The Hidden Valley

A ring that has kept the worlds of Cloud and Nectar Plains at peace has disappeared causing a darkness to spread among the lands. One boy called Titch is ready to face that danger and save his people against the demented animals of Nectar Plains. Will he survive or die trying.
My story for the More Than This competition. Copyright (C)


5. Luna's House

A small old person with long white hair opened the door; she wore clothing made of leaves and boots made out of flower petals.

"What do you want?” Luna asked impolitely. 

"We wondered if you could tell us all you know about the ring of unity and how to get into the Hidden Valley.” Titch answered. 

"Yes, I know how to get into the Hidden Valley. All you have to do is find a huge oak tree that lies in the middle of the forest and go through the secret door. However there is only one way in and no way out, so before you go in you need to find some transportation rocks. These rocks are found behind a waterfall, which is a day’s walk east away from here” Luna pointed east. “From there you keep going south until you reach the tree. You use the rock by smashing it on the ground, near your feet, while saying your destination. Only use this when you are in the Hidden Valley and have found the ring of unity. The ring is found on the side of a volcano, you will see it when you step into the Land of the Dead. The last bit of information I will give you is that to put the worlds to peace again you will need to take the ring to the Lost Hills and place it in a special hole. Now leave me alone!” Luna slammed the door. 

“Ok, that was weird but at least we know what to do now.” Rupert remarked. “Shall we start heading towards the waterfall and then camp for the night?” Titch asked Rupert.

“Yes let’s go!” Rupert and Titch ambled through the dense leafy forest surroundings; they passed yellow berry bushes, purple flowered trees and blue acorns scattered on the ground. Luckily they hadn’t seen any more demented creatures by the time the sun was starting to set, so they decided to set up camp. Titch and Rupert set up a fire at the bottom of a tree and then climbed the tree. Once they got to a high branch they tied themselves to the branch so they wouldn’t fall off. As the sun started to go down Titch and Rupert drank some of their water and ate some meat. The meat was juicy and tender, which made them feel drowsy and soon fall asleep.

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