Behind the Trees

Elizabeth Rose is the girl's name that you've been seeing on t.v for the past few weeks, you know, the girl who ran away one night while staying at her dads. Her mom is worried sick about her, scared for the worst. For all anyone knows, she could be dead, but she's not. Weird thing is, she's happy. For the first time in years, Elizabeth is actually happy. Who knew that running away from home could change your life in a good way?

Niall Horan is the member of One Direction, you know, that famous boy-band. He's the Irish one. Truth is, he's tired of everybody telling him what to do, telling him who to be. His band mate's haven't noticed anything wrong with him, they're so caught up in their own drama how could they? What happens after the concert lights go out and the street lights go on? What happens when Niall runs into somebody who hasn't any idea of who he is? Will he find his new best friend, his new lover, his new..whatever.. behind the trees?


3. Departing

"Liz, c'mon! You know that if you don't hurry you're never going to make it to your plane!" Sarah, Elizabeth's mother, shouted from the bottom of the steps into her daughters room. Today was the day, it has finally come. It took Liz awhile, but eventually she got use to the fact that his was actually happening, that today will be the last of a lot of things.

First off, she's to say goodbye to her mother, the worst part is, her mom assumes she'll see her daughter again in the near future; that's what really hurt's Liz, but not as much as the bullying and torture. After weighing the negatives and positives of staying, negatives had overruled by far, leaving her to only fall deeper into a depressed faze. She was going to miss he mom a lot, but she knew that this was for the best and that her mom will get along just fine with every day as if she wasn't even home.

That's how it had been on any other normal day before. Liz would rush home from school and run straight home to her room, bawling her eyes out for hours on end without her mother so much as taking a break from her computer (she worked from home) to ask how her daughters day had been or even just to say hello. Who knows, maybe if her mother had done so every now and then, maybe if she had shown her daughter a little attention then they wouldn't be in the situation that they happen to be in, but that's not what happened and it's too late to go back not. 

After her mothers voice rung for about the fourth time, Alexis checked her bag and made sure she had everything she needed. Her brush, a few sets of clothes, some money, her charger for her phone (which she would eventually have to ditch), and of course, her razors. Once she discovered that only on thing was missing, she quickly sprinted back to her room and grabbed her journal.

This journal was where she always kept everything when she felt like she was falling apart. It had everything from song lyrics to simple journal entries, but of course she'd never let anyone see the inside of it because it housed all of her secrets, regrets and just everything she felt like she couldn't tell another soul. This journal made her feel better, it helped her let off steam and was always there for he unlike the people that surrounded her. That's why she had never thrown it away no matter how many times she had been called stupid when she was caught writing in it at school. It was hers and no one else's and that's another reason why she loved it, she didn't have to share it with anyone no matter what someone else said.

"Elizabeth! Get down here, now!" Sarah's loud voice struck out, indicating she was becoming rather impatient with her child, nothing unusual though. Liz checked one last time and slid on her shoes before jogging down the steps, not speaking once she reached the bottom. "Isn't that a rather small bag? I'm sure you've outgrown all the clothes at your fathers you haven't been there in years, don't you think you should-"

"Mom, I'm fine." She mumbled and slowly stepped off of the last step. As Liz began to move towards the  door, she stopped mindlessly and spun around to see the smile illuminating her mothers lips, then realized her mother was smiling because she wouldn't have to put up with her anymore. She rolled her eyes and slung her bag over her shoulder, heading straight for the door without looking back. "Bye, mom." Liz spoke, her voice softened. She would never have another conversation with her mother again and her mom was just smiling away. Now, of course her mom didn't know, and she surely wasn't going to tell her, but for some reason Elizabeth wished for a more dramatic episode from her mother. It wasn't going to happened and she had to accept that.

So she shook the feeling away and regained her thoughts while she hopped into the cab that had been waiting out front for the past fifteen minutes. In just hours, Elizabeth Rose will be vanished, disappeared. "Goodbye." She let out a soft whisper to the world and pulled her headphones to her ears. While she blasted the music, she kept her gaze out the window and traced her fingers over the rain patterns that had slithered down. Liz couldn't help but feel a little nervous, she knew she shouldn't be, but she just couldn't help the jitters that were traveling through her spine and around her body. After all the hours she dreamed of this moment, it was finally happening. She was more than happy, but also feeling a but trembly. Was she making the right decision by doing this? Liz told her self time and time again once she stepped into the cab there would be no looking back. So, she wasn't going to. She was going to close her eyes and drift away until they arrived at the airport. 

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