The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


6. The Waterfall

The sun rose above the trees, casting a deep orange glow around the forest. Titch woke up and nearly fell off the tree from the blinding light. It was a surprisingly bright day for Nectar Plains, since the sky is normally dull and dark. He got down from the tree and started to pack away the rope, which he used to tie himself to the tree.

“Wake up Rupert!” Titch shouted. Rupert jumped and ended up leaning over the branch, nearly falling off completely if he wasn’t tied up by a rope.

“I’m up! I’m up! Stop shouting!” Rupert called back while trying to balance himself onto the branch again. Rupert untied his rope and came down to pack it away like Titch had done. They then started to head off towards the waterfall.

After a few hours of walking they could hear the crashing sounds of the waterfall.

“Titch, do you hear that?” Rupert whispered.

“No, what?” Titch replied.

“The waterfall, listen more carefully” Rupert told Titch. Titch cupped his ear to hear well.

“Yeah I can hear it now, which must mean we are close. Come on!” Titch and Rupert ran towards the waterfall, as they came closer they saw the dazzling turquoise water come down from a rocky cliff, into a pool of white steam. At the side of the waterfall was a small path leading through the waterfall. Titch ran up the path and saw a small hole that would only fit someone of a small size.

“Rupert I think you are too big to fit through the hole, but I might just be able to get in.” said Titch.

“Good Luck, and try to get an extra rock just in case we lose one.” Rupert replied. Titch nodded his head and started to crawl into the hole. The hole lead out to a small cave which had rocks scattered on the floor. Titch picked up three quite large rocks, put it in his pocket and crawled back out again.

“Simple” Titch said.

"Now let’s find that oak tree before any creatures find us here.” Rupert told Titch wearily.

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