dairy of liz gillies

hi it me Elizabeth gillies people call me liz for short Elizabeth and my best friends name is ariana we call her ari aria for short we been best friends since 13 and then we had a fight and made up about after 2 years and ari lost Victoria who we met on set of victorious and ari has demi and nette or jennette we call her nette for short and she got me


1. chapter 1 of dairy of liz gillies

me and ari are walk down the school stairs i say everyone is looking at us she say i dont care i say hey dont get upset she say i am not i say yes you are she say okay but vic is pissing me off i say i can tell she say okay i say everyone can tell you've yelled at teachers and you ran out of class lodes she say did not i say did to we walk to were we meet nette and demi dems say hey guys i say sup ari say sup girls nette say hey girl dems say have you heard about vic i say what about vic dems say dont tell anyone we say we wont dems say well she slept with beck or avan aria say you what i say hey babes dont get angry she say to late i say demi what do you mean by slept dems say they did it i say where did you hear this dems say it all over school and i see ari walk past and then i saw vic making out with avan bitches 

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