The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


10. The Lost Hills

Titch and Rupert arrived back in Nectar Plains on the Lost Hills; in front of them was the special hole.

“Rupert, before we put the worlds back to peace I want to tell you something” Titch hesitated for a moment “When I fell someone came to me and told me to run here quickly once we had the ring. I didn’t know who it was at first but I think it was my dad. He got to the ring, but the volcano destroyed him and the land below before he could get away, that’s why the land was so black!”

"Your Dad was a TRUE hero Titch, do him proud and be the one who frees this land of the horrors it witnesses!"  As Rupert said that, Titch placed the ring into the hole, which started to stream a red dazzling light from its core gem. The light spread throughout the forest,  turning all of the plants and animals back to their normal kind self, the dismal clouds disappeared from the sky and fresh sunlight streamed into Nectar Plains. All was at peace at last. Afterwards the survivor came hobbling over to us.

“Well done me boy, well done. Did you get the fruit I had asked for?”

“Yes,” Titch replied while rummaging through his bag.”Here it is” Titch handed over the red fruit.

“Thank you so much” the survivor said while devouring the fruit with greed.” You my boy and your friend will go down in history as the boys who brought peace to this world!”

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