The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


7. The Oak Tree

Titch and Rupert headed south, past many oak trees. All of the oak trees they have past looked just like ordinary trees, nothing special about them. They were just going to stop for some lunch when a round creature with spikes all along its back came bouncing towards them. Rupert and Titch instantly climbed up the nearest tree. As it came closer it spat out some green substance that nearly hit Titch’s head. The substance had already eaten away at some of the tree by the time that Titch tried to sprinkle some dust onto it. However the creature bounced away colliding into Rupert’s tree, which gave him the perfect chance to sprinkle some dust onto it. The creature fell onto the floor and all of its spikes drooped as the colour disappeared from its body. Titch and Rupert climbed down from the tree. They felt sorry for the creature, but knew that if they stayed any longer they would be in trouble.

Rupert and Titch carried on their journey south until they came across a very tall and wide tree. The trunk was seven people wide and twice as tall as an ordinary tree. The tree had vines crawling up the trunk and bushes surrounding it. On the bushes grew the fruit which the survivor had told them about.

"Hey, there’s the fruit” Rupert told Titch. 

“Good, I nearly forgot about that!” Titch said as he reached up to grab one. The fruit was quite heavy, but nevertheless he would have to carry it the rest of the way. After Titch put the fruit in his bag they pushed their way through the bushes into a clearing around the tree. They went up to the tree to try and find the door.

“Can you see a door?” Titch asked

“No, can you?” Rupert replied

“No, maybe it’s behind some of these vines” Titch said as he was tearing away at the vines. Once all the vines had been ripped off he saw a round door with a volcano and mystical flowers engraved onto it.

“This must be it” Titch took in a deep breath and opened the door.

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