Behind the Trees

Elizabeth Rose is the girl's name that you've been seeing on t.v for the past few weeks, you know, the girl who ran away one night while staying at her dads. Her mom is worried sick about her, scared for the worst. For all anyone knows, she could be dead, but she's not. Weird thing is, she's happy. For the first time in years, Elizabeth is actually happy. Who knew that running away from home could change your life in a good way?

Niall Horan is the member of One Direction, you know, that famous boy-band. He's the Irish one. Truth is, he's tired of everybody telling him what to do, telling him who to be. His band mate's haven't noticed anything wrong with him, they're so caught up in their own drama how could they? What happens after the concert lights go out and the street lights go on? What happens when Niall runs into somebody who hasn't any idea of who he is? Will he find his new best friend, his new lover, his new..whatever.. behind the trees?


1. Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth, or Liz for short, always stood out in the crowd. Liz was always the girl who would drop anything and everything to help somebody with their problems, but always hid her own. It's not like anyone ever asked though, so why would she 'ask for attention'? Even through she didn't ask, people still called her an attention whore. Not only that, but they called her several other things such as a freak, a slut, an Emo, anything they could think of. She never let it show, but it really did hurt her. Elizabeth was bullied; tormented to the extremes, to point's where she wanted to end her life even.

That's when she began self-harming. She cut, burned and even starved herself. Liz hadn't always been so drawn out of life though, you see, she use to be very energetic and wild. That was all before the bullying started, before the harassment started, before anyone gave her a chance to fit in. Sixth grade was when everything began, when she became the outcast, when the old Liz vanished and the new one erupted from beneath the shadows no one knew she had. This person was dark, devious and not liked by many, something she had grown use to. When her eighth grade year rolled around was when she had officially given up on everything, given up on herself. She declared that no one was going to want to be friends with her, so why should she try anymore? Why should she spend anymore sleepless nights thinking of ways fit in?  So, she didn't. She stopped trying to fit in, stopped trying to find friends. Liz let people pass in and out of her life and blocked out anyone who mentioned her past because her past was gone, dead to her. 

To everybody around her, you couldn't even consider her to be Liz Rose anymore; which is why most didn't. During seventh grade, she stopped curling a her beautiful brown hair and started straightening it, she cut it and even died it black, throwing in a few colors here or there. After spending all of her seventh grade year, she stopped. Stopped dying her hair, stopped cutting it and stopped straightening it. She simply woke up in the morning and ran a brush through it. She was a bit scary looking to a lot of people, but she liked her new look. All the colors, all the animal prints, everything faded through out her middle school years and she truly no longer was Elizabeth Rose, but just another lost face in this mysterious world, another somebody who was a nobody.

That is until she decided to move in with her dad after eighth grade ended. She had planned on spending the Summer with her dad, or at least that's what she was telling everybody. Little did she know that her little plan was going to change her life and who knows, maybe Elizabeth Rose will be brought back to life after being gone for three dreadful years. 

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