The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


2. The Survivors Den

Titch woke after a long night of worries. He knew all about the creatures and wild life of Nectar Plains, but nothing on finding the ring of unity or the Hidden Valley. He was lying on white puff of cloud inside his house. The walls were planks of wood tilted at an angle which made them meet in the middle. The house was round and had a small gap at the top for smoke to come out from the fire.

Titch only had one day to find out all he could about the ring and the Hidden Valley before he would go down to Nectar Plains and start his search. Titch got off the cloud and walked into the village, everyone was at work, there were people making stews, sewing clothes, preparing to go hunting and repairing buildings that have been damaged by a stampeding bull which came in three days ago.

Titch walked over to Rupert’s house, he was waiting outside.

“Finally you’re here”, Rupert sighed” What took you so long?”

“I was thinking, maybe we should try and find the survivor and ask for his help?” Titch wondered.

“Yeah, but where is the survivor?”

"I have heard that he lives on the edge of the Mountain of Life and is the only person to venture into Nectar Plains, reach its edge and come back again."

“Then let’s go and find him!”

Titch and Rupert ran through the village, past many people at work and then up a path that lead to the Mountains of Life. When they reached the tall mountains they saw a small wooden shack with a small fire burning outside it. This must be the survivors den. Titch and Rupert walked up to the shack and gave a rasp knock on the door. The door opened and there was an old crinkled man with grey sooty hair staring at them.

“So you have come to know about what lies in Nectar Plains and the Hidden Valley?” the survivor croaked.

“Yes, how did you know?” Titch replied in shock.

“People only come here for answers about what lies below, they then leave me and never come back. They never listen.” The old man started to close the door.

“But we will listen!” Rupert said impatiently,”we need to know all we can before we go tomorrow.” The old man started to open the door again.

“Why leave so soon?”

“We want to find the ring of unity and bring it back so that the worlds can be at peace again.” Titch replied

“Well I guess I could help you if you do something for me”

“Anything,” Titch and Rupert replied in unison.

“Well in Nectar Plains there is this lovely fruit which grows on the trees. It is as red as the deepest cherry and as juicy as an orange, but I have grown too weak and old to go back and get some. So would you get one for me in exchange for some life time surviving tips?”

"I guess we could try and find it couldn’t we?” Titch questioned

“Yes I guess so” Rupert replied

“Ok, then I will tell you all I know” The old man motioned us towards some seats where we sat and waited for what he was going to tell us.

"I can only tell you boys about Nectar Plains, if you want to know about the Hidden Valley then you should go and see my friend Luna. Luna lives next to the River Syrup in the Friendly Forest; she will tell you everything you need to know. But for now I will tell you how to survive in Nectar Plains.” The survivor took a deep breath,”the first thing you will encounter when you step out of the portal is a field of tall flowers. Now don’t think that this isn’t going to be hard, because the flowers have a mind of their own. If you get too close to the daisy’s they’ll chase you and spray a forgetting potion all over you, but if you go too far away from the dandelions they will pick you up and lick you all over.”

“They will lick us?” exclaimed Rupert

“Yes, they are part lion after all! Anyway, if you ever reach the River Syrup you will find a log thatyou can cross to the other side. Once you are across look for Luna’s house; it is quite easy to spot. But for the whole time you are in Nectar Plains look out for the demented creatures. If you see one only know that they have already sensed your presence. The only thing you can do to escape them is climb the trees, from there you can sprinkle some sleeping dust onto them. Here take this,” The survivor handed each of us a small brown bag which was surprisingly quiteheavy.” Only use a small sprinkle on each creature. The dust will only let them sleep for 5 minutes, so once you come down get away quickly. The last thing you need to know is never eat any of the creatures, their cruel mind can take over you and make you become one of themand also only eat the berries that are red.” The survivor stood up and showed us to the door. “Good luck and remember your promise.”

“We will.” Titch and Rupert walked out of the den and back down the path to the village.


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