the girl who ran away one night while staying at her dads. Her mom is worried sick about her, scared for the worst. For all anyone knows, she could be dead, but she's not. Weird thing is, she's happy. For the first time in years, Elizabeth is actually happy. Who knew that running away from home could change your life in a good way?

Niall Horan is the member of One Direction, you know, that famous boy-band. He's the Irish one. Truth is, he's tired of everybody telling him what to do, telling him who to be. His band mate's haven't noticed anything wrong with him, they're so caught up in their own drama how could they? What happens after the concert lights go out and the street lights go on? What happens when Niall runs into somebody who hasn't any idea of who he is? Will he find his new best friend, his new lover, his new..whatever.. behind the trees?


2. Meet Niall

Niall was an awkward boy, but most people would say in a good way. He had a loving and caring family and the four best of friends anyone could ever ask for. So why was he so depressed? Why was Niall Horan, 1/5 of One Direction, in need of a way to escape everything? Well, that's exactly why; because he was Niall Horan, 1/5 of One Direction. Now, don't get him wrong, he loved his fans and his life, but sometimes it was just too overwhelming.

Before he was famous, one thing he always liked was that whenever he was feeling down, he always had somewhere to run and hide, somewhere to just be free and let out his steam or just sob. That's one thing that he envies about his former life before all the fame, before all the paparazzi, before the 'fake friends'. He never let anyone into his life anymore because he didn't know who to trust and you couldn't blame him. Right after he had signed with his record label, people began to treat him different, people he use to know, people he use to hate, and even people who he didn't even know about. After his band's first music video, everything hit him, harder than a bus if you will. That's when everything began to arouse, it was at that moment when he realized that he was different from everyone else. 

Of course, he never told anyone of his depression or regret's, they would laugh at him or tell him to suck it up, Niall thought. Niall loved preforming on stage, that was really the only thing keeping him going now-a-days since him and the boys began to drift apart. The only one he ever spent any time with off stage really was Harry and Niall knew once he found someone he liked, that Harry would move on and leave hum just like the rest of the boys but until that day came, he was going to hold on to Harry as long as he possibly could.

One way Niall coped with thing's was to take a very long walk. Most of the time he didn't even know where he was going, he just walked for hours in the forest where he knew no one could find him, where he knew he could run away from all the screaming, all the drama and all the hate. If you asked Niall, he believed the whole world hated him. He would wake up to Twitter every morning with dozens of nasty tweets telling him that he shouldn't be in the band. The boys told him to block it out, but hate really get's to a persons head if you get it enough time and Niall's had nothing but time on his hands.

Harry and Liam would have to drag the poor boy out of bed every morning and tear his phone away from his face. They had both awoken to treat a tear stained boy many mornings and told him to deactivate his account, but for some reason, he just couldn't let go. It's like his mind craved to read the hate even though it was ripping him to shred's internally. That's why he was happy when Summer came up, the boy's received a two month break and Niall was determined to find the old Niall and bring him back. He knew he was beginning to worry the band, but was hoping that this summer would be the time period to change. Little did Niall know, everything was going to change and who know's, maybe he does find the old Niall, or maybe he creates a new one.

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